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The most exciting and comprehensive code learning game for kids 5-13. Learning to program bots and transforming code into play.
The most exciting and comprehensive code learning game for kids 5-13. Learning to program bots and transforming code into play.
The most exciting and comprehensive code learning game for kids 5-13. Learning to program bots and transforming code into play.
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    1. Missing avatar

      javier cheng about 1 hour ago

      have faith people....if the delay is for a good cause, let’s not lose hope

    2. Missing avatar

      Skon about 3 hours ago

      Well this must be the most civilise backer community I ever seen. Full of encouragement and a few moan. For other projects, the creator would have been toast, grill and deep fried for delay without setting new goal date....

    3. Missing avatar

      Clemens Pfitzer 1 day ago

      We ordered Algobrix for our kids and expected delivery in February. It‘s June 2018 and no delivery in sight. By the time we will eventually receive Algobriox our kids will probably have outgrown Algobrix and therefore there is no need for Algobriox anymore. We therefore kindly request a refund. Thanks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alessandro Azzone 1 day ago

      Hey, this is all very disappointing. The fact that the brix are being sold in presales at the same price as the kickstarter is pretty bad and self harming as majority of people will never support you again. Why risking when you can just buy later on at the same price.
      In regard to the delay, September is going to be the very latest I am going to wait. After that there is going to be a refund as you would have lost any trust.

    5. Missing avatar

      Eureka Onderwijs VZW 1 day ago


      We bought Kickstarter in September 2017. It's still not delivered in June 2018 (9 months!). In fact we're losing our patience. We paid so much money for something you're not able to deliver on time. So, can we get our money back? thx

    6. Missing avatar

      Roy Laveyssiere 2 days ago

      i'm a french teacher, and i was hoping to use your device in my class, this year. The delivery was for feb 2018.
      I bought it with my own money, but unfortunately, i'm changing my class level, and Algobrix doesnt fit with my future pupils (4 years old)
      Can i have my fund back, please. The delay are toooooo long, and it's a shame, because i was really hoping to use it in my class.

    7. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Loy
      2 days ago

      Hey. Firstly, thanks for Update #10. Algobrix has come a long way since last July. Yes, the Estimated Delivery period 'promised' was Feb 2018. With well over 23 times the target funding, I am sure Algobrix Team would want to deliver a product that lasts especially with the coupling parts such as the springs mechanisms and improved designs; and now to try a different material. Algobrix has the means to experiment and deliver the best quality product to backers. Surely, I don't want a brand new product that fails after a few assemblies. Am sure any backers who want their money back, Algobrix would be able to issue a refund but please be patient and not too quick to back out. I trust Algobrix will deliver and Danny@Algobrix. @Tina, same sentiments.

    8. Algobrix Creator 2 days ago

      Hi @Tina,
      thank you for your comment.

      @Boris, see private message.

    9. Missing avatar

      Boris Shvartsev 2 days ago

      Hi @Algobrix,

      I pledged for your product knowing my son is going to love it. The Feb 18 went by , same goes for June 18. I see no reason to still "selling" him hopes about a very cool product that seems like you still don't have the ability to produce, test or ship.
      I really believed in what your selling. Not any more. Please advise how can I get my money back.

    10. Tina gamberini
      3 days ago

      I'm not sure why some of you are getting so angry.

      This is what kickstarter is. It's not a store or a pre order service. There arent any guarantees.

    11. Algobrix Creator 6 days ago

      Hi @Melvin,
      thanks a lot for your support.
      We hope to send another update this weekend.
      Best regards,
      The Algobrix team

    12. Missing avatar

      Melvin Burton 6 days ago


      Just a note to say, I'm still looking forward to getting the product, very pleased that your putting the effort into making this a good product and not rushing through a faulty and flawed design.

      I've no doubt your under a huuuuuuge amount of pressure, but I'm sure it will be worth it once you finally have a released product.

    13. Algobrix Creator on June 9

      Hi Mike,
      closer to the delivery we will ask everyone to send us their preferred shipping address.
      Best regards

    14. Missing avatar

      Mike Maaß on June 9

      I have moved recently and need to update my shipping details. Please advise.

    15. Algobrix Creator on June 9

      Hi Lyndsay,
      as mentioned in the last comment.

      We might have a resolution, please contact us in private.
      Best regards,
      The Algobrix team

    16. Missing avatar on June 7

      Beyond annoyed at the delay with this and the responses I keep getting. I'm now looking at legal options and will keep other refund wishers in the loop. Simply not good enough Algobrix.

