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Hard-boiled detective pen-and-paper roleplaying in the Big Easy of 1930s Deadlands--using the Savage Worlds rules!
Hard-boiled detective pen-and-paper roleplaying in the Big Easy of 1930s Deadlands--using the Savage Worlds rules!
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High Rez Figure Flats


Hi Gumshoes!

We heard from some of you that the Figure Flats printed a little poorly, so we increased the resolution. You can find the file at the usual download site HERE.

In case you didn't see it, we also released a brand spankin' new adventure by Jason Mical and John Goff called "The Case of the Jumbo Shrimp."

This will likely be our final post on this project. Thanks *so* much for your fantastic support and feedback. Backers like *you* mean everything to creators like us, and we thank you from the bottom of our twisted little hearts.

Or as we might say in Deadlands Noir...

They were a bunch of hardcases. Tough but fair. They could look at you like you were an octopus in a hat one minute, then like you were their best Joe or Sally the next. They wanted a lot, but they were willing to take care of you if you did good work. They knew how to tell you where you screwed up and when you did just fine.

They could dish out the hits like a prize fighter proving something to all the playground bullies who whupped him when he was little. And they could pat you on the back and make you feel like a million clams like that lunch lady with the cold hands and the big heart who always gave you an extra scoop o' gravy on your biscuits.

They were the best. They were better than the best. They were kings and queens. They were the kinda royalty that grew up on Gygax and Traveller and still had a hankerin' for that old familiar feeling. They wanted to roll dice and fight bad guys and walk away heroes.

And that's what we delivered. We gave 'em the tools and maybe a little inspiration and some twisted freaks to battle and they took 'em. They fought the good fight and laughed while they did it. They told the tale and spit in Death's face, guns blazing, knives slashing, or mumbo-jumboing.

They stalked the dark streets of New Orleans, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Shan Fan, and even poor, damned Lost Angels. And their tale ain't over yet. In fact, it's just beginning...

The Case of the Jumbo Shrimp
The Case of the Jumbo Shrimp
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    1. Kevin Stoner on February 9, 2014

      Boy has it been amazing. Thank you crew. Thank you Shane for putting us Mooks in the spotlight. And I welcome you all to take a stroll through poor damned Lost Angels, take in a movie, it's on the house ;).

    2. James McKendrew on January 24, 2014

      Been a helluva ride. And I've finally gotten enough blackmail material on my favorite noir fan to get him to run. MUAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm thinkin' about a Harrowed Cannibalistic ex-Mob Hitman (with a heart of gold).