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Gary White's clay sculpture honors the past, examines the present, and embraces the future.

Gary White's clay sculpture honors the past, examines the present, and embraces the future. Read More
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Gary White
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Gary White

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Up and sure enough Coming  Artist Gary L.White's pieces are thought provoking ,emotionally moving and intriguing.He is in his second year as an Exhibiting artist,and a recent graduate. Gary is in dire need of a gas kiln to continue creating pieces for his upcoming shows as well as shows in the distant future.

 To get the effects that are signature to a "Gary White piece" work is fired in a gas kiln. A reduction atmosphere (the kilns supply of oxygen is decreased) is needed. Electric kilns are not capable of producing these effects.A kiln is an essential tool to the clay artist, without it producing work is impossible. 

The kiln is a California Kiln built by California kiln company. It is located in East Texas and has never been fired. 

The owner of the kiln has kindly agreed to give Gary time to nickle up. but time is running out. Let's Give em' a boost!

Gary's passion for clay began as a young child under the instruction of his grandmother he began making traditional pit fired Cherokee pottery.Upon entering his sophomore year of College he began to sculpt and create a unique style of blending contemporary and traditional techniques and motifs. His superb execution of archetypal sculptures shed light on and celebrate the  rich history and present state of Southern Native American History as well as the history of what he terms the ''other'' (people of mixed heritages in the post antebellum Jim crow south) .Gary recently Graduated last year from Watkins College of Art and Design  located in Nashville, Tennessee with a BFA in Fine Arts. He has exhibited at the prestigious Bryant Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee and Earthsoul Gallery in Smyrna,Tennessee to name a few.

Kickstarter is an All or nothing deal.It is alright to go over your goal but never under. If the goal is exceeded the extra money will go into raw materials such as clay,kiln maintenance,and propane.


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    A signed post card of Gary White's Work with a personalized message.

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    TWO postcards will be signed by Gary for you AND a person of your choice with a personal handwritten message on the back. (And ONE extra postcard will be left blank.)

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    Post card with image of Gary's work,8.5x11 print of Gary's Sculpture Plus original Sculpture created in honor of your generosity

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