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Hard-boiled detective pen-and-paper roleplaying in the Big Easy of 1930s Deadlands--using the Savage Worlds rules!
Hard-boiled detective pen-and-paper roleplaying in the Big Easy of 1930s Deadlands--using the Savage Worlds rules!
Hard-boiled detective pen-and-paper roleplaying in the Big Easy of 1930s Deadlands--using the Savage Worlds rules!
1,140 backers pledged $117,648 to help bring this project to life.

Getting the Last Orders Shipped (Important)

Hi all! Since we didn't use Kickstarter's Final Survey tool, we still haven't heard from everyone to get their address and addons. If that's you, look at all this cool stuff you don't have in your hands just yet:

(Photo courtesy of Scott Alan Woodard.)

We're now going to use the Final Survey tool to point everyone who hasn't yet responded to our addon page. If you have, simply click through to the survey without doing anything further. The rest of you need to follow the instructions sent in the survey.

We hope you're enjoying Deadlands Noir, and we'll see some of you at GenCon next week!


Here's the message you'll see in the Final Survey--remember, ignore it if you've already given us your info: 

Hi! We're almost finished shipping to everyone who gave us their name, address, and addons after Update #45. If you didn't, please go to: *** *** and log in using your Kickstarter email, just like you did to download all the digital files. Once logged in, follow the link on that page ( to give us your address (mandatory), and add on any additional products you want included in your shipment. If there's a problem, email and we'll help you out.


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    1. Andy Blanchard on

      Please disregard! My book and cards (and dice!) just came today! How serendipitous!

    2. Andy Blanchard on

      Hi Shane - when I go to the peginc site, it shows that my book (and cards) hasn't shipped yet. Does that sound right?

    3. Sven Schläpfer on

      Ack. I just saw that my package is somehow stuck at Swiss Customs. And I cannot find any proper contact for them :(

    4. Volker Greimann on

      I got mine two days ago and boy am I ever happy to be a Shamus. This set is absolutely amazing (not that I expected any less, but hey!), and I just can't put the books down...

      Great Job!

    5. Jason Brown on

      Same here. Not international. Submitted my address a while back, but my order still hasn't shipped. I'm in no great hurry, just hoping there isn't a problem.

    6. Wesley Dau on

      I'm most certainly not International, yet haven't received mine yet.

    7. The Roach on

      @Volker: Shouldn't take too long now, if you replied promtply to the survey. I just received my package.

    8. Volker Greimann on

      So how much has shipped already and how much is still left to go? Mine is not here yet, but I am attributing that to international shipping.

    9. Wesley Dau on

      Hoping to receive my shipment soon! Why do I always seem to be on the late list? :)

    10. Shane Hensley 17-time creator

      Hi Scott: Per the earlier updates...if you pledged for the Companion during the KS, you get it for $20 as we promised. If you took part in the KS but didn't pledge for the Companion, we're selling it to you this time only for $29.99. The *retail* price outside of the KS is $39.99 (we added way more to it than we'd planned). Since you pledged $20 over, we'll assume that's what it was for (we had asked you to message us--but no problem). :)

    11. Scott Catron on

      Maybe I'm missing something, but the print version and PDF of the Deadlands Noir Companion is $20 on the project page but it's $29.99 on the page? I pledged at the $50 level but paid $70 and an trying to remember what my add-on was.

    12. Arthur Dent on

      Thanks, Shane, good to hear.

    13. Shane Hensley 17-time creator

      If it says something like "Thank you for submitting your shipping information!" then you've already done it. Thanks :)

    14. Tore Schade Svenningsson on

      Pretty sure I filled it in ages ago (I get the same message as Arthur does), but I've already learned that shipping things to Europe takes a good long while. Looking forwards to getting my grubby hands on all the goodies. :)

    15. Magentawolf on

      Bleh. I just filled in the survey. :(

    16. James Schrecengost on

      I know I filled out the shipping survey, still awaiting my shipment. I am patient, tho.

    17. ASH LAW on

      I can't remember if I gave you my info.

    18. Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on

      I must thank you for the care in shipping, everything arrived undamaged (and fast) in Brazil. I'm also astonished by the print quality of the New Orleans/Hexaco map. I've seen many flimsier GM screens.

      THANK YOU!

    19. Arthur Dent on

      I guess I don't have to do anything if I see the message

      "Thank you for grabbing the following add-on items: International Shipping 1"

      on the addons page?

    20. Mark Sweetman

      My bad - didn't know that there was a spot to fill in my snail mail address. Have done so now!