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Block Club Chicago is a nonprofit neighborhood news site started by former editors and reporters at DNAinfo Chicago. We're back!
Block Club Chicago is a nonprofit neighborhood news site started by former editors and reporters at DNAinfo Chicago. We're back!
3,143 backers pledged $183,720 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Randy Moe about 17 hours ago


      I'm not doing it and you lose all my potential years of patronage.

      Very tricky BLOCK CLUB!

    2. Missing avatar

      Douglas C Graye 3 days ago

      So supposedly the site is launching today and I have received no information regarding my subscription.

      How about an update or some info for the 3000+ folks who helped fund this project.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark Richman
      on April 2

      Would love to hear more about plans as we're now into April.

    4. Missing avatar

      laura cripe on March 9

      So exciting! Thanks for your dedication, perseverance and vision!!

    5. Todd Mack on March 8

      So exciting! Congratulations guys!

    6. Missing avatar

      Allan Marshall on March 8

      Glad you guys are back, and I hope you cover each individual neighborhood as well as I saw DNA Info did back in those days!

    7. Randy Moe on March 7

      I am very happy this group has a successful KS. I know they will put the money to good use. I loved DNA, but this is better. You have control. Last summer I moved 400 miles away from Chicago, after 50 years of living in various Chicago hoods. Many friends are still there and I will read every bit of what you ALL write. Not farewell. Good luck! NOT ART

    8. Martin Ryder on March 7

      I'm so excited for your return. Thank you for dedicating yourselves to local journalism. I have missed Chicagoist and DNA Info's reporting so much these past months.

    9. Missing avatar

      Perry S on March 7

      Love what you're planning BCC. Just up'd my pledge. Backed by born and raised Albany Park / living in RogersEdge.

    10. John Lopez on March 6

      I CANNOT wait for the podcast!

    11. Della Hasselle Menon on March 5

      Go team! I'm so proud of you all. Keep kicking ass.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kathy W on March 5

      Doubled my pledge today. Hope you cover Albany Park.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mary on February 28

      Very excited to read more local news! I'll repeat what someone else said here, which is that while a podcast might be cool, I'm really looking forward to reading more news and would love for you to focus on hiring as many reporters as possible!

    14. Missing avatar

      Eric Jenkins on February 21

      Norwood Park resident here. Thank you for picking up where DNA Info left off! As a big fan of our local non-profit radio and tv outlets, I see no harm in a corporate+individual donor financing model similar to how WTTW and WBEZ operate, particularly if it means coverage for a distant neighborhood like mine, and even moreso if it would ensure the ongoing sustainability of this project. Just throwing that out there, but I love your mission regardless. I also second the prioritization of increased reporter coverage over a podcast. Thank you!

    15. Miko's Italian Ice on February 21

      Looking forward to this! Thank you!

    16. Missing avatar

      Keith Lewis on February 20

      Extremely nervous that this will end up a northside lovefest. It would be a real shame if this were another publication that seemed to think Chicago ends at Hyde Park. Will someone be hired to cover the far south side?

    17. Missing avatar

      Isaac Bloom on February 13

      Thank you for your commitment to our city. Looking forward to your stories, insights, and local community based reporting. Wishing you guys the best! Isaac & the Backlot Coffee family

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeff Key on February 12

      I'll double my donation if Patty Wetli is involved. To echo the others, looking forward to Lincoln Square/Ravenswood/North Center/Andersonville coverage!

    19. Denise Holmes on February 10

      So excited for this!

    20. Shannon Scott on February 9

      Thank you for doing this! Add Rogers Park to your covered neighborhoods, please!

    21. Missing avatar

      Jerry Mayeroff on February 8

      It'll be great to have you back. Hopefully West Ridge/Rogers Park will be part of the plan!

    22. Missing avatar

      marjorie on February 7

      Hoping the comment section isn't nearly as toxic as it was on DNA info :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Jessica Love on February 7

      Looking forward to Lincoln Square/Ravenswood/Andersonville coverage! Very excited to see this in my news feed today.

    24. Tom Tresser on February 7

      Much needed in Chicago. We can't let greed and narrow interests drive all of civic life in America - we need a robust local press in this corrupt, opaque and backward city.

