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Doomtown Reloaded's newest expansion—There Comes a Reckoning—has revamped rules and the Servitors, the biggest badasses of Deadlands!
Doomtown Reloaded's newest expansion—There Comes a Reckoning—has revamped rules and the Servitors, the biggest badasses of Deadlands!
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    1. Lapp Collaborator 6 days ago

      @David/PAX attendees, we will have cards to borrow at our demo table. The community event for Thursday got moved to Good Dog Bar at 6p, we will be at Yards on Friday at 7p at their new location:) Proxies from TCaR are only legal proxies for the event.

    2. David 6 days ago

      I'm not sure I'm going to be able to borrow all the cards I need for me deck in time for the Pax tourney. Are all proxies legal or will I be able to borrow cards at the show from Pine Box?

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Campbell 6 days ago

      One of the updates ( says the pledge manager will be available in November, so it should show up over the next few weeks assuming there haven't been any delays. :)

    4. Kevin Gravel 7 days ago

      Does anybody know when the Pledge Manager will be open?

    5. Missing avatar

      Robert Campbell on November 4

      @Lordson Yen - correct, the option to add the promo and errata cards has been opened up to deputy backers too for $25. As Pinnacle noted (in this comment:…) the message about this got garbled in one of the updates.

      As noted before, the alt-arts aren't new cards and the non-errata versions of cards are perfectly playable so deputy folk weren't missing out on any game materials. However, they're nice to have for those that can afford the extra $25. Unfortunate mix-up in communications, but good to see Pinnacle swiftly issue a correction . :)

      Hope this helps and sorry if I've misunderstood anything.

    6. Lordson Yen on November 4

      So it means for deputy physical backers it's not that we get additional cards? It's an add on of another usd25?

    7. Don Sombrero on November 4

      @Alex - thank you for the update - looking forward to the details :)

    8. Alex Wirges Collaborator on November 3

      @Don - I'm not 100% sure yet, I've got the prototype, and I'm thinking a full sleeved collection may still be possible - but it'd be a tight fight. I'll let you know more this weekend. Gonna measure and take some pictures.

    9. Don Sombrero on November 3

      @Robert - I remember Alex mentioning that this is the plan but they will be able to confirm the capacity once the prototype arrives. Since this the first time they have actually received the physical product, I was hoping for the revised estimates

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Campbell on November 3

      Thanks to Pinnacle for clearing things up so promptly on the issues below. :)

      @Don Sombrero - Alex Wirges from Pinebox noted that the Trunk is designed with sleeves in mind (suspect you may have seen these replies from him already as you're name-checked, but just in case you haven't!):……

    11. Don Sombrero on November 3

      @Shane - Since you already have the Trunk prototype, could you shed some light on sleeving capacity? Asmentioned, sleeving almost 3,000 cards eats quite a lot of space.


    12. Missing avatar

      Jason Erb on November 3

      i had no insider information about it being an add-on, i swear!

    13. Shane Hensley 15-time creator
      on November 3

      Deadlands Player's Guides and Marshal's Handbook Add-Ons:

      We know many of you were counting on being able to add the books to your order. We'll happily arrange a refund since they won't be back in print before Doomtown ships. You can use your credit in the Pledge Manager or email to discuss a refund for either or both books.

      Deputy (Physical) backers:

      Well, this one's on me, folks. What we discussed about packaging got garbled in my head when it came time to write the Update (and there was a lot to remember).

      Here's the real deal: Deputy (Physical) backers can complete their sets of cards in the PledgeManager for only $25 with a special "Deputy Extras" Add-On including the Promo, Errata, and full bleed Servitors. And better yet, it won't affect your shipping!

      Previously we had not listed the Errata and Promo cards, nor the full bleed Servitors, as Add-On options. The Millennium Blades Promo Pack is a $6 Add-On as we posted in an earlier Update.

      Sorry for the mixup, everyone. For those wondering if Jodi is truly human...yes. :)

      --Jodi Black for Pinnacle Entertainment Group

      P.S. White Flag Games: You haven't missed anything! That ball gets rolling once the PledgeManager is open as well. Should be soon.

