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The most exciting and comprehensive code learning game for kids 5-13. Learning to program bots and transforming code into play.
The most exciting and comprehensive code learning game for kids 5-13. Learning to program bots and transforming code into play.
The most exciting and comprehensive code learning game for kids 5-13. Learning to program bots and transforming code into play.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Wayne Kirk Schmidt about 6 hours ago

      Tag: Algobrix - Delivery Update - Wayne Response - 20180816 - Week 33

      @Team Algobrix, updates, please.

      Percentage_Complete: DDD%
      Estimated_Shipping_Start: MM/DD/YYYY
      Risk_of_Slipping: NNN%

      Any reason why we haven't seen an update in two weeks?

      Kind Regards,

    2. Missing avatar

      Mary Hicks 5 days ago

      I'm with all these other folks. I was disappointed, initially. Now, I'm angry. I want my money back, feeling as if I've been deceived.

    3. Missing avatar

      Wayne Kirk Schmidt on

      Tag: Algobrix - Delivery Update - Wayne Response - 20180804 - Week 31

      @Team Algobrix, sounds like some progress. I'm sure it's been a struggle.

      Please accept that I ( if not the community ) will require updates to hear progress.
      The reason why is your delivery dates, you've stated, and keeping to those dates.

      From that standpoint, it's reasonable and polite, to provide a regular update.

      By telling us what is happening, and framing this against a proposed delivery date of the end of this year, you demonstrate an interest in securing our goodwill.

      Now, as part of the update, please tell me the following:
      Percentage Tasks Complete allowing you to ship to all of us.
      Current Estimated Ship Date to all of us.

      Here's an example:
      Percentage Complete: 57%
      Estimated Shipping Date: November 25th, 2018

      So, to help order this discussion. I'll tag my responses (see above).
      Looking forward to hearing about and tracking those metrics.

      Kind Regards,

    4. Jonathan Jesse on

      My son wanted me to back this project and was super excited about. Now he no longer even asks if you guys have posted an update. In fact he doesn't even care about this any more. hopefully my 3 year old will be intersted in technology like my oldest is as this project will deliver (hopefully) by the time the 3 year old is 8 and wants to use it.

    5. Algobrix Creator on

      Hi @Elizabeth,
      We sent you a private message.

      Best regards

    6. Algobrix Creator on

      Hi @Wayne,
      We will not upload weekly updates,
      this is simply not reasonable.
      However since you really want to know, here is some information about our week:
      1. 7 function blocks bug:
      We solved a bug that allows the system to work with more than 7 function blocks (a bug which was solved before, but somehow along the way, a minor change we did made interference in the communications between the blocks).
      2. The motors T2 are still in process.
      3. We found a really great way to do building instructions, and we are really happy with the results.
      4. Our QA system, had some minor issues and now it is better, but still needs work (this is our new employee which we are very happy with his work).
      5. Finalizing the plastic - we got some rejects from the manufacturers about differences between SLA and it's material (3D printing) and ABS, which eventually will effect the durability of the blocks.

      Best regards

    7. Elizabeth BettieSpaghetti Dorman on

      Algobrix - you've asked me to 'Private Message' you (which I can't see how to do) but you've also said to other backers that you don't want to refund anyone anyway.
      It feels like you're trying to deflect any questions and criticisms, and I'm getting really fed up of this whole thing. It feels like I've just thrown a huge amount of money down the drain.

    8. Missing avatar

      Wayne Kirk Schmidt on

      Team Algobrix,

      By my calculations, it's time for your weekly update. I'd like to hear about the following.
      % complete, %chance to complete on time, and how you're mitigating risks.

      Additionally, how do we contact you ( aside from this web page )?

      As a (strong) suggestion, please tag the updates as Weekly #N/Total to end of Year.
      I'd like to see that by COB Friday. Looking forward to hearing some good news.

      Many Thanks and Kind Regards,

    9. Algobrix Creator on

      Hi @John,
      Thanks you for your support.
      Yes you are correct.
      We do have QA processes in every step of the way,
      we didn't include it in the chart as it was already overloaded and we preferred to emphasize the essential limitations we need to pass.

      Best regards

    10. Missing avatar

      Clemens Pfitzer on

      I ordered the product under the premise it will be delivered in February 2018. Obviously that was never going to happen. While I understand that some delays may occur, this is beyond acceptable. Especially this product is for kids a certain age and therefore delivery times are crucial, since my kids are outgrowing the product.

      I hereby already declare the challenge of my pledge because of malicious deception, according to §123 BGB (German Civil Code). Since I ordered as a consumer in Germany, German law applies for the pledge.

      While I read that you say you don‘t want to refund any pledges, because you need the money, this doesn‘t change any legal claims I as a consumer have. And that claim under applicable German law in this case means refund.

      So please refund asap or I will have to intiate legal action.

