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Fritz Leiber's best-selling tales of Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser come alive in Pinnacle's Savage Worlds Lankhmar: City of Thieves setting!
Fritz Leiber's best-selling tales of Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser come alive in Pinnacle's Savage Worlds Lankhmar: City of Thieves setting!
531 backers pledged $25,835 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Shane Hensley 17-time creator
      about 5 hours ago

      @Jason: Then welcome and thank you! :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason the Butch about 7 hours ago

      Thanks....I bought the whole shebang on this Kickstarter..... My first foray into the world of Lankhmar.

    3. Shane Hensley 17-time creator
      about 11 hours ago

      @Jason: We're just waiting on Kickstarter to pass on the funds. Then we know who to send the PDFs to. I'm working away on the adventure and having a great time with it...hope you will too. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason the Butch about 15 hours ago


    5. Shane Hensley 17-time creator
      on May 17

      @Wesley: We'll announce soon, but it won't be too long. Thanks! On the update issue, we're cautious about it. We don't want to spam people, but we do want to let regular supporters know. It's a fine line. I think this time we were also a bit hesitant because Flash Gordon is taking so long to get into people's hands. That's out of our control at this point (it's on the water and subject to the vagaries of the Pacific, Customs, and our freight forwarders), but it's something that's caused me personally no end of stress trying to get a very complex project (manufacturing-wise) to our backers faster.

      @Patrick: Jodi should have already reached out to you. Thanks!

      @Stromquiss and Rocket Pig: Thanks! We appreciate it! :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall on May 17

      @Stormquiss: Thank you for that information, I did not know that.

      The question wasn't really for myself. I'm kind of obsessive about checking out PEG's website every Tuesday, so it'd be unlikely that I'd miss out on a Kickstarter by PEG that I would want to back. My question's aim was to learn if PEG had made a deliberate change in their strategy to reach potential backers, and why. Was it determined to be not worth the effort? (I probably could have done more to make the objective of my question more explicit.)

    7. Stormquiss
      on May 17

      @Wesley There is a feature on KS now where you can “follow” specific creators - which means you are automatically advised when they launch a new KS - that is how I found out about this particular KS.

    8. Adrian Jones on May 17

      Fantastic job ! :-)

    9. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall on May 17

      Two questions for Pinnacle:
      1. When is the next Booster Kickstarter going to launch?
      2. Did you change your strategy for contacting previous backers about current Kickstarter projects? I usually receive many e-mails from your prior Kickstarters I've backed letting me know about your current project, but this time I received none.

    10. Stormquiss
      on May 16

      Gratz on the success of the experimental KS :-)

    11. Patrick Rowley
      on May 16

      Okay, someone needs to drop their LE pledge so I can grab it.... ;)

    12. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on May 15

      @Adrian Jones: Yes!

      You'll have a chance to order extras of everything in the pledge manager survey after the Kickstarter.

      Since you're paying for shipping later too, you can wait to pay for them then. We have plenty. :)

      --Jodi for PEG

    13. Adrian Jones on May 15

      Any chance of ordering extra bennies in the pledge manager please ? I find 20 is never quite enough.

    14. Tavis Hill on May 13

      Ah ... Question answered - just saw Jodi's answer to the same question lower down the page.

      Shoudn't try to look for answers while painting minis with a 5 year old ;)

    15. Tavis Hill on May 13

      Do the Boxed Sets also include pdf versions of the books, or are they a physical copies only?

    16. Buzzerker on May 12

      Seeing as buying the Lahkhmar PDF Bundle at PegInc right now would cost me $100.90 and pledging at the "Lankhmar GM's Bundle" level at $85 would get me all the books+Savage Seas (pdf AND print)+Booster Rewards, I believe I'll be better off just pledging at this level. Which is kind of shame, as I will not be able to keep the physical books. Well, thanks for taking the time to respond, I can only imagine how busy running a KS campaign must be!

    17. RuntotheHills on May 12

      Thanks for this kickstarter PEG. Looking forward to future projects too. Savage worlds continues to be our favorite system.

    18. Shane Hensley 17-time creator
      on May 11

      @Jason: In the pledge manager so we can get as close to actual shipping as possible. Thanks!

    19. Missing avatar

      Jason the Butch on May 11

      Do we add shipping to the pledge now or is it handled later in the pledge manager?

    20. Shane Hensley 17-time creator
      on May 10

      @Machpants: At the moment, we're sold out with just a *few* extra on hand in case of issues. All our books are "graphic novel" size, which is 10.125 by 6.625, just like typical Marvel or DC graphic novels. Cheers :)

    21. Machpants on May 9

      Also are these books A4 or A5/digest sized? Thanks

    22. Machpants on May 9

      I don't suppose there is more copies of the hard cover set thing to come available, 50 were gone so fast! Also will I be able to add on a copy of the rules (whatever the latest core rules version is?)somehow, and combine shipping?

