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By Brian Lindsey
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Project Hellbound asks a question, "What if humans could see and physically fight angels and demons?" This project details several key characters in a life-or-death struggle between Heaven, Hell, an ancient cultist group, and even a couple of government agencies.  

Story line- Heaven and Hell have been at an unsteady cease fire. Heaven has been dealing with a recent second rebellion (reasons further explained in-game).  While Heaven has been dealing with their own mishaps, Hell has been secretly searching for a way to free the fallen angels, who were locked away by God in the first rebellion.  How will the humans fair, will you pick a side or will you wage war between both?

Risks and challenges

This will not be and easy process. I also work full time and will be putting a lot of my own money in this game. I will work on this game every day and will provide weekly updates. Also I will be adding PIC and Video soon..

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