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This is what happens when Kickstarter and cat ladies collide.  Handcrafted ceramic gravy boat shaped like a hurking kitty!
This is what happens when Kickstarter and cat ladies collide. Handcrafted ceramic gravy boat shaped like a hurking kitty!
184 backers pledged $14,840 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Heather Brown on

      Just got kitty's shipping notification! SO excited!

    2. Carrie L Rutherford on

      My lovely kitty has arrived safe a sound. Now I've got to figure out things to pour with it. For giggles I think kitty will be on the table for Thanksgiving.

    3. Lisa Kruse

      I got mine yesterday, looks great. Can't wait to use it.

    4. Missing avatar

      A O'Connor on

      My puking kitty turned up at work yesterday, and the minions and I have been happily making hurking cat noises ever since - thank you!

    5. Karen Merrell on

      I just got my kitty! Looks great!!

    6. Ron W on

      Hey guys, any updates on shipping? It has been a couple of weeks since we heard anything. Thanks for any updates you may be able to provide.

    7. GingerELA Creator on

      Hm, delay in the printing process so we scrapped the logo. Boxes & packaging will be delivered to Mudshark at the end of the week!

    8. GingerELA Creator on

      We just paid out close to a grand for custom packaging. Wow.

    9. Ron W on

      I see that on the 8th you guys were saying that shipment was imminent. Are we any closer to seeing our puking kitties? Thanks for any info or updates.

    10. Ron W on

      I'm very excited to see the finished product. Is there any updates on the rewards?

    11. Missing avatar

      Julie Fundenberger on

      Thank you very much for the color samples and info!

    12. GingerELA Creator on

      Hi guys! We're still waiting on glaze samples, but requested they be close to these colors:


      If you'd like, you can wait until we see samples before answering the survey. Re: the last "question" in the survey, it's not really a question -- more of a thank you -- but Kickstarter requires a response for some reason. Just put whatever you want in the answer field.

      Don't forget to stop by and say hi if you're headed out to the OakCatVidFest tomorrow! =^-^=

    13. Missing avatar

      Julie Fundenberger on

      Sorry for the second post, but as I was going over my survey I noticed a "required" field at the bottom of the form, just under a link. Color me brain dead, but I don't know what I'm supposed to put in that field.

    14. Missing avatar

      Julie Fundenberger on

      I was also wondering if the blue and orange are bright basic colors, and if not, color of those colors they could best be described as.

    15. Scott on

      GingerELA, I received the you have a pic of the different colors or can you describe the blue color, please? (Sorry if I missed it.) Thanks!

    16. GingerELA Creator on

      I wish! We're eagerly awaiting pictures of the mold making process and very first ceramic puking kitty saucy boat. It seems Mudshark is a very popular and busy studio and it takes some time to move from one step to another. But once we have those in hand, a proper update will be on the way!

    17. Dora Lee on

      I second Ron's comment, any new updates guys?

    18. Ron W on

      Hey Guys,
      It's been a while since we have heard any updates. Might you have some sort of update for us?

    19. Bur on

      You guys made it! Congratulations!

    20. GingerELA Creator on

      Hi Khalid! It looks like the most popular way to gift a pledge is to create a second account and pledge with that. What works just as well is to increase your pledge (go to "Manage Your Pledge" where the "Back This Project" button used to be) and send us a quick note to let us know which additional reward you've chosen.

    21. Missing avatar

      Khalid Al-Naser on

      Same as question as Jessica, kinda... I pledged and love what I am supporting and the fun goodie but I would like to pledge again and get my daughter a puking rainbow pendant as well! How do I pledge, and pay for her pledge (or double pledge)? ^_^

    22. GingerELA Creator on

      Jessica, that is a great idea! I'm going to look into options to make this happen. It'll probably go like this: 1) increase your existing pledge; 2) Shoot me an email; then either 3a) We send them a personalized email from the team thanking them and explaining their role and reward. OR 3b) We give you a personalized e-card to email direct to them. I'll post an update tomorrow when we get the details worked out.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jessica Day on

      Is there a way to pledge money as a gift or in the name of someone else? I've made a pledge, but it'd be fun to gift a pledge for someone for Christmas. Thanks, and best of luck with funding. Paws and whiskers crossed that this will happen!

    24. GingerELA Creator on

      Yes indeed! The original shape definitely needs some cat-like tweaks. I've been developing the sample that we'll send to the manufacturer and some of the changes will be a thicker tail, taller ears, and wider face, among others.

    25. James Bailey

      This thing is awesome, and I can't wait to get mine! Only thing is that the last 2 people I showed it to were like "ewww puking rat" and I was hoping for "ewww puking cat", will the final version have bigger more cat-like ears and other cat-only features? ;)