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$680 pledged of $5,000 goal
By Lynn Hershman Leeson
$680 pledged of $5,000 goal

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Calling All !W.A.R.riors: Crunch Time

“Mira Schorr was my professor, and she looked at my work and she said to me, “Have you ever heard of Ana Mendieta or Hannah Wilke or Carolee Schneeman?” and I hadn’t, and I went straight to the library, and I couldn’t find one thing on those women. I had to ask myself why, when I went to the library, was there nothing there?”
-Janine Antoni, MacArthur Genius, interviewed in 2006 for !Women Art Revolution

"When you’re a woman it’s hard to tell that you’re being censored when you’re not in the museum to begin with."
- Hannah Wilke, interviewed in 1991 for !Women Art Revolution

"I think there’s a fear within my generation that identifying with feminism is a limitation and not a foundation."
- Alexandra Chowaniec, !Women Art Revolution Producer and contemporary Feminist artist, interviewed in 2009

These incredible quotes from the equally incredible documentary, !Women Art Revolution: A Secret History capture in such a profound way why the RAW/WAR project is so important: to inform, inspire, and expose the vast tapestry that is the International Feminist Art Movement, moving through generations past, present, and future. Just like a wiki needs the contributions of its community to sustain itself, the very infrastructure of this project depends on your patronage.* With only two weeks left in the race to receive funding, please take a moment to consider the rewards for your generosity:

Your contribution of just $25 to our campaign will earn you a SIGNED, first-edition copy of the !W.A.R. Graphic Novel, which acts as both an alternate vision of the film's source material AND a curriculum/study guide to the Feminist Art Movement. It's the perfect holiday gift for anyone, ESPECIALLY the young feminist and/or artist in your life.

If your gift list has already been taken care of, consider donating your daily coffee purchase, cab fare, or bar tab- you'll receive a one-of-a-kind one-inch button- to make and sustain this groundbreaking project!

It's time to stop letting the secret histories of Feminist Art remain so. Please join the effort to create the framework, archive, and interface to make sure they don't!

*To those !W.A.R.riors that have already shown their financial support of RAW/WAR, thank you so very much! Your backing of this project will make a difference in the lives of so many feminists and artists all over the world!

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