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Doomtown Reloaded's newest expansion—There Comes a Reckoning—has revamped rules and the Servitors, the biggest badasses of Deadlands!
Doomtown Reloaded's newest expansion—There Comes a Reckoning—has revamped rules and the Servitors, the biggest badasses of Deadlands!
Doomtown Reloaded's newest expansion—There Comes a Reckoning—has revamped rules and the Servitors, the biggest badasses of Deadlands!
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    1. Salvo Ludus (JayGee) 1 day ago

      So, I just read in update #25's comments that you won't be making the trunk available by itself because an empty box might get damaged in the shipping process. This is incredibly disappointing. The overwhelming reason I supported this kickstarter was for the trunk, otherwise I would have eventually just bought the expansion retail.
      You've had a prototype for the trunk since November of last year, and it seems that there is so much more space needed for the sleeved cards, it would have been obvious then. You've also been very careful and evasive about the way you've worded the trunk's description. So much so that we've had to ask repeatedly in the comments about whether or not an entire sleeved collection will fit, to which you've repeatedly said yes.
      So now faced with the reality that because of the fact that I'm willing to spend the money to sleeve all my cards, I can't use the trunk for my collection. At this point I'm willing to buy another trunk, but I can't do that. I also don't want a refund because I really like the idea of the trunk, even if I can only fit part of my collection there.
      Can't you stuff the trunk full of paper and ship it alone? Is there anything you can do to help those of us left in my situation? This seems like a mistake that should be corrected in some other way besides "here's your money back."

    2. Shane Hensley 16-time creator
      2 days ago

      Hi everyone, Jodi here posting in Shane's account. We normally don't share boring production details like this, since we don't want to get in the way of people having fun. :)

      The printer is almost finished with production, so products will soon ship to warehouses in the US and Europe for packing and shipping to you. Please remember redesign of the Trunk prototype added time to production.

      Meanwhile, the shipping agent is headquartered in the northeast, which has been slammed with heavy storms the past two weeks. They're communicating with me daily via cell phone, but until power returns they cannot run the computers needed for planning shipping of this scale. Thanks for your patience and understanding--this is certainly beyond anyone's control.

      Once we can get the freight shipments underway we'll have a better idea of delivery dates for you all, and we'll post an Update.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at

      --Jodi for PEG
      COO and Managing Editor for Pinnacle Entertainment Group

    3. Squire Kershner 2 days ago

      Can someone clear up what I think I'm seeing/reading?
      This Kickstarter wrapped up at the end of September 2017, with expected delivery in March 2018. But I just received an email with the following from Pinnacle

      "And yes you heard right, we have not yet closed the PledgeManager because we are still locking in a production schedule with the printer and shipper. We hope to have a definite date soon, though, so if you haven’t completed your backer survey now’s a great time to do it."

      Still locking in the production schedule with printer/shipper? It's been 5 months since close and product was supposed to be in hand this month? That seems . . . wrong? At this rate, will we have product by 2019?

    4. Missing avatar

      Sean Kirby 4 days ago

      Thank you Jodi, mail sent

    5. Shane Hensley 16-time creator
      6 days ago

      Hi Sean,

      Jodi here, posting in Shane's account to handle a few admin type things.

      This is the largest box we can make, sorry. If you would like to switch your pledge to the cards-only Deputy (Physical) + Deputy Extras, please email me at Any pledge money remaining after that (like for shipping) we'll issue a refund or credit to our website for future purchases. I'll take care of it personally.

      Hope that helps,

      Jodi Black for Pinnacle Entertainment Group

    6. Missing avatar

      Sean Kirby 7 days ago

      Umm, the trunk doesn't fit all cards sleeved? This is not what was advertised and is now essentially a useless box. My current storage option works fine but thought this would be an upgrade. It wont be, not the happiest chappy here.

    7. Alex Wirges Collaborator 7 days ago

      @Adam - Box is real heavy. ;) Butthe box itself is tough enough it's not gonna quit on ya.