    17. Algobrix Creator on June 5

      Hi @Chirag,
      we answered this question about 5 times and it seems you read the the answer from your comment. We are not ignoring, but at the moment our goal is to move as fast as possible to production so that we can deliver the product to you.
      If you wish for us to further communicate, you can send us a private message and we can see how we can assist you.

      the product has a varied complexity which children from different ages can enjoy.
      It is also fully compatible with Arduino, and while we are waiting for processes that take time in the manufacturers end, we plan to develop also compatibility to scratch in the next month.

      Best regards,
      The Algobrix team

    18. Missing avatar

      Jamaleh Reneau on June 5

      Is it still geared for ages up to 13 or is it more for kindy? You're advertising for ages 5-13, but it sounds like your product is more for 5 year olds.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chirag Shah on June 5

      Sorry, I meant "not raising" the pre-order price for the previous comment. Please refund our money.

    20. Missing avatar

      Chirag Shah on June 4

      Hi @Algobrix,

      I'm confused about why you deliberately set a low price (essentially the same as the early backers who gave you money months ago) for pre-ordering when you are not in production and now using that as an excuse for not lowering the pre-order price. I find that as deceiving your early backers.

      I also didn't get a response about how I get my refund. I would like to back out from this and order when you're actually ready and if I'm still interested. Please just return my funds, so I stop agonizing over if and when your springs will be ready.


    21. Algobrix Creator on June 4

      Hi everyone,
      our next update should be posted at the beginning of next week, or if we can make it earlier (as we gathering data for the update) by the end of this week.

      Yes, prices didn't change as we got mixed up in the production with the spring connectors.
      We could go to production, with a product that you will not be satisfied with, but this will bring us no where.

      The plastics already arrived from production, perhaps I will upload a little bit more details about them, just to make you feel secure that we are working.
      The springs might sound like a small issue, but every block has 4 connectors, each including 5 springs.
      The version that we started with, was not good enough.
      This is the version we are using for the Pilot, however, we also have an engineer sitting next to the children making sure they don't destroy the springs.

      We received new version of the springs, this once looks better than the previous 5 iterations (yes, it's been 5 iterations of improving them, and trust us, it's not good for us, it's also costly).
      This one looks better, we are now testing it and the update will include our results.

      Please bear with us, in this long journey.
      We appreciate your patience.

      Best regards,
      The Algobrix team

    22. Missing avatar

      Jamaleh Reneau on June 3

      Yes, I'd like to know how to get a refund as well! I realise things take time, but it feels really suspect when its taken you so long and you advertised as if it was already made and ready to go! It's even stranger for me to see that on your website you are selling it for the same price that I bought it for. If we're not happy with the final product, will we have the same opportunities that customers on the website have for returning it for a full refund?
      Also, you say that these delays have hurt your business, but I don't understand how that can be since you have all this money already from the "backers". You haven't offered refunds.
      My son would really like it, but I'm feeling like have been had and quite disappointed.

    23. Missing avatar

      Yule Liu on June 3

      Please do provide the cancel/refund procedure as the kids are no longer interested due to massive delay

    24. Missing avatar

      Diana Chan on June 2

      Hi Algobrix, I'm sorry to want to pull out on this - but the delays have been massive and it just isn't right. I'll like to cancel my end of the pledge since you did not meet yours. Please could you explain to me and probably a lot of other backers interested to know - how do we cancel? Thanks. It is the decent thing to do - allow us to cancel.

    25. Missing avatar

      on June 2

      Conversation here sounds very much like Brixo - saving myself the disappointment of reading prolonged excuses then silence regarding non-fulfilment of orders. I sincerely hope I am wrong, however gut instinct screams otherwise. I’ll check back in a year or two and see how things are going or maybe, just maybe I get a package in the mail with an awesome product that lives up to initial expectations.

    26. Algobrix Creator on June 2

      Hi Chirag,
      we thank you for you support.
      Regarding communications, we try to provide details once a month, 5 weeks.
      The reason, is that we want the update to be relevant.
      Most production processes just take time.
      For example, we just received the new side springs, they look good, but we now need to solder them to new blocks, print in 3D their housing, and do some testing before we send out the update, it just takes time.

      @Greg, regarding your question,
      we were not planning to keep this price for so long, however,
      due to the circumstances, the delay is also hurting our business.
      We were really hoping to be in the market by now,
      since we haven't started production we simply can't raise the price, it should happen very soon.

      Thank you for your support and patience,
      it will be worth it.
      Our next update should arrive at the end of this week.
      Best regards

    27. Greg C on May 31

      Hi Algobrix team, is this correct: "...Algobrix is already selling (taking pre-orders) for the same price that I gave them months ago...?

      I sincerely hope that you are not!!

      Please provide details ASAP


    28. Missing avatar

      Chirag Shah on May 31

      Like others here, I'm also quite disappointed with this delay and lack of communication from this team. To add to this, I find it insulting that Algobrix is already selling (taking pre-orders) for the same price that I gave them months ago. So what's the benefit here?

