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A corporate espionage Sci-fi thriller set against the backdrop of emerging nanotechnology.


November Renaissance is a cutting edge Sci-fi thriller in the early stages of production. Our goal is to utilize the kickstarter platform as a means to fund a well executed short film, the first stepping stone in making this project a feature film and beyond.

Kickstarter offers us a unique opportunity to generate interest in our project and fan supported confidence in our abilities to produce a film that not only has a very exciting story but also will be a professional quality production. All money raised will go directly to production of the short film, a tool that will be utilized to push the project onto feature tier production. We hope that Kickstarter will give us the opportunity to show our early work to large numbers of potential fans, who will be excited about our film and get involved in helping to make November Renaissance a reality.

We invite everyone to visit our facebook and webpage for updates and to facilitate a platform for communicating between the fans, backers, and the production team. Share your ideas, talk to the cast and crew and spread the word about November Renaissance.


"Our main concern and goal with November Renaissance is to move away from the dark and gritty dystopian ideals of present Sci-Fi and more toward exciting prosperity, examining how new technology and new breakthroughs may benefit mankind in new and innovative ways versus hinder." - Clayton Haugen and Michael Gee

November Renaissance is set in a prosperous golden age of economic recovery waiting in the near future. It is a time of a second renaissance, with thriving new ideas and advancing technologies.

The story primarily concerns the self-made celebrity scientist and founder of first generation nanotechnology, Jaxon Hall. November Renaissance deals with Jaxon's exploits of living a double life of a corporate executive and a notorious cyber criminal. His "criminal" personna has a Robin Hood complex, bent on preserving the good fortune of the times from those who wish to regain the financial strangleholds of the past. 

Jaxon works closely with a team of hand picked cyber criminals as they utilize Jaxon's mega-corporation, Gastalt, as a front to fund and hide their "do good" acts of crime against rival corporations.

Downtown highrise set design
Downtown highrise set design


The project has gone to great lengths to assemble a powerful cast capable of bringing to life this ambitious project. 


ERIKA FRANTZVE ( Miss Arizona 2012 ) as Evelyn Mathis

DON "THE PREDATOR" FRYE ( World Champion Pride, K-1,UFC fighter 1996-2011 ( - as Dallas Reeves

KEN YASUDA (Mr. Japan Champion, Largest Pro-Body builder in Asia 1999-2012 ( - as Ryu Makota

PEYTON McCORMICK (Miss Teen Ohio 2006, Cannes Film Festival Official Selection 2012) Kerrigan Joyce 

CHANTAL THUY (Cannes Film Festival Official Selection 2012) - as DAHCHER 


PRICE MITCHUM (Cannes Film Festival Official Selection 2012) TEDORIK CHESLAV 

PRISCILLA ANNOUAL (Former #1 nationally/internationally ranked tennis professional) as ZANE ALURA

GILBERT HOUSEAUX (National Martial Arts Commercial Winner) (Cannes Film Festival Official Selection 2012)                        as ROBERT MATHIS


The rewards process will run parallel to pre-production and backers will receive their rewards promptly. Promotional items such as posters and concept art will be given out ASAP upon the success of the Kickstarter fund.

"Our rewards we as a team feel should bridge our backers and fan base to the project on an intimate level, one that is exclusively unique to the Kickstarter atmosphere. Therefore a number of the rewards  have been designed to allow for individual participation with the team." - Clayton Haugen and Michael Gee.

Character poster sample
Character poster sample


This is truly just the beginning of what this production team can bring to the table. Please stay tuned for Exciting Updates and New Content during the project's fundraising phase.  Check in on our Facebook and Kickstarter page for updates!



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