    8. Missing avatar

      Adam Clausing 7 days ago

      So, I just read the update. The trunk will fit 2 base sets and all expansions unsleeved.

      This works for me, but I have a feeling there will be some unhappy campers who sleeve their cards that can't fit everything in the box.

      I hope this box is sturdy as hell! It will have a lot of weight in there.

    9. Rev. Bob Matros on March 9

      Is there a March update on shipping?

    10. Missing avatar

      James Watson on March 6

      Just wanted to share an experience I had with PEG regarding this Kickstarter, and specifically with Jodi:

      I was having a lot of trouble adding additional funds to the PledgeManager, the purpose being to add a couple dollars to my pledge so I could pay shipping costs on the add-ons I wanted. After many attempts, bank cards, and calls to my bank, I was unable to add the $2 I needed. As the PledgeManager came to a close, I resigned to forfeiting the add-ons I wanted to get the order submitted on time.

      But, like a superhero, Jodi swooped in at the last moment and offered a solution that re-ignited the passion and excitement for the project that had been doused by my technical issues. I was feeling disappointed that I would not be able to get the items I wanted but Jodi and PEG blew that away, making it clear that they value the enjoyment and satisfaction of their customers and that, if there is anything they can do to help improve your experience, you can be confident that they're there for you.

      Thank you PEG for the great project and for the regard you've shown. I am already looking forward to the next KS! (and hopefully my credit cards work next time...)

    11. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on February 27

      @Frosty - there is an additional charge of $1.50 for shipping &handling one playmat to a location in the United States (no matter what backer level). And the price on the playmat is $14.99, for a total of $16.49 extra.

      If there are other items you are thinking about getting, add them to your cart and the shipping total will change automatically. You can do this before committing to paying for it.

      But be sure to complete your order when you're finished contemplating your options. Open orders do not ship. :)


      --Jodi for PEG

    12. Alex Wirges Collaborator on February 23

      @Karl - Yup. You should have it in your digital rewards!

      @Frosty - That's a question for Jodi, let me see what I can do to get you an answer.

      @Thomas - Thank you! We can't wait to get it to you.

      @Jon - News on that in the future. While working on manufacturing of TCaR, we've been hard at work on Too Tough To Die. But we wanna get this wrapped up before we start going ham on the next expansion.

    13. Thomas Mccrory on February 23

      Everything looks great guys!!!! Can’t wait to get a hold of this!!

    14. Frosty on February 22

      Almost forgot to do the survey. Looking at the add-ons...will there be any shipping costs for, say, another playmat? Asking as a Mother Lode pledger in the US.

    15. Jon Mercurio Knight on February 22

      So will this be the new method for Doomtown's continuation? What are future plans after this set?

    16. Karl Kreutzer
      on February 21

      Has the RPG sourcebook been done yet?

    17. Shane Hensley 16-time creator
      on February 15

      @Thomas: Make address changes and complete your survey at

      @Frank: Short answer: correct, it won't be March. We'll let everyone know a time frame when we can. We're currently waiting on the updated production sample, but the factory is closed for the Chinese New Year. Once that's approved we'll talk to the factory again about delivery timelines.


      --Jodi for PEG

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas Pittwood on February 15

      May I ask how I can the delivery address for my pledge?

    19. Frank Gerken on February 15

      Is there a new ETA for shipping? I don't believe that we will get our stuff in March... no blame, just want to know when to expect the stuff.

    20. Dagda
      on February 11

      Okay, if the trunk can hold two base games and all expansions with cards sleeved in premium sleeves, I'll be happy.

    21. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on February 9

      Hi Everyone,

      Chiming in on a few comments here.

      @Joe (I believe you were answered in a PM or email, but for anyone else reading here...) Please read the description of the Trunk, which states it includes a physical copy of the rulebook and Deadlands sourcebook.

      @Ross: At this time the MB cards are shipping with the Trunks. I'll see what I can do to hustle them to you and other folks who just pledged for the MB Promo Pack, but no promises.

