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$148,316 pledged of $6,000 goal
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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$148,316 pledged of $6,000 goal
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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Shane Hensley 15-time creator 1 minute ago

      @Nick, Ha! Nope, that's our "final stretch goal bonanza." At this point we'll just see who else joins us in the wild ride through Gomorra to Tombstone!

      --Jodi Black, COO for PEG (posting for Shane)

    2. Missing avatar

      Nick about 2 hours ago

      Wow, we will easily get past right through that Bonanza SG, it won't see it comin'. Will there be a Ghostly Bonanza SG, coming up from its grave? :-D

    3. Biomage about 12 hours ago

      I am getting a double Sheriff pledge and have no interest in the Millennium Blade promos. I am sure I am not the only one. It's likely that anyone wanting just the MB promos will not have any trouble finding them.

    4. Richard Sampson about 13 hours ago

      Thanks Jodi. That does help clear things up a little bit. I still wish I knew it wasn't going to be as high as $10, but I appreciate the response with the details you can provide.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nick about 14 hours ago

      Very well, thanks.

    6. Shane Hensley 15-time creator about 14 hours ago

      @Nick: most likely! We don't have details on the price of the Millennium Blades promo pack or potential shipping fees associated with it, but we'll report those details as they become available. for now, expect one pack for free and we'll figure out the rest later.

      @Richard: Let's see if I can explain further. (This is Jodi, by the way) :) There's boring manufacturing/Kickstarter stuff here that most don't care about, so let me sum up: the details you're looking for may vary as much as $2-$10 depending on factors including the number of people pledging for the Promo Only reward level and where they live. We won't forget you paid $1 just for the right to buy the Promo Pack cards later, I promise! But we have to know who is seriously interested before we finalize our production.

      We want to name a fair price based on final manufacturing costs, and we think that's worth waiting for.

      If there's still too much uncertain for you about this Promo Pack you can wait for more details from Level 99 Games. We don't know how we're distributing this after the Kickstarter, but odds are fairly good we'll work something out with them for people who missed out on the Doomtown Kickstarter (but you may pay more than if you'd joined us now).

      Hope that helps,

      --Jodi Black, COO Pinnacle Entertainment Group

    7. Missing avatar

      Nick about 15 hours ago

      Will D,S, M and ML pledgers will get the opportunity to buy extra Millennium blades promo packs as well?

    8. Richard Sampson about 15 hours ago

      @Shane I am interested but if you tell me down the road, it's $10 I am a lot less interested. I understand this was last minute, but you guys aren't providing any details at all. Do you have estimates of cost, even rough ones? Will this be available elsewhere or is this expected to be exclusive to this project? You are asking for money, not for a product, but simply for information later on how to buy a product. If these kind of details are beyond the scope of the KS then this shouldn't be part of the KS. You should just have people sign up for a free newsletter for these kind of details instead.

    9. Shane Hensley 15-time creator about 15 hours ago

      @Richard I understand your frustration. The best way for us to handle a special "mini-campaign" like this is similar to the retailers—to give those interested *only* in the Millennium Blades promo pack a small category of their own. This way, after the Kickstarter, we have the option to do an Update for *just* that reward level, and we can email you directly with the details you're looking for on pricing, bundling options, and shipping to anywhere in the world. All that functionality is beyond the scope of Kickstarter's software right now.

      Thanks for your support, Richard! We appreciate it!

      --Jodi Black, COO Pinnacle Entertainment Group (posting for Shane)

    10. David Cummings about 16 hours ago

      Soooooo looking forward to hitting the last stretch goal. Since pinnacle has gone to kick-starting everything, I got lots of PDFs for their games, but I need the PDFs for the basic rules still. This would be awesome!

    11. Alex Wirges Collaborator about 16 hours ago

      @Benni - Thank you for the support! All of the Errata cards via the campaign will be the original art and card layout, with updated rules text. As for the Bonanza - I'm glad you like it, share it far and wide, so we can get this baby unlocked!

    12. Richard Sampson about 16 hours ago

      Can we get more details on the Millennium Blades tier? This whole pay us a dollar now and we will give you details later after you pay us is kind of weird and a bit sketchy. It should just be a $5 tier (or whatever) and that is that instead of a buy-in for a chance to buy something later for an unknown price.

