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The Han Shan Chronicles. Adventures inspired by the world's wisdom traditions about a boy's magical connection to Nature.

The Han Shan Chronicles. Adventures inspired by the world's wisdom traditions about a boy's magical connection to Nature.

The Han Shan Chronicles. Adventures inspired by the world's wisdom traditions about a boy's magical connection to Nature. Read More
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Ling & Lobo and the Udumbara Flower is the first book of the The Han Shan Chronicles: Wisdom Adventures of the Dragon Wand, a new epic fantasy series for children of all ages.

The Series: An immortal hermit wizard, Han Shan, guardian of mystical Cold Mountain that stands at the center of the world, takes a twelve-year-old boy Ling under his protection and into the inner world of Great Spirit and Nature, where all things are possible and magic is an everyday occurrence.

The Han Shan Chronicles is an epic series of wisdom adventures that follow Ling as he evolves from a boy gathering medicinal plants on the side of Cold Mountain with his dog and companion Lobo, into a student of the profound martial and spiritual arts of transformation.

The Chronicles take place during ancient days along a Silk Road that unifies the nations of the world through trade and the blending of cultures. Caravans, warlords, brigands, lost civilizations, enlightened warriors, legendary stallions, treasure caves, giant eagles, talking animals, evil sorcerers, the Misty Mountains and the Road itself provide the dramatic context for this universal coming of age story.

Join Ling on his adventures as he overcomes fear and uncertainty to accomplish things he never imagined possible. Thrown by fate into circumstances both dangerous and wonderful, Ling learns to succeed by listening to nature, trusting his heart and calling on his mysterious mentor for help when events become too much.

Beautifully written in the narrative style of a storyteller, these inspiring adventures provide true life lessons for our children, teaching them practical strategies for navigating the inner and outer world in the age of awakening and transformation that is upon us.

The Story: A twelve year old boy, Ling, who gathers medicinal plants for his father is sent to the top of Cold Mountain to find the rarest healing plant in the world, the udumbara flower. Only a medicine made from the udumbara can save the life of a dear friend. His father instructs him to go to the summit of Cold Mountain and seek out a hermit named Han Shan and ask his help in finding the udumbara. Ling has never been to the top of the mountain, never seen the hermit nor ever seen an udumbara, but he sets out anyway despite his uncertainty, trusting that his ability to listen to Great Nature will lead him to his goal.

Listen to the prologue now!

Tiger, My inspiration
Tiger, My inspiration

The Back Story: I first told this story to my daughter over twenty years ago and then revived it for my grandson Tiger's bedtime stories. Tiger's appetite for the story was so great that he insisted I make up more (its very hard to deny your grandchild), so I did. I began sharing these stories with his preschool classmates and the response from the kids, teachers and parents was such that I decided to write them down. To date I have three stories completed and another five in various stages of completion.

My Aspirations for The Han Shan Chronicles: As a supporter of this project you will be not only an integral part of its immediate success, but more importantly a founding contributor to a long running series that will teach children that true happiness comes from within. We will share in the triumphs and tribulations of our hero Ling as he comes of age, and with the guidance of his many mentors, become a young man of remarkable gifts that he freely shares in order to make his world a better place to live.
It is my aspiration that Ling and Lobo and the Udumbara Flower will be a phenomenal bestseller. Please help me to share this profound and entertaining adventure with young readers all over the world, by supporting this landmark publication. The beauty of the Kickstarter platform is that we can reach that bestseller status before the books even arrive in stores, if we all play our part. I offer you my heart essence gratitude in advance, for sharing this Kickstarter link with as many of your family and friends as possible.

Everyone who hears or reads this story...loves it!

How Kickstarter Works and the Rewards: I am seeking $21,000 to cover the costs of printing 1000 hardcover books, shipping, creating the other products, as well as legal and marketing expenses. I have chosen 27 days as the time it will take to collect the funds. If I do not reach my goal, the project will not be funded and you will pay nothing. However, if we reach the goal before 27 days, people may continue to donate until the time is up. Many successful projects exceed their goal by 100, 500 to even 2200%. If we can reach those heady levels, then not only will a lot of books be in circulation, but we will have firmly established The Han Shan Chronicles at the forefront of the young readers literary world.

The rewards I am offering begin with a donation of as little as $10. Rewards are my way of thanking you for donating and supporting the project. In addition to the rewards, every contributor’s name will be listed on The Han Shan Chronicles website and in a special, fully illustrated edition of the first three stories that will be published in the fall of 2013.

May you always know the Peace of the Mind of the Mountain.

In Gratitude,

Gordon Scarritt aka GranPa

Risks and challenges

I don't see any problems with completing the printing, shipping and production of the products to be delivered as rewards. The book is finished and ready for the printer. I have a production team to assist me in all phases.I even have a person who will be setting my appointments for bookstore readings and other events.I have a printer for the book and the poster. The audiobook is already finished and the designs for all the products are completed. I also have experience in running an online business so shipping is also all set up. I really am just waiting to receive the money to actually produce and ship everything. Thanks you for your support.

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    Pledge $10 or more
    About $10 USD

    5 backers

    The Lobo: Audio download of the complete story narrated by the author GranPa.

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    Pledge $20 or more
    About $20 USD

    2 backers

    The Mojo:
    E-book download of the complete story plus the audio download.

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    Pledge $40 or more
    About $40 USD

    3 backers

    The Alto:
    The audio download, E-book and a signed postcard of the cover art.

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    Pledge $75 or more
    About $75 USD

    7 backers

    The Redwood:
    One hardcover copy of the book plus an audio download, E-book and signed postcard.

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    Pledge $100 or more
    About $100 USD

    5 backers

    The Summit:
    A hardcover book, a 24' x 36" poster of the cover art that is suitable for framing, signed by GranPa and artist Erin Papa, plus the E-book and audio download.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $150 or more
    About $150 USD

    0 backers Limited (200 left of 200)

    The Secret Path:
    A limited edition, numbered 226-425, hardcover copy of the book, signed by GranPa, a signed poster, audio download and E-book.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $300 or more
    About $300 USD

    2 backers Limited (28 left of 30)

    The Silk Road: Three limited edition, numbered 136-225, signed hardcover books and three signed posters, plus three E-books and three audio downloads.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $400 or more
    About $400 USD

    0 backers Limited (20 left of 20)

    The Ling:
    Four limited edition, numbered 56-135 signed hardcover books and four signed posters, plus four E-books and four audio downloads.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $500 or more
    About $500 USD

    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    The Mind of the Mountain: Ideal for anyone who loves to create meaningful events for kids. Five signed limited editions of the book (#6-55), five signed posters, five E-books and five audio downloads. In addition GranPa will come to your location to tell the story of Ling & Lobo and the Udumbara Flower and then spend time with the audience giving them the Mind of the Mountain experience. GranPa has been doing these events for the last couple of years with great success and it brings great happiness to all. He will bring copies of the book for attendees to purchase and have signed. For locations outside of the greater Hudson River Valley, travel expenses to be determined.

    Estimated delivery:
  10. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more
    About $1,000 USD

    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    The Han Shan: Immortalize yourself in The Han Shan Chronicles. You and I will collaborate to create a memorable character that you may name (after yourself or not), good guy, bad guy, animal guardian, sacred place etc. This character will become a permanent fixture in future books of the series. You will also receive a signed limited edition of the book, numbered 1-5, a signed poster, E-book and audio book.

    Estimated delivery:

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