    11. Thomas Van Bel on

      I have been positive about the previous delays but now it's frustrating. I kind of joked about getting Algobrix in time for Christmas when the first delays hit but now I'm hoping we do actually get Algobrix before 2019.

    12. Missing avatar

      John on

      Hey Algobrix

      I have to admit it is a little frustrating waiting for this product and hearing the delays every update.

      I have however backed a few campaigns and know what I'm getting into.

      I have also worked in software development and product design and fully understand the unexpected things that can drag out a project (especially with something new and Chinese factories involved).

      It's good to see a gant chart (with Golden week in Oct accounted for). I hope you guys can stick to it as much as pososible (and maybe add QA into final production? ;))

      Still looking forward to the final product.

    13. Algobrix Creator on

      Hi everyone,
      we really apologize.
      We uploaded a very thorough and detailed update.
      We have a plan that we must hold and maintain.
      Giving away refunds to so many backers will simply hurt the other backers as we will not be able to maintain the new time line and schedule.

      At the moment we will not continue with refunding,
      we know you are disappointed, but this is the best thing we can do.
      Focus on production, and completing the development.
      Next we will show you exactly how we maintain the time line as planned.
      Hope you can understand.

    14. Florence Cheung on

      Hi team,

      I have been very patient to wait for your product for 1-year long . I, on behalf of my school, have placed the order of Education pack.

      We have been waiting and waiting but you let us disappoint again.

      Please kindly arrange a refund as I am also facing pressure from school.


      Florence Cheung

    15. Missing avatar

      Taya on

      Short and straightforward. I would like to get my refund. Thanks.

    16. Chen Raizman on

      This item was bought for my son's B-day which we already missed.
      I have zero faith that you will deliver before 2019 and therefore would like to cancel my backing and get the refund.
      I think that if you were to spend more time getting help to produce instead of wasting time and money meeting kings and princes you may have been already in production...

      Seriously, please help me to excuse my self from your campaign.

    17. Missing avatar

      Wayne Kirk Schmidt on

      Team Algobrix.

      Please post weekly updates going forward, with contact information so we can contact you.

      Helps us and helps you.

      And, I suggest you'll want to manage a central site to communicate with the Indiegogo backers as well as us, the Kickstarter backers and other groups.

      Frequent, targeted communications help backers like myself understand how you're working to shave off time from the estimated December 2018 ship date.

      Best Regards

    18. Algobrix Creator on

      Hi @Satellite,
      we don't wish to into arguments.
      We really feel sorry that this is how you feel.
      We didn't use this platform to "get more sells", actually we stopped selling on Indiegogo, and raised the prices on our website.
      We are showing you the interest we are receiving from different places to emphasize that there is nothing we want more than to start production.
      You are aware that when the prince asked where and when can he buy, he received the same answer - we are not in mass production yet.

      If we were, our situation was great, but we can't ship a product that is not safe for the children, this is more important than anything.
      We think we solved it, we should see it in the springs to come, and than we can finally start production, which was supposed to start long ago.
      Once ago, we apologize for that.

      The Algobrix team

    19. Satellite Stonz on

      why are you telling us about all these big big big plans and incredible recognition you get before you actually deliver anything to us, the original backers that got you started?

      after going thru all your updates one more time - can't help but feel that you are spending a lot of the resources you have gathered here in kickstarter - to reach for more, bigger plans than we buy into when we back you - your original plan [production and delivery] just get delayed repeatedly, every month, while you busy yourself with more marketing

      congratulations to you getting more sales, more write-ups, more sales talks etc

      pity us, the original backers - your product is not cheap, it is several hundreds of dollars that we have already paid you

      you are doing all these 'extra' marketing and not putting the production and delivery to this kickstarter project as your number one priority

      you just make us feel lousy about our decision to back your project, while you continue to ignore our request for a refund when you already have many new buyers from other sales channels and platforms over the past months since this kickstarter fundraising ended

    20. Algobrix Creator on

      Hi @Yves Keller
      as requested,
      see private message.

      Hi @Jasmine Long
      please see private message.

      Best regards

    21. Algobrix Creator on

      Hi @Broussou (Arnaud)
      please see our update.

      1. We found a solution to make everything through drawings, without words.
      We thank you for your support.
      2. We are not selling at the same price, they went up by 20%-30% on most kits.
      You are seeing the prices without shipping.

      Best regards

      Best regards,
      The Algobrix team

    22. Algobrix Creator on

      Hi @Wayne,
      first please notice we are responding to every backer.
      We appreciate your support, and are doing our best.

      Regarding your questions:
      1. We are posting updates through Kickstarter, it doesn't make sense to create another website for that.
      2. We don't want to collect your information as we still have a bit more time until the production and people are changing their preferred shipping addresses.
      We did however paid already to Backer kit to make sure we gather the information as smooth as possible.
      3. Once we will start the delivery such discounts or bonuses will make sense.