    13. Missing avatar

      Benni Byg Ulbrink about 17 hours ago

      OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Just noticed the stretch goal Bonanza. That's insane! Woohooo! Go go go!

      Ps. The art on fx P-mark is the original art. Is this intentionally or will the errata card be the green full bleed art that was at Gencon(?)

    14. Missing avatar

      Benni Byg Ulbrink about 17 hours ago

      Congratulations Alex, Shane and the rest of the crew! Amazing job and campaign. Hitting $140K is Awesome! Looking forward to a world with more Doomtown: Reloaded!

    15. Orko
      about 17 hours ago

      I decided to go all in and went for the whole kit and caboodle.

      Here's to reaching the last stretch goal and helping your friendly neighborhood Orko complete his set and get the Marshal's Handbook! :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Nick about 17 hours ago

      I finally got an EB, yay! Now the box that I will look at for 20 seconds per game session will be more beautiful :-D

    17. Alex Wirges Collaborator about 17 hours ago

      @Brian - You Can Do Exactly That.

      @Don- it was specced with sleeves and expansion in mind. We're still waiting for the prototype to show off.

    18. Don Sombrero about 18 hours ago

      I'll repeat the question as I believe it has not been answered yet - is the trunk going to accommodate all released cards with premium sleeves?

      If so, will then be any spare place for future expansions?

    19. Brian W Adams
      about 18 hours ago

      Thank you

    20. Alex Wirges Collaborator about 18 hours ago

      @Brian - the Add-Ons will be available, as for upgrading your pledge - you'll be able to take it up to Marshal during the PM.

    21. Brian W Adams
      about 18 hours ago

      By add-ons, I mean the other sets that I don't have that I can afford.

    22. Brian W Adams
      about 18 hours ago

      Okay, just to make sure I can do what I want, I am currently in for Sheriff, because I am pretty sure I can swing that now. I realize what I really want won't be possible (Mother Lode), but I can upgrade to Marshall and some add ons during the PM, correct?

    23. Missing avatar

      John Milam about 18 hours ago

      Dat final stretchgoal, well we got (as of this post) 55 hours to see this baby rack up another 10k its possible once those last 48 hour notices go out

    24. Missing avatar

      thorben about 18 hours ago

      I once did the same, but deck building is a mess when you switch or change cards from one deck to one other.

    25. Bracken about 20 hours ago

      I need those last errata!

    26. Barabas about 20 hours ago

      Sleeving all of the cards is insane. I just sleeve my play decks (Ultra-pro matte) with each faction/deck using a different colour. The different colour sleeves per deck means that once you have counted out your 54 coloured sleeves per deck it makes deck construction easier as you don't have to keep counting out the cards as you just have to make sure each sleeve has a card.

    27. Missing avatar

      John Milam about 21 hours ago

      2720 card sleeves? Whoa their partner, at most i might play a 4 player game so we can narrow that down to about 4 75-card packs of sleeves, just incase i want them in different colors

    28. Don Sombrero about 22 hours ago

      @David - Got it!

      And one again thank you! :)

    29. David Orange 1 day ago

      @Don Sombrero - I also answered for posterity on the Boardgame Geek thread.
      And realized I forgot our very own beloved There Comes a Reckoning.

      45 x 4 cards = 180

      so total DTR after TCaR = 2720 cards to sleeve :D

    30. ionas 1 day ago

      > @ionas - many of the Errata'ed cards were released in expansions that are included in the Mother Lode - the cards picked for the Kickstarter fill in most of the gaps.

      Most != all, and IMHO you should have simply made the decision to include all.
      Anyway... I still feel that I will play the game less in terms of hours than I will work for purchasing it and I will be uncertain if I can resell it well enough and it is close to Essen and I am not happy with some answers so someone else will be very happy to pick up my Mother Lode Pledge Slot.

      Good luck.

    31. Alex Wirges Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Nick - It's a Card Game about Card Games. ;) We thought it'd be a fun little bonus to fans, while getting to introduce our fans to a great game.

      @ Alan - We'll have details in an update tonight!