    25. Missing avatar

      Melody Cross on February 7

      Backing you from Lincoln Square/Ravenswood. You are missed.

    26. Missing avatar

      Keegan White on February 7

      Thank you, Block Club Chicago founders! I'm so excited you have earned what you need to start delivering local news to Chicago neighborhoods again! I can't wait for Bridgeport to have a beat writer again!

    27. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Lulay Collaborator on February 7


    28. Christopher
      on February 7

      I have a question, I'm considering backing at a much higher level because I've always enjoyed DNAInfo but I noticed that a lot of the articles you're sharing from the DNAInfo days as examples of what you do are by reporters that you don't have onboard as permanent hires. Why is that? I just want to make sure the actual content going forward is the same as what I enjoyed from DNAInfo

    29. Missing avatar

      Kandace Martin on February 7

      I am so excited!! Backed by EdgewaterGlen; you all have been missed!

    30. Harebrained Inc. on February 7

      Backed from Portage Park! Podcasts are cool, but the more reporters you can hire, the more content you'll have, and the more content you have, the more subscribers you'll get!

    31. Abbey on February 7

      I love the idea of sponsoring subscriptions to make sure that this is accessible to all Chicagoans!

    32. Missing avatar

      Chris on February 7

      We need Andersonville, Uptown, Ravenswood, Lincoln Square LOCAL coverage too.

    33. Rachael Scholten on February 7

      Third the idea of subscription sponsorships! I already supported and got my 1-year subscription, but once this launches, if there's the option to "buy" subscriptions for others, I would GLADLY do it!! THANK YOU, Block Club!

    34. Laura on February 7

      I love Katie's idea of sponsoring someone who can't afford the subscription.

    35. Steve Niketopoulos on February 7

      At this rate, you guys should soon have enough to buy the Cubs from the Ricketts family. This is simply amazing, what an amazing show of support! And I cannot wait for my new tote bag :)

    36. Jame L Corrar on February 7

      Excited to see this! Looking forward to more coverage of Garfield Park and Lawndale! There's good things happening in the community here that don't get any coverage.

    37. Mary Colleran on February 7

      This has made me so happy- both the fact that it's happening and the large community response. I love the idea of having an option to sponsor a subscription for others.

    38. Laura Staugaitis on February 7

      I second Katie's idea about sponsoring subscriptions.

    39. Katie Knish on February 6

      Question: If this is going to be subscription-based, can there be a subscription "tier" where if we pay double, we can sponsor someone else's access? I totally understand the need to rely on subscriptions, but I'd love if there were a way for Block Club Chicago's work to reach people who can't afford to subscribe.

    40. Katie Knish on February 6

      I'm so excited to support this & so happy to see how many of my fellow Chicagoans do too. This just warms the cockles of my heart right up.

    41. Missing avatar

      Lauren MacDonald on February 6

      SO excited to be able to lend my support! Community journalism is so important to all of us. Thank you for finding a way to bring it back.

    42. Elizabeth Edwards on February 6

      So happy to see this happening. We miss DNAInfo's reporting on the south side!

    43. Missing avatar

      Bill Molloy on February 6

      This just made my week. Looking forward to the Bridgeport/McKinley Park/Canaryville content in particular but also the city-wide stories I wouldn't get from the Trib or PBS.

    44. Joshua R on February 6

      Rogers Park representing. :) Looking forward to reading you guys again!

    45. Missing avatar

      Adrian LaTrace Jr. on February 6

      Congrats on the successful fundraiser and good luck with the launch!

    46. Missing avatar

      Jenna Olson on February 6

      I was so upset when DNAInfo went away (esp the way it folded) I said at the time I would have subscribed!! And so I just did. I hope to be reading you guys soon!

    47. Steve Niketopoulos on February 6

      This is very exciting! I have had dozens of people talk to me about how much they miss local news, thank you all for making this effort.

    48. Missing avatar

      Alexis Jakobson on February 6

      Yeah!! Welcome back, guys! OK, can you find out what's going on with the karate studio opening down the street from us now? Thx