      @Dagda and @Aaron: We defined a full collection as 2 base sets and one of each expansion. Our first prototype didn't meet this specification so we're waiting on a production sample to confirm the new dimensions.

      The factory is currently closed for Chinese New Year, then they'll make the production sample and ship it to us. So it'll be a while before we see it, sorry! We're just as eager to see it as you are. :) Once we have it we'll be able to go from measurements to actually placing cards in the sample.

      Y'all have a good weekend!

      --Jodi for PEG

    22. Dagda
      on February 8

      Well, that distinction makes me wonder if I can sleeve all my cards. And it is something I would like to have clarified. Maybe it was just some oversight, maybe it is a mistake that needs to be corrected.

    23. Missing avatar

      Aaron Schnabel on February 7

      @dagda I think it's pretty clear that yes, you can sleeve your entire collection in premium sleeves and it will all fit.

      I'm not sure why they're making a distinction about having sleeved decks and unsleeved collections, as if your entire sleeved collection will fit, then you could have 3-4 decks all gathered together at the front of the trunk and the rest of your collection behind them...

      Maybe they were just making a comment for people like me who don't sleeve their entire collection, that you can still sleeve up a couple decks and store them in the trunk as well.

    24. Dagda
      on February 7

      Yeah, I've read that. But that doesn't sound like the initial description of the trunk anymore (holds all cards, even sleeved). I sleeve my cards with premium sleeves as penny sleeves are just a waste of money in my opinion and I sleeve all of them to avoid wasting time on all the sleeving/unsleeving when changing decks. So, the question is, can I hold all my cards (one base game with one of each expansion) sleeved in premium sleeves or am I forced to find another storage solution as the trunk, that was supposed to hold all the cards sleeved, just holds a few decks sleeved?

    25. Missing avatar

      Aaron Schnabel on February 5

      @dagda He's saying that you can sleeve in either penny or premium sleeves. If you sleeve up 3-4 decks you will also have plenty of room for the rest of your unsleeved cards (and presumably extra space for when more sets come out).

    26. Dagda
      on February 5

      copy from the update comments:
      @ Lapp
      Sorry, but I still don't get it.
      "The trunk can be filled with a collection in traditional (penny sleeves) and premium (thick sleeves)" Does that mean, the cards fit only in the trunk if only some of the cards are sleeved in quality sleeves, while the rest needs to be in penny sleeves (remember, the trunk holds all cards sleeved)?
      Why would anyone want to do that? Not only sleeving and unsleeving with premium sleeves, but with penny sleeves as well?!?
      Or do all cards fit even if sleeved with premium sleeves? But then I don't get why decks should take so much more space.
      Also, just for the sake of it, a collection is one base game with one copy of each expansion so far and the promo cards, right?

    27. Ross Graham
      on February 3

      Hi, for those of us who have only pledged for the Millennium Blades promo pack will it be shipping at the same time as the other rewards or is it being printed and shipped separately? If it's being done separately is there any indication of a timescale for delivery?

    28. Joe
      on January 30

      Sorry if this has been covered before, but I could use some help. I have a "Sheriff (Trunk)" pledge, and I just checked to make sure I already submitted it. I did but noticed the following on the Receipt page.

      Doomtown Reloaded Rule Book - PDF 1 (reward)
      There Comes a Reckoning Expansion - PDF 1 (reward)
      Doomtown Trunk 1 (reward)
      All unlocked digital stretch goals 1 (reward)

      The description for my pledge here on Kickstarter says the following:

      Doomtown Trunk
      10 Card Dividers
      There Comes a Reckoning expansion (Print + PDF)
      New rule book for Doomtown card game (Print + PDF)
      Doomtown Sourcebook for Deadlands (Print + PDF)

      Should I be concerned that the sourcebook is not listed and the pledge manager only says "PDF" where my pledge here says (Print + PDF)? I wanted physical copies of the stretch goals, expansion etc. Maybe all the physical content and stretch goals come inside the trunk? Thanks in advance for any help.

    29. Don Sombrero on January 27

      @Lap - that's great news! Thank you for the confirmation!

