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AU$ 2,610 pledged of AU$ 30,000 goal
By Steven Dawson
AU$ 2,610 pledged of AU$ 30,000 goal



Donut the card game, originated by Stephen Sams. Visualized in collaboration of, Heather Sams and Steven Dawson.

In development for more than a decade. "Originally, the game was just symbols drawn on cards with a marking pen. It just grew. Now we have 170 awesome looking cards. The game play has well and truly been tested that's for sure." Stephen Sams.

Now it's a fun fast colourful strategic card game, ready for it's debut to the world at large.

For 2-10 players aged 7+. It's easy to play and hard to put down.

The object of the game is to give the other players as many cards (Donuts) as you can whilst getting rid of all of your cards by playing them onto the discard pile (Crumbs) in the centre of play. 36 different card actions allow for attacking, defensive or neutral game play inducing belly laughs abound as Donut leaves the whole family chomping at the bit for more tasty donut action.

The Donut card game comes shrink wrapped in a top - bottom style box. (See example down page). The game consist of 170 cards derived from 101 unique images. (See example down page). The rules and instructions are included in the box, on a double sided gloss A4  sheet. The rules and card descriptions are available at, so you can conveniently refer to them with your smart phone or tablet computer.

How Donut plays

The video is an animation of a four handed game.

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 The rules of the game.

   The Donut cards are represented by simplified icons.
   Chocolate is used where a card has all four flavors.

Page over of the rules sheet included in the game box. Card descriptions continued.

The game box

A sturdy box for your Donut cards. The box pictured is a mock up of the limited Kickstarter edition only 1000 will be made.

Exclusive Kickstarter box only 1000 of these.
Exclusive Kickstarter box only 1000 of these.

The Donut cards

 Based on 101 Unique cards, creating a 170 card deck



























Risks and challenges

Although this is our first Kickstarter, it's not our first project.
The preparations have been made for the production and distribution of the game, investing many hours of intensive research to maintain the highest standards for the Donut card games production and distribution.
Apart from natural or man made disasters there will be no problem in delivering the Donut card game to our backers.

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