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A book of engaging stories about people whose generosity changed the world and the part we can play in the stories still to be written.

“I read this book from cover to cover in two days. I couldn’t put it down.”
Todd Harper - President of Generous Giving

"This is a great read! I love the way these stories paint a picture of stewarding relationship, affluence and influence to lay up treasure in heaven."
David Wills - President of the National Christian Foundation

“The Gospel Patrons in this book were men and women who added the catalytic spark to enable astounding works of God.”
Bob Shank - Founder of The Master’s Program

"John Rinehart has given us a wonderfully stirring portrait of gospel partnerships used mightily by God at key turning points in evangelical history. This is a great model for gospel patronage today..."
Colin Marshall - Author of The Trellis and the Vine and CEO of Vinegrowers

"What a beautiful and timely form of encouragement...Count Marla and me in for this generation, we are moved to be gospel patrons!"
Tim Krupa - Entrepreneur and Chairman of the Board, Center for Missional Entrepreneurship

“If you read it and join that great line of “Gospel Patrons” — some are described in this book — the world will seriously not be the same again.”
Simon Manchester - Senior Minister of Saint Thomas' Anglican Church North Syndey

The Backstory

This book began with hearing stories that gripped me. I had no intention of writing a book about them. I just liked them and had a thirst to learn more. But along the way as I’ve retold these stories I’ve continually seen people light up with joy, the kind of joy that overflows into generosity, which in turn leads to more joy. I want to spread that joy.

So I’ve written a book. It’s done. It’s not an academic book. Not a long book. But a book I think you’ll want to read and a book you’ll want to give to others.

Behind the success of the hymn Amazing Grace, behind the explosive revival of The Great Awakening, behind the first translation of the English Bible, were visionary, risk-taking, and generous men and women. I call them Gospel Patrons. They were active partners in great movements of God in the past. But their stories have been overlooked and almost lost to history and perhaps that’s what they would have wanted. But maybe this book can resurrect their stories, if only for a little while, so that we might reclaim the place Gospel Patrons have in furthering God’s kingdom.

The conviction driving this book is that God uses people to change the world—and He’s not done yet! I want my life and yours to count for what matters most, to be zeroed in on a lasting legacy that we can look back on one day and be proud of. This book helps us imagine that is possible. It suggests that we can participate in stories still to be written. It's an open invitation for each of us to discover our part to play.

A Book Worth Owning

I have tried to write a book worth reading and I’ve wanted the book’s look and feel to follow suit. In an age of cheap books and even cheaper ideas, I believe the message of Gospel Patrons is lasting. So I’m teaming up with an innovative and experienced art director, John-Mark Warkentin ( and a premium quality printer, Shapco Printing ( to produce a book I would want to own and I hope you will too. To be technical for a minute, this means a clothbound, smythe sewn, foil stamped, premium paper, custom printed book. I hope this is a book your friends will see on your desk and say, “Wow! What is that?” I hope it’s a book worth holding in your hand, worth having on your shelf, worth looking at just for the enjoyment of the artwork, a book made with real craftsmanship. 

[UPDATE:  Everything else is done...All that's left is to raise the rest of the funds and print the books!]


So what is the money going towards? PRINTING, primarily. This book has yet to be printed, so the biggest expense is a high-quality custom print run. Other production costs include a hiring professional editor with 30 years of experience and a top-notch designer. We want this book to have a unique look and feel and be the kind of book you' be thrilled to give to a friend. The last portion of the money will be used to allow me to focus my time exclusively on launching this book. Ultimately, support for this project is more than buying a book. It’s contributing to the movement of generosity I believe God is doing in our world.

Table of Contents

1 - The Discovery:  This opening chapter looks at what gospel patronage is, how I came across it, and why it matters for us today.

2 - The English Bible:  This is the story of William Tyndale and Humphrey Monmouth and their partnership that gave us an English Bible.

3 - The Eighteenth-Century Revival:  This is the story of George Whitefield and Lady Huntingdon and how God used a wealthy noblewoman to promote an international revival.

4 - The Resurgence of Evangelical Churches:  This is the story of John Newton and John Thornton, with a guest appearance from William Wilberforce, and the surprising ways these men shaped the churches of England and England itself.

5 - The Gospel of Gospel Patronage:  This chapter asks and answers the questions: what motivated the gospel patrons of history and how do we become those kind of people?

6 - The Real Business of Life:  This final chapter looks at the calling of a gospel patron and our part to play in carrying the gospel forward in our generation.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The way Kickstarter works is all or nothing. If with your help we reach our funding goal, the project advances. If we miss our goal, even by $1, all of the donations are canceled. So…we need your support to make this happen.

But, we're really close. The book is written, the cover is designed, the printer has sent color samples, and the editor is done combing through it. All that’s left is to raise the funds and order the print run. I would love your help to push this project across the finish line and out to the world!


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