    14. White Flag Games on November 3

      I pledged at the retail level, I haven't been contacted regarding what I wanted to order or getting event kits. I'm just making sure I didn't miss out.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason Erb on November 3

      I’m pretty excited to get the promos, but I feel bad for those that went sheriff level just for the cards. Might’ve made more sense to make an add on for the cards rather than give them out for free. Hopefully there is something extra for the sheriff backers.

    16. Missing avatar

      Alex Thomson on November 3

      Also not so good news for those whose pledged a load extra ($60) for the physical RPG books... what's going to happen to the extra money now?

    17. Cory on November 3

      That's good news for the people who pledged at the deputy level, but not for those that pledged at a higher level because they wanted to get those cards. I wouldn't have pledged at the sheriff level. I feel a bit hoodwinked. Are the sheriff and higher levels getting something else to compensate for this?

    18. Lordson Yen on November 3

      The new updates means previously errata cards and promo cards that were available to sheriff pledge now deputy physical pledge gets it too?

    19. Missing avatar

      Dylan Pritchard on October 31

      Any news on the pledge manager?

    20. Stacy Young on October 24

      @Lapp, thanks! I'm not sure how I missed that. I only saw the introductory rules and figured they were not complete.

    21. Lapp Collaborator on October 23

      @Stacy, there will be an updated PDF, but the rules have been updated and are currently at

    22. Stacy Young on October 23

      Any chance we will see a PDF of the updated core rules before the release? I thought they might be in the PDF we got with the cards but it only contained the cards. I do see that there are introductory rules available on the Pinebox site, are those complete rules?

    23. Missing avatar

      Robert Newara on October 20

      That’s a bummer the meet and greet is Thursday. I had it in my head for some reason that it was Friday! Yards brawler is a staple at my house and I was looking forward to it. At least me thinking it was Friday night prompted me to get a Friday pass and a hotel!

    24. Missing avatar

      Benni Byg Ulbrink on October 18

      Thanks, Alex! Still think I’m gonna try and create some “real” cards, since, the wait is like 6 months � so far I’ve concluded a paperweight of 280g to be suitable. Gonna have actual proxies ready for tournament play, off course.

    25. Alex Wirges Collaborator on October 17

      @Benni - This is intentional . We want the proxies to fit easily into the sleeves without the tops being visible to the other player

    26. Missing avatar

      Benni Byg Ulbrink on October 17

      Thanks for releasing the PDFs as early as possible. When I print them as "actual size", they seem to be smaller then regular card size. Is this intented, cause, it's a proxy? or a mistake?

    27. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on October 11

      @Pete Yep, you only need to wait for us to open the pledge manager. :)

      We're setting that up currently, and preparing for the first set of releases in PDF. Once Kickstarter gives us the all-clear (hopefully any day now!) we'll post an Update telling you how to download the PDFs.

    28. Missing avatar

      Peter Norton on October 11

      You say at the bottom of the first update I can add in the pledge manager once I get access :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Peter Norton on October 11

      I’m sure someone else will have asked this but there is like 700 comments :) can I get any of the add ons (ie give you more cash) now and if I can how would I do that pretty please ???

    30. Shane Hensley 15-time creator
      on October 6

      @Robert: Sorry, no. Our shipping rates are based on only one shipment processing time, not two.


      --Jodi for PEG

    31. Missing avatar

      Robert Newara on October 6

      Is there any possibility of getting the added-on saddlebags and pine boxes earlier than the new material? Completely understand why the answer is probably no, but I thought I'd ask!

    32. Don Sombrero on October 6

      @Alex - thanks! It's the kind of confirmation I was looking for!

    33. Alex Wirges Collaborator on October 5

      @Don - It's supposedly on it's way from our printer in China. Has been for a couple weeks now. All I can really say for sure is watch this space.

    34. Alex Wirges Collaborator on October 5

      @Don - It's supposedly on it's way from our printer in China. Has been for a couple weeks now. All I can really say for sure is watch this space.

    35. Alex Wirges Collaborator on October 5

      @Don - It's supposedly on it's way from our printer in China. Has been for a couple weeks now. All I can really say for sure is watch this space.

    36. Don Sombrero on October 5

      @Alex - thank you for the confirmation!

