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Sell dim sum, upgrade your cart, and out-pilot the competition in this arcade-style Mecha Food Cart Simulation game!

Dim Sum Robot #1 has reached its funding goal! Can we hit these stretch goals? Only time will tell! Let's go!

$1,250 - Expanded Story Mode! Learn the backstory of the Dim Sum Robot #1 universe. Are you strong enough to follow your Dim Sum Destiny and defeat the true final boss? This should be fun.

$1,500 - Linux Support! I've received a few requests for this, and funding at this level will allow me to deliver a great port.

$2,000+ - Dim Sum: After Dark! If the funding goal somehow gets doubled in the next few days, I'll begin working on a huge free post-release update to Dim Sum Robot #1. Work the high paced neon-lit dinner shift as you collect new upgrades, explore new maps, and uncover a new storyline. This is a big goal, but let's be optimistic!

Dim Sum Robot #1 is a game about piloting a robot food cart.  It focuses on fast, addictive gameplay.  The main goal of the game is serving as many people as possible using the unique abilities of your Dim Sum Robot.  These abilities include walking, flying, dashing, and a dumpling launcher.

I started working on this game a few years ago, during a break in college.  I was proud of my work and loved the idea, but after the break was over I became too busy to complete more than the initial level.  This level garnered a positive response, but people wished there were more levels and more features.

You can play this (outdated) level here for an idea of the initial concept and a look at the reviews and suggestions people made.  Based on responses like these and in-person demos, I believe that a great game can be made upon this core.  I have been hard at work on this task for the last couple months!

Now I have graduated from school, and I would like to properly finish Dim Sum Robot #1.  I will use the proceeds from this Kickstarter to refine the gameplay of Dim Sum Robot #1 and add what everyone asked for the first time around: more levels, more features, and food cart upgrades!

In addition to the PC and Mac release, I am porting the game to iOS and Android with a touch-intuitive control scheme - no virtual D-pads here!

The funds generated through this Kickstarter will allow me to complete all of the above for an expected release in February 2013, finally achieving a complete release for a game that's unfortunately been on the back burner since inception.  If funding is successful, I also have some fun stretch goals planned.

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Currently the game is about 70% feature complete, so the PC release is on schedule with about a month of development time left. I think the biggest hurdle to completion will be approval into the iOS App Store. This process is generally unpredictable and potentially time-consuming if problems arise. I do not anticipate complications, as iOS testing has gone smoothly so far, but in the event of an iOS delay all other versions will still be released immediately upon completion.

The current lack of funding poses the biggest risk to the completion of this project, but hopefully we can solve that together!


  • I've been getting a lot of questions about this feature. It is something that I have been actively exploring since I started development.

    I think it would be a lot of fun to add weapons and combat (what's a mecha without guns, right?), but so far the balance between combat and other gameplay elements hasn't been just right. This is why I didn't advertise it on the Kickstarter page - I don't want to promise something that isn't 100% perfect yet. It's definitely in the plans, though - the artwork is already drawn, just need to nail down the implementation.

    Since I've received so many questions about this feature, I will prioritize work on it and post an update early next week. Thanks for the input everyone!

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