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The gonzo Megaversal adventure of Rifts® teams up with the genre-spanning easy-prep award-winning Savage Worlds system!
The gonzo Megaversal adventure of Rifts® teams up with the genre-spanning easy-prep award-winning Savage Worlds system!
4,238 backers pledged $438,076 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals!

Posted by Shane Hensley (Creator)

Thanks everyone! We were blown away by your enthusiasm yesterday, and love how things are going. 

Glitter Boy Preview!

We thought you might like to see how one of the iconic Frameworks--the Glitter Boy--is set up to play in Savage Rifts®. Click on the image below to go to to download it, and please share the link!

Click here to read more about the Glitter Boy in Savage Rifts®!
Click here to read more about the Glitter Boy in Savage Rifts®!

New Stretch Goals

Your incredible support has already unlocked a bunch of the additional Stretch Goals we had planned! You'll see those unlocked in the list below already. Thanks SO MUCH for spreading the word, backing us, and even helping playtest Savage Rifts® at conventions around the country. :)

Now on to the new material we're already working on and hope to create if the project continues to grow!

UNLOCKED! $50,000 D-Bee: Altara Warrior Woman We'll give you the race information for playing a Blind Warrior Woman gone rogue from the Atlantean Splugorth Slavers. (PDF)

UNLOCKED! $60,000 NG-V7 Block IV Hunter Mobile Gun Full stats and description for this powerful upgrade to one of Northern Gun's more famous Robot Armor vehicles. (PDF)

UNLOCKED! $70,000 D-Bee: Simvan The Monster Riders are a powerful threat to many who live in North America, but they can also be powerful allies. We’ll give you the race information for you to add to the Iconic Framework of your choice. (PDF)

UNLOCKED! $80,000 X535 Hunter Robot Armor The venerable "Jager" is a popular and powerful option for your Robot Armor Pilot. (PDF)

UNLOCKED! $90,000 D-Bee: Grackle Tooth Race information for playing one of the more beloved Rifts® D-Bees, the Mighty Grackle Tooth! (PDF)

UNLOCKED! $100,000 Playing a Dog Boy by Sean Patrick Fannon Fierce warriors and loyal friends, Dog Boys represent science-gone-wrong, yet somehow turned right. We’ll cover creating and playing a Dog Boy in Savage Rifts®. (PDF)

UNLOCKED! $110,000 D-Bee: D'Norr The D'Norr "Devil People" are a much misunderstood, often maligned D-Bee race, but there's a lot of fun potential in playing one. (PDF)

UNLOCKED! $120,000 T-10 Cyclops Body Armor Possibly Triax's ultimate contribution to personal defense technology, the Cyclops has all kinds of modular options for various mission profiles. (PDF)

UNLOCKED! $130,000 Northern Gun Weapons Cache A nice collection of the arms manufacturer's best, including the NG-IP7 Ion Pulse Rifle and the NG-B50 Thunderer BigBore Combat Hammer. (PDF)

UNLOCKED! $140,000 D-Bee: Fennodi The "Quiet Walkers" are a peaceful, inherently psionic race who generally do all they can to make their new home a better place. (PDF)

UNLOCKED! $150,000 Bookmarks! Each physical backer reward level (Print Player, Ultimate Player, "Just the Books" GM, Print GM, Merchant, and Everything GM) receives a set of four handy bookmarks featuring art from Savage Rifts®! (Print)

One of the Bookmarks print backers will receive, in both print and PDF!
One of the Bookmarks print backers will receive, in both print and PDF!

UNLOCKED! $160,000 Northern Gun Body Armor Set A set of three specially designed sets of Body Armor from Northern Gun: the Cannonball Ride Armor, the NG Maverick Riding Armor, and the NG Peacekeeper Armor. (PDF)

$170,000 D-Bee: Trimadore These odd-looking, generally peaceful humanoids are a race with a strong fascination with and affinity for technology. (PDF)

$180,000 Triax Weapons Cache Some of the best New German Republic engineering is found in this set of weapons, including the TX-22 Precision Laser Pistol and the TX-50 Rail Gun. (PDF)

$190,000 V61 Gunwolf Robot Armor One of Northern Gun's more evocative designs, complete with the wolf head, designed for monster hunting. (PDF)

$200,000 Tomorrow Legion Archetypes II We'll make a whole new set of fully fleshed out archetypes incorporating the new races and equipment you've unlocked (PDF)

Future Stretch Goal

One of the upcoming Stretch Goals somewhere above the $200K mark is a character folio (in PDF for everyone and print for those with print reward levels), so you can record all the details and adventures of your Juicer, Crazy, or other Iconic Framework!

