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Block Club Chicago is a nonprofit neighborhood news site started by former editors and reporters at DNAinfo Chicago. We're back!
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Your Subscriptions Are (Finally) Ready & More FAQs

Posted by Block Club Chicago (Creator)

Hello darling backers, 

THANK YOU for your patience this week as we worked through some tech issues on migrating your subscription information over to our site. I know I promised an email with news earlier in the week, but we just resolved the issue this afternoon. This means: you're in! 

You should have an email now (or will be getting one in the hour) with a step-by-step guide on how to redeem your one year subscription and how to sign up for the site. Everything has been free since launch, but once you're logged in and our metered system kicks in, you'll have access to everything if you made a $50 donation or greater. 

If you did not subscribe during the Kickstarter campaign, you can do so by visiting our site and clicking on the "Subscribe" button in the upper righthand corner. We are working on getting a share link for this! 

Hello, beautiful
Hello, beautiful

 Ok, now I'll address a few more FAQs we've received: 


When I sent the last update, a huge influx of survey responses came in and we ran out of bags today. 

That said, we have another order coming Wednesday! So, if you sent in your survey after June 10, your bag will be in the mail late next week (likely next Friday). If you complete your survey after this time, there will be a 2-4 week lag in fulfillment. Most projects cut off rewards entirely at this point, so we're just trying to be realistic and balance doing the news with mailing out tote bags. :) 


Our t-shirt design by incredible artist JC Rivera has been finalized, and we'll have them in the mail to you hopefully by the end of the month! Stay tuned for more updates when those go out! If we have extras, we'll post them in our web store. 

JC Rivera's bear representing Block Club! So cool!
JC Rivera's bear representing Block Club! So cool!


Team Block Club
Team Block Club

We tried to be transparent from the beginning that this newsroom would be smaller than DNAinfo was to start. Our reporters and editors work long hours to bring you the most up-to-date information about your neighborhood, and we need to be able to compensate them fairly for their work. Throw in benefits, computers, cameras and everything else it takes to make a newsroom operate and things get expensive –– and trust us, we are being VERY frugal. 

We selected our coverage areas based on a variety of factors: the reporters who wanted to join our team and had experience covering a neighborhood, the results from the Kickstarter surveys and other traffic considerations from DNAinfo, and the media landscape in the particular area — we wanted to make sure communities with little to no digital coverage were acknowledged. 

Yes, we could have assigned a dozen neighborhoods to one reporter –– but that wouldn't really be hyperlocal coverage. We want to grow without watering down our quality and cutting off the connections our on-the-ground reporters make in the neighborhoods. 

That said, we want to cover all of the city eventually. We just launched, but have a crew of freelancers looking for stories in Rogers Park, Uptown, the Northwest Side, Austin, Garfield Park, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Hyde Park, Beverly and more. We're setting up meetings with other outlets or journalists in those communities, hoping to pool resources and increase coverage. 

You financial support is vital to this operation, as well as the support of philanthropic foundations and individual donors who care about community news. If you know someone who misses DNAinfo and would like to sponsor a reporter in their neighborhood, definitely point them in our direction! 

We are optimistic that we will be able to grow sustainably by providing Chicagoans everywhere with news they value. So please, tell your friends! Forward our newsletter! Make a tax-deductible donation if you are able to! 

We are here because of you and our entire team knows it. We are so incredibly grateful to be part of the media landscape in this amazing city, and we hope to stick around for many years to come. 

Have a great weekend and stay cool, friends. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

xo Jen + Team Block Club 

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