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Awesome shirts that anyone can tolerate. Help us launch our take on a street-ware brand, pre-order a shirt or print.

Awesome shirts that anyone can tolerate. Help us launch our take on a street-ware brand, pre-order a shirt or print. Read More
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Chris Mullins
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Chris Mullins

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Hey, Chris here, founder of imIntolerant Clothing Co.  I'd like to thank you for taking a few minutes to check out our Kickstarter page.  We've started this Kickstarter campaign to print our 2012 Summer line up and we can't make this happen without your support!  Kickstarter is a unique platform that allows us to take pre-orders, and gauge interest in our different designs.  Your card will not have a hold on it, nor will it be charged, until Feb 17th, if funding is successful.

Call this a mission statement

Writing this mission statement has been the hardest part of this entire project.  I always feel a bit pretentious writing things like this, and it's no surprise that [cue Mr. Mackey voice] bigotry's bad, mkay, but I guess that's what my company is all about.  I enjoy who I am, and enjoy who others are because of our unique differences.  I want my shirts to be a simple reminder of what should be obvious, be intolerant of intolerance and accept others for who they are.

'peace, if it is not to fail, must be founded on the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind'

Your pledge is a pre-order!


Blue Love
Came up with this one on a napkin in a bar... no, seriously, that's how it happened.  This was drawn in between games of pool.  It's printed on vibrant American Apparel Teal, or Aqua.  Ashlee is wearing the Teal American Apparel unisex shirt.

These two are on the reverse.

PeaceThe peace symbol, was originally invented in 1958, by Gerald Holtom as part of the British nuclear disarmament movement.  The symbol is a combination of the semaphore signals for the letters 'N' and 'D', for nuclear disarmament.  Gerald also saw the design as a person with their arms outstretched and downwards in despair.  What started as a simple badge for a movement in Europe became the icon of generations to follow.   Printed on White, or Slate American Apparel.

English poet and clergyman John Newton, wrote the words to "Amazing Grace" out of personal experience.  With a message that redemption is possible regardless of the sins one commits, and that the soul can be delivered from despair through the mercy of God.  Our artist Randy was inspired when he heard these words, and sat down to make a shirt.  Printed on American Apparel mint.

Our logo printed with the company name.    Printed on American Apparel slate, créme, aqua, black, or teal.

The Raven

The raven hasn't always been associated with gloom and foreboding.  In earlier times it was a sign of change.  The raven was associated with intelligence and a greater understanding of things.  In this spirit, we hope to help make a small change in the world.    Printed on American Apparel slate, créme, aqua, black, or teal.

I'm intolerant of intoleranceOur slogan, so everyone knows you're intolerant of intolerance.  Printed on American Apparel slate, créme, aqua, black, or teal.

StrokesDeep within all of us is a part of our soul that seems to only be reached by art.  It's our inspiration, and motivation, for doing what we do.  Printed on American Apparel lemon or créme.

The SpenceInspired by a friend of mine, it's a very clean and classic look.  Printed on American Apparel white.

One more design to come.

1st Run

As part of our first run of shirts we wanted to do something special.  Only those shirts pre-ordered through our kickstarter campaign will come printed with the '1st Run' tag.

Pre-Order a shirt

Every design is available in both men's and women's fit.  Please include the design, fabric color, size and style [men, women] you would like for each shirt.  You'll be able to submit this information after funding has completed.  The unisex shirts fit women great too, just order one size smaller than you would with a womens shirt.  If our project is successfully funded, your card will be charged when the project reaches its funding deadline, there is no hold placed on your credit card. If the project does not reach its funding goal, your card is never charged.  We use 100% combed cotton American Apparel shirts.

Where does the money go?

Why $5555?We need $5000 to bring this project to life.  All the designs are just 'photoshoped' onto the shirts right now!  Imagine how great they would look printed!  Kickstarter and Amazon receive 10% which leaves us with just enough.  It will cost roughly $2000 for the shirts, $1500 for the printing, $500 for the tags, and $750 for promotional items [stickers, posters, wristbands, etc].


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