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Doomtown Reloaded's newest expansion—There Comes a Reckoning—has revamped rules and the Servitors, the biggest badasses of Deadlands!
Doomtown Reloaded's newest expansion—There Comes a Reckoning—has revamped rules and the Servitors, the biggest badasses of Deadlands!
1,763 backers pledged $171,352 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Alex Wirges Collaborator just now

      @BoardGameRevolution - Yeaup. It comes with the Trunk edition of There Comes a Reckoning which is included with the all-in bundle.

    2. BoardGameRevolution
      3 minutes ago Report spam

      Does the playmat come with the all in bundle? Don't see it listed in the PM

    3. Shane Hensley 16-time creator
      3 days ago

      This is Jeannine.
      Please put in the address in PledgeManager so it can calculate the correct shipping. At the moment no address shows so the shipping amount is not correct. Also with the level you choose the shipping is free in the US or discounted if you are's overseas.
      If you have more questions please feel free to email me at

    4. Missing avatar

      Antaiseito 5 days ago Report spam

      Hey all,

      i wanted to add some Doomtown base sets to the pledge manager but it also adds 17$ shipping for each base set. Is that correct or can they somehow be combined to safe on shipping costs? Was planning to add at least 4 base sets to have stuff prepared for new folks that want to start playing, but atm i don't safe anything getting base sets through the pledge manager as planned.


    5. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on January 3

      @Peter: That's a special shipping price so you *don't* pay it. :) Since you're an international retailer receiving discounted shipping, put the items in your cart, then email us at site, We'll update the cart with the discounted shipping so you can complete checkout. There's no way to automate this; you're special!

      @Michael: Yes, we have more than 50 backers/addresses in Australia currently! Of course, Australia is a *continent,* so please help us spread the word. And you may want to go in on an order with a few buddies to help reduce the shipping overall. Hope that helps! Those are the best shipping prices we can muster, I'm afraid.

      Please remember if anyone has a question about the Pledge Manager you can email us at site, And thanks!

      --Jodi for PEG

    6. Peter Hart on January 3 Report spam

      hi all, really looking forward to this! I've just tried to update my retailer pledge, but the pledge manager shipping comes in at $999 for about $200 worth of stuff - what do I do!

      Thank you :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Galbraith on December 14 Report spam

      Hi all,

      Did anyone else from Auckland, New Zealand, back this? trying to convince myself to get the physical cards and round out my collection, but at this stage it's just out of a sense of completion. It would be nice to play too :)

      Shipping alone is US$ 43 to get the Trunk and 5 saddlebags and 2 pine boxes to this corner of the globe. Ouch

    8. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on December 13

      @Matt: Yes, you can!

      To order just the cards for There Comes a Reckoning, add one of this item to your cart: $25 There Comes a Reckoning Expansion (Cards Only--A Kickstarter Exclusive!).

      To add the extra cards (Errata, Promos, and full bleed Servitors): $25 Deputy Extras.

      Or you can add one $50 Doomtown Trunk (with all the cards, including the Errata and Promos, plus divider cards, and the free Playmat). The shipping on the Trunk is higher than the card-only options, of course, but you are getting a Trunk. ;)

      @Barabas: I can unlock your order (just reply to that last email from earlier today). I can also switch your pledge level for you; just let me know in the email.

      If anyone has trouble with an order, email us at Thanks!

      --Jodi for PEG

    9. Barabas on December 13 Report spam

      Jodi&Clint - well that sucks. That correction to KS Update #17 should have had it's own update as I hadn't seen it the 'comment' addendum.

      How do I go about changing my pledge given that it was based on wrong info.?

    10. Missing avatar

      Matt on December 13 Report spam

      Would there be a way to add on errata cards for just the base set as an extra to purchase? I already have a base set, and would like to get another set of errata cards for it if possible.


    11. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on December 13

      @Syd and @Garry, Thanks!

      @Julien: The free Playmat with each Doomtown Trunk is really BIG NEWS for those Adding On an extra Trunk for a friend. As a Sheriff backer (or above) you unlocked the free Playmat for *your* Trunk as a stretch goal; now *everyone* getting a Trunk also gets a Playmat!

