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Doomtown Reloaded's newest expansion—There Comes a Reckoning—has revamped rules and the Servitors, the biggest badasses of Deadlands!
Doomtown Reloaded's newest expansion—There Comes a Reckoning—has revamped rules and the Servitors, the biggest badasses of Deadlands!
Doomtown Reloaded's newest expansion—There Comes a Reckoning—has revamped rules and the Servitors, the biggest badasses of Deadlands!
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    1. Shane Hensley 18-time creator
      2 minutes ago

      @Martin: We'll do what we can, but we can't promise, sorry! The Cackler Jokers are sold out.

      Email us at so we can get the ball rolling on that request. Thanks!

      --Jodi for PEG

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin MacKenzie about 2 hours ago

      @Shane Hensley
      I ordered 2x 2 Cackler Jokers (4 total cards) and I only received 1 set (2 total cards). My package was missing an order of Cackler Jokers.
      Is it possible to be sent another order?

    3. Markus Lindström about 4 hours ago

      @Eric Lemay: Unfortunatly I do not have my base box left. I thought I could get rid of it with the trunk and threw it away🙀

    4. Shane Hensley 18-time creator
      about 6 hours ago

      @Jason E: The preorder discount ends when Too Tough to Die is released for retail in September. In other words, when it moves from preorder to just order on our site. :)

      The discount will show up as a $10 coupon at checkout if you 1) have logged in with your Kickstarter email address and 2) have one copy of Too Tough to Die in the cart.

      Hope that helps!

      --Jodi for PEG

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason E about 7 hours ago

      i just took a look at the preorder page for 2t2d and the discount is not shown. i apparently did not have an account made at Pinnacle until today so i assume that had something to do with it. also, how long will that preorder deal be available? up until the preorder moves to released?

    6. Thomas Mccrory about 9 hours ago

      @Jason. One pack was TCaR, one pack had the Millenium Blades cards with full bleed servitors, and one pack had the OP and errata cards.

    7. Jason Goertzen about 20 hours ago

      Is the errata pack a separate pack of cards in the trunk? If so, it seems like I didn’t get one. :(

    8. Eric Lemay about 20 hours ago

      @Markus Lindström if you want I can send you picture how to pimp the base game box so it could contain all thes cards sleeved.

    9. Eric Lemay about 20 hours ago

      I'm happy with the cards but...
      I am very disappointed with this so called trunk. There is no way I can really put all my cards in that. My pimped old box from the base game is still much better.
      The base box is able to contain more cards than this so called "trunk'...
      I will not keep it. Disappointed...

    10. Stacy Young 1 day ago

      Just met the mailman in the driveway. Now to crack this baby open.

    11. Shane Hensley 18-time creator
      2 days ago

      @frenchie746: Please email so we can look into it. Thanks!

      --Jodi for PEG

    12. Missing avatar

      frenchie746 2 days ago

      @PEG I did not receive my Bix Box to store the cards in.. Who do I need to speak with to get one sent out?

    13. Markus Lindström 2 days ago

      Ok, sorry but I missed that update. If I had seen it maybe I could have made a different decision and not bought the Trunk since it is pretty useless to me right now. I still need another box for the rest of my cards.
      Great to hear. that your looking into another storage solution even though it is a bit late for it now when the kickstarter is delivered.

    14. Lapp Collaborator 2 days ago

      @Markus, we did an update a while back after we discovered sleeved cards didn't fit; more info here:
      It does however hold a full unsleeved collection! We at PBE understand the desire for more storage and are exploring some pretty cool options for storage.

    15. Markus Lindström 2 days ago

      I´m sorry to say that the Trunk is to small to store all cards sleeved. That was one of the biggest selling points for me and now I need to find another storage solution. I could have been ok with a more expensive bigger box or even bying two boxes. But it states on the kickstarter that the box would hold all cards even sleeved so what now?

    16. Thomas Mccrory 2 days ago

      @David. Thanks broham. It was in my face the whole time!!!

    17. David Orange 2 days ago

      @Thomas McCrory -

      has the latest rulebook (aside from what you received with your pledge)
      From the Compendium:


      When a dude with the Harrowed keyword is involved in a shootout, that dude can absorb more casualties than a normal dude. You can send a Harrowed dude home booted to cover one of the casualties you take in a shootout. Discarding a Harrowed dude covers two casualties, and acing a Harrowed dude covers three casualties.

      If a Harrowed dude in play gets aced by a card effect (but not through being aced to cover casualties in a shootout), discard that dude instead of acing them.

      --> in short, Harrowed (besides triggering other cards) are a bit tougher than your usual dudes - harder to discard, harder to ace.

    18. Thomas Mccrory 3 days ago

      Can anyone tell me where to find info on the Harrowed key word? Trying to build EW and the word is rampant!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Mitch Wilson-Brown 3 days ago

      got mine today. LOVE the new servitor full bleed cards. Doomtown art is what drew me in to it in the first place, wish all the cards were full bleed. Gotta say I'm a little annoyed that the new box doesn't hold the boards though. I have room for the tokens (don't have all the expansions) but storing the boards loose is only slightly worse than having to put a giant empty box on my shelf just because. the other alternative is to put all the cards back in the original box and throw out the new one, but then the nifty new dividers are kind of worthless. I don't know why terrible box/insert design is so rampant in a game world with so many brilliant game designers.

    20. Thomas Mccrory 3 days ago

      @Christopher. My entire collection fits in the trunk with room for a little more. That space will prolly be taken up by TTtD, once it releases.