      I would also like a refund. If I'm still interested months from now and Algobrix has the product out, I may buy it at a retail price, or move on to other similar products already existing.

    29. Algobrix Creator on May 31

      Hi Philipp,
      closer to the fulfillment you will receive an e-mail asking for your preferred shipping address.
      Best regards

    30. Missing avatar

      Philipp Fabian on May 31

      My address has changed, how do I send you the new one?

    31. Algobrix Creator on May 30

      Hi Javier,
      thanks for your support.
      It really means a lot for us.
      The Algobrix team

    32. Missing avatar

      javier cheng on May 30

      I have high hopes for you guys!!! keep at it, I know people are upset due to the drawbacks, but I think it is better late than a product that is faulty...we should give these guys some encouragement

    33. Algobrix Creator on May 29

      Hi @Yves,
      our estimate on the website is supposed to be later than our estimate for the backers,
      as we want to deliver to the earlier backers first.

      To clarify, our estimate for the backers is around Sep 2018,
      and thus we took another month later to make sure we can provide the next batch
      once things will start rolling.
      Best regards,
      The Algobrix team

    34. Missing avatar

      Yves Keller on May 28

      Your website says delivery October 2018.

      I really hope it's not the same for the backers.

      In February you said June 18... now we don't even have an estimate?! It is hard to believe that this is just a spring issue!

      My kids lost interest, well this will come back. But I lose patience and thinking about a refund.

      Please provide a serious update.


    35. Algobrix Creator on May 27

      Hi Itay,
      we should be receiving our new side springs this week.

      We hope to be able to test them ASAP and to clarify the next steps in the coming update.
      Best regards,
      The Algobrix team

    36. Missing avatar

      Itay Brownstein 'Lost Robot' on May 27

      could you post the new timeline with the updated production and supplying milestones?
      It is not very clear how you plan to progress.

    37. Algobrix Creator on May 25

      Hi Chen,
      first let me apologize again for the delays.

      Regarding the selling price outside of the campaign, since we haven't started production we simply can't raise the price, it should happen very soon.
      We also hope to offer additional items to compensate the backers, but again, this we will be able to clarify only closer to the production once everything will be more clear.

      Regarding aid from the outside, we have been working on the spring issue with about 14 different suppliers, 90% of them suggested the exact same solution.
      One of them, was willing to try our new design, we did 3 iterations on that, and we hope that the next iteration would be our final iteration, bringing us really closer to the mass production as the rest of the parts are in great shape.

      We are sure the wait will be worth it,
      and apologize again for the delays.

      Best regards,
      The Algobrix team

    38. Chen Raizman on May 25

      Guys, I think that we do need answers to the last questions, how come you are selling for the same price on your website? What good did it do me to back you up more than 6 months ago...

      Are you getting help from an outside company for production? maybe you need some in order to get things moving.

      Finally, can we have a date?
      I bought the set for my son's 7th birthday which is in 3 weeks... this was supposed to be the big birthday surprise which he would have loved. However, since he won't be getting it I would like to cancel my backing. How can I do it?

    39. rarufu on May 25

      Why is Algobrix selling the products similar to kickstarter pricing on their own website? Please take into account that no one wants to support the funding if later on the same is sold for the same price online!

    40. Missing avatar

      Nick on May 24

      Dear Algobrix,

      I backed this project in September last year with the intention of giving it as a gift to my son for his seventh birthday next month. I think that the idea of algobrix and the potential it has is fantastic and i'm sure that when it gets to full production it will be a great success.
      My concern is that due to the unforseen delays which you have experienced, which I can understand are as frustrating for you as for your backers, the product will no longer be age appropriate for my son when it does arrive. As such I would like to request a refund of the Ultimate Set that I pledged for. Please will you contact me to make the necessary arrangements? Many thanks.

    41. Missing avatar

      zatimond on May 23

      Hello Algobrix team!

      I'm one of the early backers here (No. 63), not to brag about it, but my patience start to reach the end. In July 2017 when I backed your project I really expected to get the kit aroung Februaty this year, which
      Hello Algobrix team!

      I'm one of the early backers here (No. 63), not to brag about it, but my patience start to reach the end. In July 2017 when I backed your project I really expected to get the kit around February this year. Next month it will be my son's birthday and I was really counted on you to deliver the present. Not to mention the kid's lost of interest in Algobrix by now.
      You guys expect us to have patience, we still have, but not as much as we had before February.
      The point is, you need to set a due date/ETA and stick to it. No more excuses. It would be a big shame for this great idea to fail because of lack of commitment.
      Hope to hear from you asap with some good news!