      (Also, we cannot update the main page after the end of the Kickstarter. That's a Kickstarter feature so project owners don't try to rewrite their promises.)

      @Barabas: My apologies for the confusion. The mixup is my fault, and I posted a Comment to that effect on that Update and on this main Comments page (posted as Shane on November 3, you can scroll down to see it).

      To sum up:

      Deputy Physical backers receive all the cards released for There Comes a Reckoning, including the Servitor cards (the "full bleed Servitor" cards are alternate art versions) and all extra cards for the expansion unlocked in the stretch goals. (You're also getting the Millennium Blades Promo Pack!)

      The "Deputy Extras" include the full bleed Servitors, reprinted cards from other sets with Errata fixed on them, and Promo cards from Organized Play kits, These are not necessary to play There Comes a Reckoning, but were some cool extras everyone Sheriff and higher unlocked as stretch goals. We decided in that Update 17 to offer them as Add-Ons for the Deputy Physical backers, but announcing so many things in one Update got mixed up in my head. Sorry about that!

      I hope that helps clear things up. I'm happy to answer any other questions you may have.

      --Jodi for PEG

    12. Barabas on December 13 Report spam

      OK - I am confused -
      KS update 17 (3rd Nov) stated

      "Good News for Deputy (Physical) Backers
      Deputy (Physical) backers will receive a complete set of cards for their reward, including:
      - All reprinted Errata and Promo Cards from the Stretch Goals
      - The four full bleed alternate art Legend Servitor cards
      - The Millennium Blades Promo Pack "

      So I completed the Pledge Manager on the basis that I would be getting the promos+errata+full-bleed-servitors as part of my KS campaign Deputy Physical pledge. In the PM I added Cackler Jokers and a printed copy of the Rulebook.

      My confirmation slip states 'Expansion Cards Only' (along with the 2 additional items I specifically asked for, and/but 'KS Update #21 now states -

      "$25 Deputy = $25 There Comes a Reckoning Expansion (Cards Only--A Kickstarter Exclusive!) This is just the cards for There Comes a Reckoning but none of the Errata or Promo cards for Doomtown. It does, however, contain the Millennium Blades Promo Pack. If you want the Errata and Promo cards for Doomtown, including the full bleed Servitors, look for the $25 Deputy Extras Add-On."

      This appears to directly contradict KS Update #17 - what am I getting?

    13. Julien Vazquez
      on December 13 Report spam

      Was the image on the kickstarter of what's included in each pledge pre-updated with the playmat? Because if not, I'm really confused, as it specifically mentions: free playmat with Sheriff/Trunk.

    14. Garry Nicholls on December 12 Report spam

      Hey guys, wanting to let people know I was having trouble with Pledge Manager for this KS. A couple of emails to Jodi and we're all sorted and ready to roll. THANKS JODI YOU'RE AWESOME!

    15. Syd on December 12 Report spam

      Well thanks to you guys at PEG. You've set everything right, the Law Dogs wouldn't have done it better. Thanks!

    16. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on December 10

      Hi everyone,

      I plan to post an Update tomorrow so all backers get the notification, but for those checking here, a headsup!

      ***We're including a free Weird West playmat with each purchase of the Doomtown Trunk in the PledgeManager as a pre-release exclusive.***

      This means to backers as part of their rewards, and to Add-Ons of the Trunk, and to those just joining us as "late backers." Retailers, the playmat is included in your special "Retail Kickstarter Exclusive! 4 Trunks" product, but not in the regular "Doomtown Trunk with There Comes a Reckoning Expansion," as that is the release planned for regular distribution.

      The PledgeManager software has been updated with this information and your cart may have changed. Remember to read the description of the items as well as the listed item names themselves to determine what products you are receiving.

      For example, if you were a Sheriff backer (Doomtown Trunk + playmat) and Added-On one Trunk and one Weird West playmat for a friend, you now have *three* playmats coming to you (one from your Trunk, one from your friend's Trunk, and the individual Add-On). You may want to unlock your order and remove the extra playmat, then use the credit for another Pine Box expansion or Legend Servitors or Cackler Joker cards.