      My collection is two cores, one of every previous pine box and saddlebag an the TcaR pinebox

    21. Thomas Mccrory 3 days ago

      @Tyler. Yeah bro, but Mine wasn’t an actual MB pack. They were in a pack with the full bleed servitotd

    22. Tyler Martin
      4 days ago

      Did anyone get the Millenium Blades promo pack?

    23. Tran Shar
      4 days ago

      Just received pledge in Eastern Canada. Only complaint is that the Trunk's footprint is smaller than the core set. I have two core sets and they each come with two player boards. I actually like the player boards but they do not fit in the trunk.

    24. PEG Christine Collaborator 4 days ago

      Hello @Robert! If you would like, please contact so we may discuss this issue further. Thanks! :)

    25. Missing avatar

      4 days ago


      Canadian backer here, just received my shipment (4 sheriff trunks).

      3/4 of the Trunks were damaged with a box cutter. This was underneath the brown packing paper and and RPG token sheet sitting on top , so these were clearly damaged before I opened the box (I was very careful).

      Not very pleased.....

    26. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      Will do, thanks!

    27. Shane Hensley 18-time creator
      4 days ago

      Just a reminder: please email if you have a question about your physical rewards shipment. Thanks!

    28. Missing avatar

      4 days ago


      According to the last news, EU rewards are supposed to be (almost) finished, but I still have no information about any tracking number of shipping of my motherload pledge. Maybe there's some kind of issue with my pledge?


    29. Daniel Liu
      5 days ago

      Motherlode pledge received in Toronto, Canada today. Delivered by Fedex instead of the Post Office that Ship Naked had indicated in their e-mail.

    30. Christopher Frum
      5 days ago

      Can't fit all the cards (including 2 base sets) in the new trunk :(

      Hope you all release a new box with a discount for backers.

    31. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Edge 5 days ago

      I got mine just yesterday. Happy to start the sorting process

    32. Aaron 6 days ago

      Just got my trunk in San Diego! Now if only I could find some players to share this amazing game with.

    33. GibbonBoy 6 days ago

      @clickaus I got 4 No Turning Back cards. Only counted 3 on first pass but found additional card on second pass. Cards were sticking a bit.

    34. GibbonBoy 6 days ago

      Got mine just now, have not counted the errata cards yet.

    35. clickaus 6 days ago

      Just wondering why there is only 3 No turning back errata cards instead of 4. Did I miss something ?

    36. Missing avatar

      Aaron Schnabel 6 days ago

      I literally JUST got my email stating my shipping label has been generated. Woooooo!

    37. Karl Kreutzer
      6 days ago

      Still waiting on mine which appears to be in the warehouse at the moment at least according to the Pledge Manager.

    38. Dan B. 6 days ago

      Has anyone in the US received theirs? In CT, haven't seen any shipping/tracking info yet.

    39. Chris Bell
      6 days ago

      Has anyone ever been short of cards in Pine boxes etc? Haven’t gone through everything yet but seem to be missing one from a Pine box, or I’ve managed to drop it into a parallel universe as I’ve been over everything a million times and can’t find it!

    40. Missing avatar

      Nobuyoki 6 days ago

      I just checked the old news to see if they showed what they called the trunk, and it was indeed the "There comes a reckoning" box. However, as they said in the news but contrary to what the kickstarter campaign said, you can't put all your collection sleeved inside it. I find it pretty sad that they didn't manage to hold their promise ._.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nobuyoki 7 days ago

      @Thomas McCroy : If I'm not mistaken, we didn't get any news about two waves of sending materials? Plus, considering the fact that they said they don't want to send empty box, I fear quite a bit.
      Do we have an official stance on where the trunk is?

    42. Chris Bell
      7 days ago

      @PEG Christine, will do. Shall send some photos. Thanks.

    43. PEG Christine Collaborator 7 days ago

      Hello @ChrisBell! If you feel that it is necessary, please email me at about this issue. Thanks! :)

    44. Chris Bell
      7 days ago

      Should have said UK based. Actually made the box (for the Trunk) nigh impossible to open without much effort. Really disappointed in the lack of packing material to cushion this.

    45. Chris Bell
      7 days ago

      Damn. Got mine today and just took the shrink wrap off to discovered it’s taken a hell of a knock. Gutted.

    46. Thomas Mccrory on

      @Nobuyoki. You will not fit an entire sleeved collection in the TcaR Trunk. I put my entire collection, unsleeved, in the box last night and there is enough room left for one Doomtown Deck tin. I assume that Too tough to Die will take that space when it arrives. This is taking into account that I only have one deck built at the moment. All promos and and extras are in the old “premium” box. The servitors and millennium blades cards are in the deck tin. I only have a 4 of each card in the trunk. Any extras are somewhere else.

    47. Missing avatar

      John Milam

      ah Motherlode all in

    48. Missing avatar

      John Milam

      I just got my Marshal all in box... now I got to figure out where to put it

    49. Missing avatar

      Nobuyoki on

      Woops, I made a mistake, it's my "There comes a reckoning" box xD

    50. Missing avatar

      Nobuyoki on

      I received my Too tough to die box + my playmat yesterday. I'm still looking for the trunk, except if the "Too tough to die" box is supposed to be it. My problem is the following : if this box is indeed the trunk, well, my collection not sleeved barely fits in it. I do agree that I have some of my cards more than 4 times (coachwhips and so on), but I mean, even though, it barely fits. Usually, sleeved cards take twice the space as non sleeved card, so I find that a bit strange.
      If anyone managed to fit his entire collection sleeved in the box, I'd be glad to see that!

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