      Best regards,

    42. Algobrix Creator on May 20

      Hi @Satellite,
      we understand your frustration, and we apologize.
      At the moment we are not offering any compensation as we haven't reached the production.
      Our updates are very detailed, we had issues that we just couldn't anticipate.

      We wish things were different, but sometimes things escalate in the wrong direction.
      On our side those delays really hurt our business (there is not business).
      We were approached by ministries of educations with huge orders that we had to decline.
      We will do our best to compensate you once the springs issue is solved, we should be receiving our sixth iteration (and hopefully final) this week.

      Best regards,
      The Algobrix team

    43. Satellite Stonz on May 19

      Oh, and Algobrix is selling the products similar to kickstarter pricing on their own wbsite???

    44. Satellite Stonz on May 19

      I back some other projects in KickStarter and this is the biggest amount I ever pledged for something I consider an innovation. As an educator, I see the potential benefits a child gets from a set of Algobrix. That was 9 months ago, and I have waited patiently with the first few indications of delay - sure, people need time to get the prototype in production - that's what we saw in the Algobrix Kickstarter video - showing kids playing happily with real parts that moved and blinked - need changes to make it better - fine but when you need 9 months and more, which is what it looks like now, Algobrix should respect the wishes of backers who want a full refund and issue the refund immediately

      if Algobrix is truly such a great product when it finally reaches, the market, I will still buy it, even if it cost twice as much - but now, I just feel Algobrix is delaying and I feel strongly I may never see my money or the actual product I was made to believe they can deliver in 2018 Feb

    45. Satellite Stonz on May 19

      I wish to get a refund too - I did not post before as I wanted to give Algobrix a chance to deliver - but the delay is so long and there are already many products in the market that is very similar by now - Algobrix is also not doing much for early backers to compensate them for waiting patiently

    46. Missing avatar

      Stelios Psarras on May 16

      I requested a refund and was told that it cannot happen at this stage. My son -that algobrix was intended for- will have outgrown the product by the time it arrives. This is my 3rd bad experience with crowdfunding so far and I am getting a bit dissolutioned with it. This is getting a bit ridiculous.

    47. Algobrix Creator on May 15

      Hi @Catherine,
      We agree but I would try explain why I'm not promising specific details:
      1. Dates - I'm working with really big factories to reach the mass production.
      But the timing issues are an estimate since the springs issue needs a last (we hope, as even for us it's been too long) iteration. Once we will receive them (expected end of May) we should start an actual plan with dates.

      2. Once one will progress we will be able to see what we can offer.
      We do hope to compensate your waiting time.

      3. The robot brain block is open source and work with Arduino and scratch.
      The function blocks are not open source due to different design issues which were taken into account and eventually we thought it would be better not to open them so that they will maintain their functionality.

      Best regards, and thank you for your support,
      The Algobrix team

    48. Catherine Villeret on May 13

      Dear @Algobrix,
      I think the project is outstandingly worth every effort, and am willing to wait until it’s properly done. Quality over rush.


      1/ I think you might want to take the time schedule a little more seriously, avoiding skipping date with « we think » « around » terms in the middle of comments, and assume a realistic, committed ETA in the update, so you still appear being in charge and professionally handling the project. Even if you have to change it because of unexpected events, you should keep your backers closely in the loop of a timeframed well managed project. There are always hiccups, and I find it very interesting to learn along with the creators, updates after updates. That’s the beauty of funding an idea and seeing it blossoming in front of our eyes.

      2/Taking into account that people are starting to ask refund because of your delay, I also think you guys should start committing now to special goodies or benefits for your early backers.

      With both of those moves, we might feel more part of the team and the adventure than regular customers, and rewarded for our support and patience. Then more of us would stick to it and even give you support you even didn’t think could come from customers: it’s because it’s about community, not a consumer-provider mindset. But Algobrix sets are indeed expansive for a family and are also age-related, so you should bear this in mind when delays could give the impression that it’s not worth the wait. Convince everybody with extra rewards that there are special, and keep the communication transparent, as a way to learn along, and your community will remain faithful beyond your wildest dreams!

      3/ Finally, I would really like to know in details what part of the project is open source and what part is not, and if we will have opportunity to tweak and hack or even expand and share within the Algobrix Platform (with the Arduino IDE, for instance, or better, with mblock).

      Keep it up, it’s the most advanced tangible coding play set I have seen so far, and I believe this is the future of learning computer programming, without screen, but with all the syntax available.

      It’s worth the sweat!

    49. Algobrix Creator on May 9

      Hi Kiran,
      don't worry, we will send e-mails before sending the packages to make sure we
      have the correct addresses.

      Best regards,
      The Algobrix team

    50. Kiran Grandhi on May 9


      I unexpectedly had to move to a new place, can I change my shipping address. Sorry, for bugging you at the last minute.

      Thanks & regards,
      Kiran K Grandhi

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