    30. Shane Hensley 16-time creator
      on January 27

      @Chase: We're checking with the printer and hope to post an Update Monday.

      --Jodi for PEG

    31. Chase Causey on January 26

      When will shipping commence for this project? Are we still on track for a March release?

    32. Lapp Collaborator on January 19

      @Don Sombrero, passing on some information from our Pine Box Team:
      The trunk can be filled with a collection in traditional (penny sleeves) and premium (thick sleeves). Alternatively, it can hold 3-4 premium sleeved decks and the remainder of an unsleeved collection with room to spare.

    33. Missing avatar

      Robert Campbell on January 18

      Howdy Scott! I'm just a humble playtester, so I can't help with official updates (sure Pinnacle/Pinebox will let people know any exciting news), but felt I should drop in a link to the Deadlands Convention/Doomtown Reloaded World Championships on in Manchester 5-6 May 2018: Various RPG events and card game events.

      There will also be various official events at GenCon 2018. :)

    34. Scott Mohnkern
      on January 18

      About time for an update?

    35. Don Sombrero on January 16

      Sorry to come back to the same old topic but was there any success with confirming trunk the sleeving capacity of all expasnsions? (Not possible / cassic sleeves / premium sleeves)

    36. Alex Wirges Collaborator on January 13

      @BoardGameRevolution - Yeaup. It comes with the Trunk edition of There Comes a Reckoning which is included with the all-in bundle.

    37. BoardGameRevolution
      on January 13

      Does the playmat come with the all in bundle? Don't see it listed in the PM

    38. Shane Hensley 16-time creator
      on January 10

      This is Jeannine.
      Please put in the address in PledgeManager so it can calculate the correct shipping. At the moment no address shows so the shipping amount is not correct. Also with the level you choose the shipping is free in the US or discounted if you are's overseas.
      If you have more questions please feel free to email me at

    39. Missing avatar

      Antaiseito on January 8

      Hey all,

      i wanted to add some Doomtown base sets to the pledge manager but it also adds 17$ shipping for each base set. Is that correct or can they somehow be combined to safe on shipping costs? Was planning to add at least 4 base sets to have stuff prepared for new folks that want to start playing, but atm i don't safe anything getting base sets through the pledge manager as planned.


    40. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on January 3

      @Peter: That's a special shipping price so you *don't* pay it. :) Since you're an international retailer receiving discounted shipping, put the items in your cart, then email us at site, We'll update the cart with the discounted shipping so you can complete checkout. There's no way to automate this; you're special!

      @Michael: Yes, we have more than 50 backers/addresses in Australia currently! Of course, Australia is a *continent,* so please help us spread the word. And you may want to go in on an order with a few buddies to help reduce the shipping overall. Hope that helps! Those are the best shipping prices we can muster, I'm afraid.

      Please remember if anyone has a question about the Pledge Manager you can email us at site, And thanks!

      --Jodi for PEG

    41. Peter Hart on January 3

      hi all, really looking forward to this! I've just tried to update my retailer pledge, but the pledge manager shipping comes in at $999 for about $200 worth of stuff - what do I do!

      Thank you :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael Galbraith on December 14

      Hi all,

      Did anyone else from Auckland, New Zealand, back this? trying to convince myself to get the physical cards and round out my collection, but at this stage it's just out of a sense of completion. It would be nice to play too :)

      Shipping alone is US$ 43 to get the Trunk and 5 saddlebags and 2 pine boxes to this corner of the globe. Ouch

    43. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on December 13

      @Matt: Yes, you can!

      To order just the cards for There Comes a Reckoning, add one of this item to your cart: $25 There Comes a Reckoning Expansion (Cards Only--A Kickstarter Exclusive!).

      To add the extra cards (Errata, Promos, and full bleed Servitors): $25 Deputy Extras.