      If you would like a refund, email

      I've got to dash off--the holidays are such a busy time of year, especially on the weekend!--but wanted to let y'all know. Thanks for your patience! It takes time to implement these software changes. :)

      --Jodi for PEG

    17. Missing avatar

      Yipe on December 9 Report spam

      Not being able to purchase multiple pledges has definitely come as a shock to me and the other backers in my area. We all pledged to the campaign on the assumption that we could purchase multiple deputy or sheriff pledges. In fact, I remember asking about this option during the kickstarter so I knew how much to pledge in order to cover shipping costs. No one from PBE or Pinnacle ever said buying multiple pledges wasn't an option.

      The fact that we're now being told this isn't allowed feels like it's coming out of left field. The people in my Doomtown group haven't filled out their pledge managers yet because this throws a wrench into how much we pledged during the campaign. Please, just let us purchase multiple pledges. It's just more straightforward and easier for everyone involved.

    18. Markus Lindström on December 9 Report spam

      I haven't really looked into the cost on single add-ons compared to getting a pledge but as Syd says it sounds kind of strange that it would be cheaper that way. I still do not understand why it would be impossible (or bad for you businesswise) to just let backer add on more pledges in the pledgemanager. Is is kind of messy in the first place to understand what is in each pledge and then having to calculate and check and double check what I need to add to get a complete Sheriff pledge for example is not backer friendly.

    19. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on December 6


      Sorry for the misleading information posted in an earlier Update. You can't find our project on their site, so here's the process instead:

      Go directly to

      and begin your order,


      email and request to be added to the pledgemanager. We'll add you as a $0 Participant backer and you'll receive an email from their website inviting you to the survey.

      --Jodi for PEG

    20. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on December 6

      Hi Syd,

      Thanks for bringing that to our attention. We're looking into it with PledgeManager and will get back to you.

      --Jodi for PEG

    21. Syd on December 6 Report spam

      We're a group of people who also pledged multiple $50 with the hope of being able to add on more Sheriff pledges afterward, with the clear intention of saving on shipping fees (one big box shipping to a single address is always cheaper thant 5 small boxes shipping to different places). Now all of us but one feel somewhat screwed over as replicating the Sheriff pledge costs $65 instead of $50 ($50 for the trunk + $15 for the playmat), plus shipping.

      Unless I completely misunderstood your communications, saying that we're saving "*a lot* in unnecessary shipping fees" is a blatant lie. Please confirm that the communications were misleading or that indeed we won't be able to replicate the Sheriff add-on unless we ditch an additional $15,

    22. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on December 5

      @metonymo: Look for my reply to your Kickstarter message. :) (It looks like a reply from Shane, because his account is the only one that can answer messages, but I sign mine)

      @Markus: The main reason we did not offer extra copies of the pledges is because of shipping. By having you Add-On just the items you want out of that duplicate pledge level you wanted, you save *a lot* in unnecessary shipping fees. Hope that helps!

      @Thomas: Thanks! Doomtown was too good to die. We hope you've had some fun playing There Comes a Reckoning, and that you're looking forward to what Pine Box Entertainment brings us next!

      --Jodi for PEG

    23. Missing avatar

      metonymo on December 5 Report spam

      I backed for the "The Mother Lode (Early Bird)", as I understood that the $153 shipping cost for Norway was to be be reduced after the KS. In the the pledge manager I now have a $123 credit, but I can not find an option to get this shipping repaid. How do I get this refunded?

    24. Markus Lindström on December 5 Report spam

      Hm... read the FAQ sent out and I am positive that I read an official answer before that stated that you should be able to add extra pledges during the kickstarter. Am I wrong/confused or has there been a change to that statement? Either way I´m dissapointed in this since me and a friend made a pledge together and now we are not able to get a second pledge. Quite frankly I have a hard time understanding why this isn´t an option.

    25. Markus Lindström on December 5 Report spam

      Still no answer how to add extra pledges in the Pledge Manager, could someone please inform me how to do it or if it is coming in a future update? I have a Sheriff Trunk for myself and a friend of mine would like a Deputy pledge but there is, as far as I can see, no way to add it in the Pledge Manager. I suppose I could only add There Comes a Reckoning expansion but that does include all that is in the physical Deputy Pledge as far as I can see.