    23. Shane Hensley 17-time creator
      on May 9

      @Rocket Pig Games: Thanks, friends! Just checked out your site... that's very cool! (Other backers who are into 3D printed tiles and minis may want to check 'em out too:

    24. Rocket Pig Games on May 9

      Very nice minis there! We play Savage Worlds all the time with the team! Wish you guys the best!

    25. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on May 9

      @Buzzerker: We could, but then you'd be waiting for product that's already out there!

      Instead, we think it makes more sense for you to pledge for the $15 Savage Seas (Digital) reward level here, and and buy the other books in PDF from either PEGinc or DriveThruRPG now.

      That way you can start reading and be ready for new material when the Savage Seas of Nehwon PDF is ready. :)

      Here's a link for our site:

      Hope that helps!

      --Jodi for PEG

    26. Buzzerker on May 9

      Any chance for a PDF-only GM's Bundle Pledge?

    27. Shane Hensley 17-time creator
      on May 7

      @Jack: Afraid that's the cards... at this point. Er, sorry!

    28. Jack Skoda on May 7

      The minis are neat, but I'd really love to see a deck of initiative cards with Lankhmar art.

    29. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on May 4

      @Wesley, check out our latest Update for information on the next Plot Point Campaign for The Last Parsec: Irongate!

    30. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall on May 4

      Anything you can share regarding the other upcoming booster campaigns? In particular I'm looking forward to more on the Last Parsec front. Are these likely to be campaigns, bestiaries, setting books and/or a combination?

    31. Shane Hensley 17-time creator
      on May 2

      @Simon: They're available right now from our web store or DriveThru. We won't be bundling them at this time if that's what you're asking. Yes, that might make the physical books a better deal for now. ;)

      @Jean: Shouldn't be too hard to convert, Jean! And certainly the adventures should be useful to you. Thanks!

    32. Jean on May 2

      Big fan of Fritz Leiber, my 5e campaign is set in Nehwon, and I'll gladly back you for more material to expand my game!

    33. Missing avatar

      Simon Jennings
      on May 1

      Hi, any chance of a pledge level (or add-ons) for the previous books in PDF ?

    34. Shane Hensley 17-time creator
      on May 1

      What a great first day for our little experiment in a different kind of Kickstarter! Thanks *so much* everyone. How to support our lines once we do the big release has been weighing on our minds for a long time. I don't know if this will be how we'll do them all (almost certainly not), but it's great to have some options in this incredibly competitive and over-crowded market. :)

    35. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on May 1

      @John Beattie: Yes! The Box Set includes all the digital rewards and PDF copies of the physical books. Thanks for asking. :)

    36. John Beattie
      on May 1

      Just for clarification, the Boxed Set level includes digital rewards as well, right?

    37. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on May 1

      @dafadu: you'll have the option to upgrade to Limited Edition hardcover after the Kickstarter in the pledge manager survey. It's just $5 more!

    38. Missing avatar

      on May 1

      How about a LE (HC) option? - I have all the other books in HC so it would be nice to also get Savage Seas as a HC.

    39. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on May 1

      @Geoffrey Martin: It's unlikely that we'll offer the Box alone as an Add On, because it simply does not ship well empty. We'll see what we can do. Thanks for the idea!

      @Buzzerker: Savage Seas is a followup book to the already existing setting of Lankhmar introduced in Lankhmar: City of Thieves. So most Setting Rules are already in print in City of Thieves...and I can't think of any new rules from the upcoming "new edition" which may be in Seas. I can see why you'd ask, of course!

      As with our other "new editions" of Savage Worlds, most of the core rules remain the same so you'll have no problems playing Savage Seas, no matter which "edition" your game group finds to use (If what I'm talking about is new to anyone, go search for "Savage Worlds Black" and read what people are saying, or check out our Kickstarter page for The Savage World of Flash Gordon).

      @Wesley: We don't plan to post in *all* of them, but we do plan to make some sort of a post in some of our other Kickstarters. Just haven't yet. :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall on May 1

      Backed and looking forward to other booster products in the future.

      I noticed that I never got an e-mail notice about this Kickstarter from any of the old Kickstarters I backed. Is PEG foregoing that channel of notification on purpose?

    41. Justin Scott on May 1

      Went with just the new book but only because I already have the collectors box with the LE hardcovers. The savage world Lankhmar books got me to read the original source for the first time and it is now one of my favorite settings.

    42. Buzzerker on May 1

      Count me in! How much of SW Black will be in this, though? About to start a new SW game in June, would love to have some more info about the changes until then. Hopefully at least as much as Flash Gordon!

    43. Geoffrey Martin on May 1

      Hey, any chance the Collector's Box will be offered as an add on? I already have all the LE hardcovers.

    44. Christian Lacerte on May 1

      More than halfway there in 15 minutes!

    45. Shane Hensley 17-time creator
      on May 1

      Ha! Thanks, John. :)

    46. John Blakemore on May 1

      For the first time in my life, I'm #1!! LoL!