      Or you can add one $50 Doomtown Trunk (with all the cards, including the Errata and Promos, plus divider cards, and the free Playmat). The shipping on the Trunk is higher than the card-only options, of course, but you are getting a Trunk. ;)

      @Barabas: I can unlock your order (just reply to that last email from earlier today). I can also switch your pledge level for you; just let me know in the email.

      If anyone has trouble with an order, email us at Thanks!

      --Jodi for PEG

    44. Barabas on December 13

      Jodi&Clint - well that sucks. That correction to KS Update #17 should have had it's own update as I hadn't seen it the 'comment' addendum.

      How do I go about changing my pledge given that it was based on wrong info.?

    45. Missing avatar

      Matt on December 13

      Would there be a way to add on errata cards for just the base set as an extra to purchase? I already have a base set, and would like to get another set of errata cards for it if possible.


    46. Jodi and Clint Black Collaborator on December 13

      @Syd and @Garry, Thanks!

      @Julien: The free Playmat with each Doomtown Trunk is really BIG NEWS for those Adding On an extra Trunk for a friend. As a Sheriff backer (or above) you unlocked the free Playmat for *your* Trunk as a stretch goal; now *everyone* getting a Trunk also gets a Playmat!

      (Also, we cannot update the main page after the end of the Kickstarter. That's a Kickstarter feature so project owners don't try to rewrite their promises.)

      @Barabas: My apologies for the confusion. The mixup is my fault, and I posted a Comment to that effect on that Update and on this main Comments page (posted as Shane on November 3, you can scroll down to see it).

      To sum up:

      Deputy Physical backers receive all the cards released for There Comes a Reckoning, including the Servitor cards (the "full bleed Servitor" cards are alternate art versions) and all extra cards for the expansion unlocked in the stretch goals. (You're also getting the Millennium Blades Promo Pack!)

      The "Deputy Extras" include the full bleed Servitors, reprinted cards from other sets with Errata fixed on them, and Promo cards from Organized Play kits, These are not necessary to play There Comes a Reckoning, but were some cool extras everyone Sheriff and higher unlocked as stretch goals. We decided in that Update 17 to offer them as Add-Ons for the Deputy Physical backers, but announcing so many things in one Update got mixed up in my head. Sorry about that!

      I hope that helps clear things up. I'm happy to answer any other questions you may have.

      --Jodi for PEG

    47. Barabas on December 13

      OK - I am confused -
      KS update 17 (3rd Nov) stated

      "Good News for Deputy (Physical) Backers
      Deputy (Physical) backers will receive a complete set of cards for their reward, including:
      - All reprinted Errata and Promo Cards from the Stretch Goals
      - The four full bleed alternate art Legend Servitor cards
      - The Millennium Blades Promo Pack "

      So I completed the Pledge Manager on the basis that I would be getting the promos+errata+full-bleed-servitors as part of my KS campaign Deputy Physical pledge. In the PM I added Cackler Jokers and a printed copy of the Rulebook.

      My confirmation slip states 'Expansion Cards Only' (along with the 2 additional items I specifically asked for, and/but 'KS Update #21 now states -

      "$25 Deputy = $25 There Comes a Reckoning Expansion (Cards Only--A Kickstarter Exclusive!) This is just the cards for There Comes a Reckoning but none of the Errata or Promo cards for Doomtown. It does, however, contain the Millennium Blades Promo Pack. If you want the Errata and Promo cards for Doomtown, including the full bleed Servitors, look for the $25 Deputy Extras Add-On."

      This appears to directly contradict KS Update #17 - what am I getting?

    48. Julien Vazquez
      on December 13

      Was the image on the kickstarter of what's included in each pledge pre-updated with the playmat? Because if not, I'm really confused, as it specifically mentions: free playmat with Sheriff/Trunk.

    49. Garry Nicholls on December 12

      Hey guys, wanting to let people know I was having trouble with Pledge Manager for this KS. A couple of emails to Jodi and we're all sorted and ready to roll. THANKS JODI YOU'RE AWESOME!

    50. Syd on December 12

      Well thanks to you guys at PEG. You've set everything right, the Law Dogs wouldn't have done it better. Thanks!

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