Sneak peak at the Character Folio, in PDF for everyone and print for print backers!
Sneak peak at the Character Folio, in PDF for everyone and print for print backers!


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    1. Marc Leasure on

      I wanted to say the preview looks awesome. I am curious about these table rolls it mentions.

    2. Jeremy Puckett on

      @Aaron Blank Cameron: We've heard that Savage Rifts will be a "continuing line," but there hasn't been much word beyond that.

    3. George H. Webster III

      That glitter boy write up was amazing. I didn't think I could be more excited for this project. I was wrong.

    4. Aaron Blank Cameron on

      I've never played Savage Worlds but from what I've been seeing and hearing I'm quite excited for it. You guys have already had a smashing success with this kickstarter, any hints of future plans (even very tentative rumors that you can spread) for Savage Worlds Rifts? After all, Rifts has about 26 years worth of source material that could benefit from an SW makeover.

      Personally, I really want to see vampires, atlantians, psyscape, lonestar, and splugorth...

    5. Richard Harrison

      Would be nice if the additional archetypes being added through stretch goals got collected up into a physical book to get as an add-on of some kind. The more physical products on offer to spread the high postage costs, the better. It would make me think about increasing my pledge from just PDFs.

    6. Missing avatar

      Luis Alfaro on

      +1 to EU Friendly shipping so we can up our pdf only to real books.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mike Strefford

      Looks good. Any news on EU shipping?

    8. FatPob

      Will there be any physical print books as part of the stretch goal? Is there a plan to produce world books in the kickstarter at all.

      Would be nice to see some worldbooks perhaps at the top end of stretch goals.

    9. Michael Schell on

      @PEG you may want to think about making more stretch goals because we are almost done these and I am fairly sure we will blow through them but I do appreciate the fact dog boys have already been unlocked makes me happy.

    10. russell on

      That makes a world of difference thank you greatly.
      Also cheers me up alot.

    11. Rob Huntley on

      Lyvork please! One of the few d-bees I adore <3

    12. Caelen Rivers on

      @russel - ranges are listed in tabletop inches, which translates to 2 yards per inch. So the max range is 2000 yards, or 6000 feet - just a tad over one mile. Still not two miles, but SW considers this the "effective" range. For non-table top use they suggest multiplying range brackets by 2.5. That gives a "real-world" max range of 2500" which translates to 5000 yards. That's a tad under 3 miles.

    13. Natan Press on

      Sounds good. Thank you!

    14. Shane Hensley 19-time creator

      Hi everyone,

      I uploaded a new version of the Glitter Boy file to the site. The link is the same--just go back and re-download if you still have trouble seeing the sidebar. I also changed the button to say "Click Here to Download Now!" to clear up that confusion.

      @Natan. From Sean Patrick Fannon: "We're writing it from the perspective that the average person in the northern Arkansas/southern Missouri area (where the Tomorrow Legion is based) has heard the rumors, but may not yet know for certain about the Free Quebec Glitter Boys."

      -Jodi for PEG

    15. russell on

      So the Boom Gun on the glitter boy used to go 2 miles range? Its a 1000 yards or meters now?
      Everything looks cool about it though

    16. Natan Press on

      This is totally nitpicky of me, and it's not a big deal at all, so I'll phrase this as a question to sound less internet-nerd-ragey (and I apologize in advance for being such a Palladium fan-boy, because everything here is awesome):

      Are we keeping with Palladium's timeline (and are we starting our adventures after the fall of Tolkeen)? If so, then I think the Coalition has already attacked Free Quebec (not still avoiding confrontation), and their legions of Glitterboys should be relatively well known. Pg. 2 of the Glitterboy description here reads like maybe 100 PA, from the original main book, not 109 PA (after Tolkeen/before Minion War).

    17. Doramos

      You know what would be awesome stretch goals. Rules pamphlets for each of the Rifts world books. Just a little pamphlet that has all of the statblocks and rules/crunchy bits from each book without the fluff/art. That way the people who have each of the books can just grab that and not have to buy another whole book. It might also drive some sales palladiums way as people snag the pamphlets and want the actual book for the fluff/art.

