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Block Club Chicago is a nonprofit neighborhood news site started by former editors and reporters at DNAinfo Chicago. We're back!
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Your Totes Are On Their Way (And We Answer Your Questions)

Posted by Block Club Chicago (Creator)

Hello, darlings! 

Fueled by coffee, too many doughnuts and perhaps a beer or two, the Block Club Chicago team successfully packed up more than 2,500 tote bags and postcards and they are currently on their way to you! 

Was this Day One? Day Two? Who knows!
Was this Day One? Day Two? Who knows!

We hope you love them as much as we do, and look forward to seeing them around town. If you, like us, are addicted to Instagram, please tag us @BlockClubChi if you see the tote in the wild (or want to model yours for our social media channels!) 

Since we've been getting a lot of questions via social media in recent days, I figured I'd answer some of the most common ones here! 

1. When is my tote coming? Soon! Some people already got theirs, and all of them are in the mail. Keep in mind that a holiday weekend is upon us, but if you're in Illinois, count on having your bag by early next week! International and out of state orders were also dispatched, but as you know they might take a splash longer to arrive. 

2. I forgot to fill out my survey. Can I still get my tote? Yes, slacker. JK JK. Fill 'em out and we'll do another round of fulfillment next week! 

3. Why have you been posting so many stories on Medium? Because our reporters have had quite a few breaking stories that couldn't wait for our official launch. You'll find lots of stories from Logan Square, Wicker Park, Pilsen, Little Village, Chatham, Englewood and the West Loop on our Medium page if you haven't checked it out already. When we launch, we will have a much more well-rounded site. 

That said, we do not have 15 neighborhood reporters working full-time the way we did at DNAinfo. We have five for now and a sixth starting soon. So please understand that while we are passionate about covering the entire city, we are also passionate about making sure this is sustainable. As we grow our subscriber base and hopefully get some grant funding, we will grow our team of reporters. 

Oh, and if you ever want to make a tax-deductible donation to help support our mission of sustainable neighborhood journalism, you can do so here. Also, if you're interested in fundraising to help cover your neighborhood specifically, email and we'd love to discuss further! 

4. When do you launch? Ah, the biggest question of them all! The reason we haven't thrown out hard dates recently is because we don't want to make promises we can't keep. That said, WE WILL BE LIVE NEXT MONTH! Seriously. Our amazing partners at Civil are incredibly close to finishing the website, and when that happens –– and we're able to do a few days of testing –– we'll be up and running. We really appreciate your patience and hope you understand that starting a news organization from scratch is quite the undertaking. Civil is launching nearly a dozen (really cool) newsrooms at once, so when we tell you it'll be worth the wait, we mean it!

Ok! That's all for now!  

Now go enjoy this glorious weather while it lasts and rock that tote while you're at it, eh? 


Jen Sabella on behalf of the entire BCC team 

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    1. Kathy Saunders on

      I got the tote! I love it!

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      I am so sorry, but I don't remember filling out a survey for the tote. Is there a way to know if I filled out a survey?

      Thank you!