      Best regards,
      The Algobrix team

    23. Missing avatar

      Jasmine Long on

      Hi, my child has outgrown this toy and has Jenn let down too many times by algobrix.
      She doesn’t think the toy will come anyway.
      Please please give us a refund.

    24. Missing avatar

      Yves Keller on

      Lots of Patience from my side... but my kids lost hope.. TY. They just asked me if I can cancel it and buy the Lego robot instead. Yes that's what I like to do.

      According to you update #11 you are nowhere near to where you should be! We got fooled long enough. In your ETA you write that the start of delivery will around mid November 18, so I really have NO HOPE at all that I will see this thing this year.

      I kindly ask you to refund and not to complicate me things with lawyers.

      Thank you.
      3 times I backed a project, the first - the last time and once to much!

      I kindly ask you to answer rapidly.

      Ps. You have all my contact data, please don't waste more of my time asking me for a PM... just write me.

    25. Missing avatar

      Broussou on

      Hello Algobrix team

      1) as mentionned a few months ago, I would appreciate to get the text of the activity cards in advance in order to translate them to French before.

      2) like the other early backers, i am disapointed that you now sell on your website at the sale prince I paid 1 year ago. I hope you will grant us an extra something for believing into your project

      3) I grant you this last september 2018 delay, after that I will ask for refund, because of trust issue and because my son will be out of age


    26. Missing avatar

      Wayne Kirk Schmidt on

      Team Algobrix,

      I'll be direct, though as charitable as I can muster, as I summarize my feelings.
      You have a wonderful idea, and you wanted help. Just shy of 3,700 souls agreed to help.

      Now, you've had a project that's delayed, and projects can encounter the unforeseen.

      The volatile combination you want to avoid is poor project planning, poor project updates, and terse customer service. Yet, that seems to have happened.

      Add to this, updates that aren't focusing on specific product delivery dates are an excellent way to see backers like myself incensed.

      I ordered this for a child that was 7. She's now 8. I want to see something before she is 13.

      Now, to help you, I want to see the following happen:

      1) Create and publish a website, with contact information (phone, email, chat, etc.) and running updates that summarize the project updates to date. Just do it.

      2) Contact backers and ask for contact information, and in the process set expectations on delivery. No one has contacted me. Do it. It would go a long way to re-secure my good will.

      3) Contact backers and ask them what helps retain them as clients? More items? Extra discount? I won't be prescriptive, but I suggest the effort in and of itself would be appreciated by at least some of the community. Make the effort.

      I trust this is helpful. I would have sent this privately, but I hadn't seen a means to do so.
      Best Regards

    27. Algobrix Creator on

      Indeed, you are all correct.

      The update is ready,
      we hope to post it tomorrow.
      Best regards,
      The Algobrix team

    28. Satellite Stonz on

      Another month has gone by and still no firm delivery date

      i opt for the most expensive rewards and is regretting that decision

      you only have 10 updates and none telling us that you can deliver

      the reason for me to back your project is no longer valid

      the child that i intend to gift this product is disappointed and you failure to deliver is making me give empty promises to the child i care dearly

      i want a refund

    29. Connie Chai McKenney on

      What's the new ETA? Are we looking at Christmas?

    30. Missing avatar


      Wish you the best to get our units soon, Cheers

    31. Tina gamberini

      Thank you for staying focussed on providing an excellent product and not taking short cuts

    32. Algobrix Creator on

      You are correct,
      we were not expecting to be so busy and thought we could already upload a concrete time line.

      In short we received the first batch of motors from the production, they were good, but not good enough. We are now moving to the second iteration (should arrive this week, I was hoping to post the update after it arrived).

      I will arrange the time-line in an excel or similar very soon, hopefully with a concrete chart for all the needed tasks so that it will be more clear to follow.

      Best regards,

    33. Georgia on

      Hi Algobrix, it has been more than a month, I honestly just want an achievable delivery date. Do you see this being completed by September or are we looking more towards Christmas? I'm happy to wait I just need a timeline to go by.

    34. Catherine Villeret on

      Hi Algobrix team! July update? News from the PVT start date? Timeline? Keep Up (and don’t let us down to go swimming ;)

    35. Missing avatar

      Sean Looi on

      @Algobrix. Very disappointed with the significant delay. Please advise how I can proceed with refunds as my kid have already given up hope waiting for it.

    36. Missing avatar

      Lorna Bocquet on

      @Algobrix: Why do you ask people to communicate in private regarding asking for a refund as you are not issuing refunds anyway, as communicated to me privately. I still want to get a refund as my children have lost interest in this product. Given the amount of cash you got from the KS and the preorders, I am sure it will not affect production.