    18. Shane Hensley 19-time creator

      The Sidebar issue: Download and look at it in Acrobat or should be fine. The problem only shows up if you're looking at it in a browser. We'll fix it for the final version anyway, of course.

      We'll put the Glitter Boy preview up on DriveThru tomorrow as usual.

      We're working on other stuff...we'll show you as the KS continues and we make sure it's feasible. Thanks!

    19. Rob Towell

      What is a character folio?
      I'd it a collection of useful class specific character sheets (Palladium style) or something else?

    20. Shawn Merrow on

      The Glitter Boy looks great and liking the new stretch goals.

    21. Caelen Rivers on

      Looks good! Could we get the new stretch goals moved to the front page, though? That's where most people will look for them (I know I did).

      Thanks, very excited!

    22. R.S.Tilton (EpicRPGBlog) on

      That is a great preview, and I'm totally psyched to Play it & Run it. It may become my game of choice for awhile.

    23. AJ the Ronin on

      +1 to a print version of the PDF. Not too fond of PDF while playing.

    24. Todd Ferrullo on

      I have to agree with others that compiling all these little PDFs into a companion book(s) would be a huge bonus. I am not fond of PDFs and having them all together in one or more books would be great.

    25. Missing avatar

      Luis Alfaro on

      +1 to "Please make the text in the gridded boxes on the GB more readable."
      And also +1 to compile all small pdfs into a Companion or something better than small pdfs.

    26. Ryan Riojas on

      That looks awesome. Character folio will be nice for all the players.
      Equipment from other areas is great.
      Please don't forget asia. Love the Ninjas and cyber dragons. Demon quellers and oni.

    27. russell on

      Really wish these were not only in pdf format. Its way better to have a paper copy
      Maybe make all these pdf expansions compiled into a book as a stretch goal so were not stick with a million little 4 page pdf's

    28. Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on

      So the exclusive stretch goal rewards for high level backers are just some bookmarks? Please make these gear and archetypes available in print free for the higher backers and/or at least as an add-on for everybody. A Character Compendium of sorts.

      Please make the text in the gridded boxes on the GB more readable.

      Everyone with a printed reward will get a printed character folio? Even if it's only a player's book reward? Then why back at the higher levels?

    29. Missing avatar

      John Stewart on

      Back before I sold all my Rifts stuff, New West was probably my favorite book, and I adored the Grackletooth and the Fenodi. I'm glad to see them along with the good old-fashioned Dog Boys.

    30. Jorel Levenson on

      great update. keep em comin. great work on the GB as well

    31. Missing avatar

      Brian Weber on

      Might have to up my pledge to help us get to that Character Folio Stretch Goal.

      @Bad_Syntax - As with David Larkins, no need to go through any purchase process for me either. Clicking the Buy Product button direct uploaded it.

    32. Missing avatar

      Brian Shiel on

      Bravo! My confidence level in this game doubled on seeing the the Glitter Boy preview! Putting all the drawbacks front and center in clear and easy to understand rules will make the pro's and con's of this controversial class clear to both players and GMs new to Rifts.

      Also: (Repost from Update 1)

      Any chance Savage Rifts becomes a module for "Fantasy Grounds"? It's been in my Steam wishlist for ages and a Rifts module would push it and the Savage Worlds add-ons into "must buy" territory.

    33. Forar on

      Point of order, the T-10 is just the janky starting point for the glorious T-11 exo-skeleton. >.>

      Also if the Jaeger is in this thing, maybe the T-31 Super Trooper Robot Destroyer Power Armour will be as well.

      That would get my attention.

    34. Charles Pickering on

      Checked out the GB preview and it looks like you guys nailed it pretty well looking forward to seeing the rest of your work. I am a LOONG time palladium fan and am cheering you and this kick starter on.

    35. David Larkins

      Love it! Great stretch goals, and love the GB preview.

      Spotted a typo on the final page of the PDF: "Few within the True Federation of Magic >who< consider them friends either."

      @Bad_Syntax: I didn't need to log in to download the preview. I just clicked on the "Buy Product" link and it loaded up directly.

    36. Bad_Syntax

      Ugh, I gotta go through a purchase process on a site I've never used for a free 1 page preview.
      No thanks, I'll wait. The link was broken in the email first time I tried, gave a database connection error, but worked on a refresh.

    37. Pirate Press LLC on

      I want that character Folio....

    38. Nathanael Cole



      All I need now are Cactus People and I'll be in gaming heaven!