    26. Thomas Mccrory on December 5 Report spam

      @jodi and clint. Hey yeah, I just seen some updates to my cart but still not seeing the physical errata and OP stretch goals or the full bleed servitors. Looking forward to the FAQ but just wanted to point that out to you. I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as when the product is mail, as is correct! Anyways, great job on the Kickstarter and good luck with all this! We are all excited for a fresh breath from Doomtown!

    27. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on December 4

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks for the bug reports y'all! Changes have been sent to Pledge Manager and they'll implement them overnight when the fewest users are in the system. Then look for an "FAQ" Update answering the most common questions.

      I know it's frustrating when things don't go smooth (boy, don't I know it!) but this is a massive project with lots of products. None of the changes will leave anyone who's already completed their survey behind in the dust--their cart simply gets more stuff they didn't have to pay for. Win, right?

      Thanks again,

      --Jodi for PEG

    28. Missing avatar

      Matt on December 4 Report spam

      Yep, now I'm sure. The "There Comes a Reckoning Expansion" at check out tells me I need to add the "Deputy Extras" to my order. Well the "Deputy Extras" should already be part of my Mother Lode order (not an additional $25), so that also needs to be added to the checkout for Mother Lode purchasers, in addition to the two missing Pine Boxes.

    29. Missing avatar

      Matt on December 4 Report spam

      Edit to my last comment below: I'm also not seeing where it's saying I'm getting the errata cards...

      Maybe I'm just being a bit picky, but I feel the checkout page is lacking some key information.

    30. Missing avatar

      Matt on December 4 Report spam

      I signed up for the Early Bird Mother Lode . When checking out on the Pledge Manager I'm missing two Pine Boxes. The Faith and Fear Pine Box and Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force Pine Box.

      I have stuff I'm adding to my pledge, but I won't check out until this gets fixed. I'm hoping this gets changed quickly. I don't want to miss out on the extra stuff because of this.

    31. Missing avatar

      Robert Campbell on December 3 Report spam

      @animalx2c - I'm on a $50 pledge too before add ons and can confirm the physical cards show up as part of my pledge (perhaps just at the final confirmation page? Maybe they were missing from an earlier page, can't remember now sorry). I've pasted the final confirmation (pre-addons) below to try to help out. The physical cards show up alongside the trunk in a separate line from the pdf of the cards.

      There are also a few stretch goals that I think got accidentally left off (e.g. stretch goals), but I'm pretty confident these are still being added in! :) Imagine this is just an issue with pledge manager stuff, back end for something like this is probably pretty tricky.

      1x Doomtown Sourcebook for Deadlands RPG - Print & PDF (reward)
      1x Doomtown Reloaded Rule Book - Print & PDF (reward)
      1x There Comes a Reckoning Expansion - PDF (reward)
      1x Doomtown Trunk with There Comes a Reckoning Expansion (reward)
      Reward $50.00

    32. Barabas on December 3 Report spam

      Completed the Pledgemanager yesterday and received my confirmation but it is wrongly formatted so most of the details have been lost off the right hand side of the page - looks like a missing line-throw after the doomtown banner. Any chance the confirmations could be resent correctly formatted?

    33. Romain ROBINI on December 3 Report spam

      How do I choose multiple Sheriff or Marshall level pledges in the Pledge Manager?

    34. Christopher Lippay on December 2 Report spam

      I pledged the Sheriff level with enough extra money to purchase three of those sets.

      1. How do I choose multiple Sheriff level pledges in the Pledge Manager?

      2. It was my understanding that one shipping cost of $15 would cover multiple sets. How would the shipping be calculated for 3 Sheriff sets?

      3. I also wanted to purchase 3 of the Cackler Joker sets and didn't realize that they would cost $1 in shipping per set of 2 cards. Three dollars to ship 6 cards seems a bit high. Would it be possible to have a $1 flat shipping fee on the Cackler Joker sets as long as they accompanied a Trunk Level Pledge?