    37. Missing avatar

      Yi-Chieh Tsui on

      I have found lots coding products on market now, I am not quite understand why it took long time than expected date. Australia new policy is all parcel shipping in AU will cost extra 10% GST, which means I have to
      pay extra on your product. we have waited for long time and I have to read comments knowing delay again till Sep 2018. Hoping to receive your product on Dec 2017 in the beginning, you have postponed twice. Would like to know what is the latest time frame to ship out product and 10% GST costing due to your delay.

    38. Algobrix Creator on

      Hi @Elizabeth, @Dana and @Misha,
      please communicate on private messages,
      and we will try to see if there is anything we can do.

      Best regards,
      The Algobrix team

    39. Elizabeth BettieSpaghetti Dorman on

      I am also very disappointed in this kickstarter due to the delay and also the lack of any believable timescale or plan for the future of this product. The children I was buying it for are disappointed and no longer believe it even exists. :( They have also now been bought a similar but different system by another family member.
      I would appreciate you letting me know how I can request a refund as I feel so let down, and I don't think the children would even want the product now even if it did miraculously turn up.

    40. Missing avatar

      Misha Barnes on

      The parents of the child to whom I was going to give this no longer speak to me. I have asked for a refund and gotten no response.

    41. Missing avatar

      Dana Stephens-Cook on

      This has been my first experience with backing a Kickstarter project and I was very excited to do so. My children were eager to get and use the products - however I'm starting to feel quite jaded by this whole experience and with now discovering similar products already on the market that can be accessed now (rather than wait another 3 maybe more months before production will commence on this product) my children are wanting these products to use and learn with now.

      I would like to know the details & process of how to request and receive a refund as I believe the time-delay in this product production has been exceeded and there was some misleading information at the commencement of the Kickstarter campaign that lead many backers to believe that production was further along than has been conveyed in updates.
      Thanks for your time.

    42. Nicola Lai on

      Honestly, I'm not a very patient person but I did believe in your product so I have waited patiently since 2017 delivery of the product was missed. It will be September 2018 in about 3 months and waiting for a product that has no serious delivery date is a little ridiculous. My son is more than disappointed as he has been looking forward to this since Xmas 2017, then postponed to his birthday in Feb 2018. He had recently said, "Mom, I don't think it is coming!" Even a 6 year old has a point in that. So I am now kindly asking that a refund of the full amount which I have paid be return promptly. If he has given up hope in this product, it means nothing if/when he eventually receives it.

    43. Missing avatar

      javier cheng on

      have faith people....if the delay is for a good cause, let’s not lose hope

    44. Missing avatar

      Skon on

      Well this must be the most civilise backer community I ever seen. Full of encouragement and a few moan. For other projects, the creator would have been toast, grill and deep fried for delay without setting new goal date....

    45. Missing avatar

      Clemens Pfitzer on

      We ordered Algobrix for our kids and expected delivery in February. It‘s June 2018 and no delivery in sight. By the time we will eventually receive Algobriox our kids will probably have outgrown Algobrix and therefore there is no need for Algobriox anymore. We therefore kindly request a refund. Thanks.

    46. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Hey, this is all very disappointing. The fact that the brix are being sold in presales at the same price as the kickstarter is pretty bad and self harming as majority of people will never support you again. Why risking when you can just buy later on at the same price.
      In regard to the delay, September is going to be the very latest I am going to wait. After that there is going to be a refund as you would have lost any trust.

    47. Missing avatar

      Eureka Onderwijs VZW on


      We bought Kickstarter in September 2017. It's still not delivered in June 2018 (9 months!). In fact we're losing our patience. We paid so much money for something you're not able to deliver on time. So, can we get our money back? thx

    48. Missing avatar

      Roy Laveyssiere

      i'm a french teacher, and i was hoping to use your device in my class, this year. The delivery was for feb 2018.
      I bought it with my own money, but unfortunately, i'm changing my class level, and Algobrix doesnt fit with my future pupils (4 years old)
      Can i have my fund back, please. The delay are toooooo long, and it's a shame, because i was really hoping to use it in my class.

    49. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Loy

      Hey. Firstly, thanks for Update #10. Algobrix has come a long way since last July. Yes, the Estimated Delivery period 'promised' was Feb 2018. With well over 23 times the target funding, I am sure Algobrix Team would want to deliver a product that lasts especially with the coupling parts such as the springs mechanisms and improved designs; and now to try a different material. Algobrix has the means to experiment and deliver the best quality product to backers. Surely, I don't want a brand new product that fails after a few assemblies. Am sure any backers who want their money back, Algobrix would be able to issue a refund but please be patient and not too quick to back out. I trust Algobrix will deliver and Danny@Algobrix. @Tina, same sentiments.

    50. Algobrix Creator on

      Hi @Tina,
      thank you for your comment.

      @Boris, see private message.

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