      Any approximate idea when it could be? I promise I will not quote you if it arrives later :)

    37. Alex Wirges Collaborator on October 5

      @Don - We're still waiting on the Prototype. It was measured with the amount of cards and sleeves in mind. Once we get the prototype - we'll be sharing it with everyone.

    38. Shane Hensley 15-time creator
      on October 5

      Hi Thomas, it's only been a little over a week since the Kickstarter ended, and it takes Kickstarter around 3 weeks to process the payments and let us know who to deliver PDFs to. Sorry, but it looks like a couple weeks more, my friend! Once we have that information the delivery on these finished PDFs (like Savage Worlds and the Deadlands Player's Guide and Marshal's Handbook) will go pretty quickly.

      @Don, I'll ping the PBE team again.

      --Jodi for PEG

    39. Thomas Mccrory on October 5

      Hey, I was just wondering if there was a time line for the PDF releases. We’ve been looking for an RPG to play and with the PDFs in the stretch goals, I got a couple peeps here very interested in running the Deadlands RPG.

    40. Don Sombrero on October 4

      Does anybody know when we could expect the confirmation whether the Trunk will hold premium sleeved cards (90 microns)?

      I must admit I'm cautious with optimism - e.g. the Smash Up Big Geeky Box is huge but with divider cards for 50 factions and premium sleeves it has capacity for a bit over 1,200 cards (more if you remove sponges).

      Designing the box that can store premium sleeved for 2,800 cards and still have some space for future expansions might be challenging :(

    41. Jon Mercurio Knight on October 3

      When Reloaded came out, yeah, the sample decks didn't seem to hold up very consistent hands. And back when playing the original TCG, it was all about finding what cards worked with your deck that also contributed to a consistently good hand. I'm hoping with getting all of the released Reloaded sets, I'll be able to build decks more like how I used to in the past.

    42. Don Sombrero on September 28

      @Robert Campbell - got it! Thanks for the clarification :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Robert Campbell on September 28

      @Don Sombrero - I don't want to criticize the decks in the rulebook as those had significant constraints on them and making example decks is hard!

      That said, I think both sets of example decks in the post below (the ones the current playtest team made in the Buyer's Guide and the "Four From One Core" made by someone else) are preferable as they provide a more consistent shootout structure. I think this is helpful when learning/demonstrating the game, to show that generally, but not always, the better prepared posse (better bullets) wins shootouts, but with some risk, just like real poker! The original rulebook's example decks are a bit too loose in their shootout structure which can leave shootouts feeling random and not reward good play. :)

    44. Don Sombrero on September 28

      @Robert Campbell - I understand these are more coherent than the ones proposed in the rulebook?

    45. Missing avatar

      Robert Campbell on September 28

      @Reaper Steve - no problem, happy to help! Good point on this making printing the QS decks worthwhile too. :)

      @Miguel Molleda Garcia - the FAQ says they're aiming to have the pledge manager out in November.

    46. Miguel Molleda García on September 28

      Any info about the pledge manager?

    47. Missing avatar

      Reaper Steve
      on September 28

      @ Robert - thanks for all that! I guess that means it's worth my while to print the QS decks, then!

    48. Missing avatar

      Robert Campbell on September 28

      @Reaper Steve - I made the online print and play decks from various expansions to showcase some variety and for increased flexibility/shootout reliability, so I'm afraid they can't be made from one core set.

      For when your Kickstarter pledge arrives, this link has various 2x base set decks that can be built simultaneously, and the same again for 2x base set +1x various expansions. It will be updated in the future with more decks added.

      I haven't put together 1x base set decks, but a long time ago someone else did a similar project with "Four [decks] from one core", so this might be of more immediate use:

    49. Missing avatar

      Reaper Steve
      on September 28

      So I now have a core box to hold me over, yay! Does anyone know if I can make the decks in the online QuickStart rules using the core box?

    50. Shane Hensley 15-time creator
      on September 26

      @John Bonfiglio: Just sit tight for the next few weeks while Kickstarter collects pledges and delivers the funding to us. Don't worry, we'll be busy while you wait! Once we invite you to the pledge manager (target: November) you can designate whatever address you want.


      --Jodi for PEG

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