      Thanks so much for your help!

    35. Missing avatar

      James Watson on December 2 Report spam

      I am trying to add funds on the Pledge Manager but it is not letting me. Card declined. Bank says card shows no attempted transactions. Can anyone at PineBox help me figure out what is going on?

    36. Missing avatar

      animalx2c on December 2 Report spam

      50 dollar pledge on pledge manager says the expansion only in PDF? i should be getting print too right? picture of the pledge did not show up too.

    37. etkeller
      on December 2 Report spam

      Hi. I looked for this answer in earlier comments, but did not see it. For the Sheriff pledge, it says in the picture of the pledge items on the main page that it includes the neoprene playmat, but in the written description in the pledge manager, that is not listed as included. Is this included in the Sheriff's pledge?

    38. Missing avatar

      mrbiofan12 on December 2 Report spam

      Will we get a preview of the box we can hold our complete set of cards in?

    39. Markus Lindström on December 2 Report spam

      I thought you could add extra pledges in the pledge manager but I only see the normal add-ons. If I would like to get an extra Deputy Physical Pledge isn't that possible or do I have to add extra add-ons and pay a higher price? Or am I missing something?

    40. Missing avatar

      John Manuel on December 2 Report spam

      Sheriff pledge and trunk don't list the reprinted proms and errata cards. I'm guessing that's just an omission?

    41. vonDorffy on December 2 Report spam

      When will the PM end?
      Do you charge cards when completing an order, or at a later charge date?

      I'm a new player, I plan to get the Marshall pledge.
      - Doomtown Base Set
      - There Comes a Reckoning expansion
      - Stretch Goals
      What should I get to expand it
      - if I have $45 to do it
      - if I have $90 to do it ?

    42. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on December 2

      Hi everyone! It's normal to have a few bugs at launch (and with more than 35 SKUs this project has a lot to keep track of) but everything reported so far is easy to fix.

      I'll try to log on this afternoon to update the PledgeManager. If I can't update it until later, don't worry--missing items will be automatically added to your pledge level and won't affect your shipping price.

      International Retailers: you will see a shipping price of $999 because we don't want you to pay that! Once you have everything in your cart email We'll connect with our warehouse (starting Monday) and get you a discounted shipping price to replace it with. Then we'll email you back so you can check out. We aren't using a weight rate chart for shipping this campaign so each of your orders needs to be priced individually to get you the best deal.

      Thanks everyone! I've got a super busy weekend away from any screens so I appreciate your patience. I sing with a semiprofessional chorus and we gave one holiday concert last night, give three today, and one tomorrow (plus my usual church attendance and then post-concert cleanup). Curious? Here's the Facebook page:

      Shane runs; I sing. What else do you enjoy? We know you love to play games!!! Speaking of games, Pinnacle's Flash Gordon RPG Kickstarter ends Monday!

      --Jodi for PEG

    43. Missing avatar

      Benni Byg Ulbrink on December 2 Report spam

      I can confirm this.
      It’s also unclear that you’re receiving the unlocked stretch goals. Not that I’m worried, but a 1x every stretch goal would have been nice. Also because it says in the Campaign that you receive multiple if you’re backing several levels (friends together fx).

    44. Mike Shackelford
      on December 1 Report spam

      Just a heads up, it looks like the Mother Lode reward is missing "Faith & Fear", and "Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force" from the list of rewards in the Pledge Manager.

    45. Johnny Yarbrough on December 1 Report spam

      I have every confidence Shane will get all promised rewards out to everyone.

    46. Stephen
      on December 1 Report spam

      THe playmat is pat of the sheriff which is part of the marshal which is part of the mother load. but i dont see it in the cart

    47. Missing avatar

      Conor White on December 1 Report spam

      @stephen The playmat and the cackler jokers

    48. Missing avatar

      James Watson on December 1 Report spam

      Is anyone else having issues submitting payment in the Pledge Manager?

    49. Stephen
      on December 1 Report spam

      THis has probably already asked but What is NOT in the Mother Lode?

    50. Missing avatar

      Hugh Newton on December 1 Report spam

      Disregard. Just saw what happened. My bad.

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