Robots, Water, and Death! Anthologies

by Joshua Palmatier

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    1. Cindy on

      This is very exciting. I do not normally submit but it is tempting.....

    2. Joshua Palmatier 7-time creator on

      Cindy: You should definitely submit!

    3. Tris Lawrence on

      ...just sent something off to my beta to see what she thinks. It's been a while since I've looked at submitting something!

      I am really looking forward to getting to read these, especially the Death one!! Your anthologies are always awesome.

    4. Joshua Palmatier 7-time creator on

      Deb: Thank you! We try very hard to make the anthologies awesome. Looking forward to seeing what you submit!

    5. Missing avatar

      William Seymour on

      I am so glad to see that this got funded. Looking forward to writing a few stories up and sending them in. Can't wait to see how this finishes!!!

    6. Erin Kenny on

      I know you're looking for short stories, but would you consider poetry if you received some?

    7. Joshua Palmatier 7-time creator on

      Erin: We would consider poetry. I'll warn you it's highly unlikely, but I would never simply say no. You never know what may strike us as stunning.