    32. Alex Wirges Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Nick - It's a Card Game about Card Games. ;) We thought it'd be a fun little bonus to fans, while getting to introduce our fans to a great game.

      @ Alan - We'll have details in an update tonight!

    33. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      To clarify, I want to have a distinctly different deck box for each faction. Preferably that would somehow match that faction's theme.

    34. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      What do people use to put their specific deck builds in? I mean, do you use deck boxes? Are there any that seem to work better than others? I am thinking that I would want to have a deck box for each faction, but I am not sure what I would want to use for those. I am thinking that it would ideally be a box or tin that holds the standard 56 sleeved cards (so I guess 60 is the capacity they come in).

    35. Missing avatar

      Nick 1 day ago

      What has Millennium blades got to do with Doomtown reloaded?

    36. Alan Castree 1 day ago

      Yeah, I'm in on Deputy. Would love to get those Millennium Blade promos with my pledge.

    37. Wibble!
      2 days ago

      Hi, which pledge levels will receive the Millennium Blades promo set?

    38. Jon Mercurio Knight 2 days ago

      Just to clarify, all of the stuff available in the Mother Lode level are available as add ons as well (the expansions, I mean, not the stuff that is also available in the sheriff pledge)? It looks like it.

    39. Missing avatar

      Nick 2 days ago

      @Jaded Lithium
      Giddy up :-D

    40. Jaded Lithium 2 days ago

      Alright I finally had to back this. Saddle up partner!!!

    41. Shane Hensley 15-time creator 2 days ago

      @Benni We promise to show off the Trunk once we get the official prototype from the printers, but it may not arrive before Monday. The mockup design looks pretty good, though, and we're very happy with the spec design.

      @frenchie746 asked: "Will the Base set Add-on include errata cards?" No, the base set comes pre-packed from the printer and therefore we can't add anything to it. We will try to have the Promo and Errata cards available as an Add-On in the pledge manager after the Kickstarter, but we can't guarantee it because of the way the cards are printed and collated.

      Hope that helps!

      --Jodi for PEG

    42. Missing avatar

      Benni Byg Ulbrink 2 days ago

      Sorry, should have been more specific. Any chance we'll see pictures of the product before time? Something about it was on the way?

    43. David Orange 2 days ago

      @Benni Byg Ulbrink - See at the bottom of the Campaign page - an additional trunk for $50, including all unlocked stretch goal cards at Sheriff level and higher.

      but afaik, no options for just another empty trunk.

    44. Missing avatar

      Benni Byg Ulbrink 2 days ago

      3 days to go. I'm still considering adding another trunk to fit my Mother Lode plus existing collection... any chance we'll see it before the KS ends?

    45. Shane Hensley 15-time creator 2 days ago

      @Anders Kern Kernel Thanks for supporting our 20th Anniversary Deadlands Classic Kickstarter!

      Sorry, but The Good, The Bad and The Dead vol. 3. is out of print. You didn't miss it--that's why it was not available as an Add-On.

      The shipping on the Doomtown Kickstarter is different from our earlier Kickstarters. We can get a *much* better rate for shipping Doomtown, but it means fewer Add-on options. Specifically, we can't let you order just anything from our store as an Add-on like we used to. We're focusing on all the Doomtown products and a few of the RPG products for Add-ons in this Kickstarter, which covers 95% of the needs of the backers here we think.

      If there's something specific you want to Add-on to your order from our PEGinc store, email me at and I'll see what we can do.


      --Jodi for PEG

    46. Don Sombrero 2 days ago

      @David - great, that clarifies everything :)


    47. David Orange 2 days ago

      @Don Sombero
      AEG's DTR run had 635 unique cards (including promos, most of which are included as a playset as stretch goals)
      Let's say you get an extra base set so you have 4x of everything.

      4 x 635 = 2540 total cards should be good enough for government work :D

    48. Anders Kern Kernel 2 days ago

      So this one is aimed @Shane:

      Looking through my last items recieved from the Deadlands Anniversary Kickstarter - I resalised that I somehow missed getting The Good, The Bad and The Dead vol. 3. So - can I order other Deadlands Items through the pledgemanager in order to save shipping?

    49. Jon Mercurio Knight 2 days ago

      @Jason, thanks for the answer!

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