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Developing an open source software platform for the business intelligence needs of nonprofits with a wide area of operations
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Edward Wu

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Project Progress Report - 10/17/2011

Hello Everyone

Sorry for not updating sooner, it has been a hectic time here from me. We have had a number of power outages and on Friday (Oct 14th) a lorry (aka truck) hit the line for the fast Internet connection and its still not up yet. 

I have been working hard getting everything together for all the Rewards. As any of you Backers or readers who have had successful Kickstarter projects know this is a job on its own :-).

But rest assure I am not just shopping, I have been working on the platform and this is where it currently stands:

  • After some debate between developing a native app or a HTML5 web-based app, I have decided to go the HTML5 route. I have chosen the Sencha Touch API cause of their GPL v3 license, how well their demo apps rendered on both iOS and Android browsers and its support of offline caching of data.
  • I have signed up with Amazon for their EC2 cloud platform w/ AMI. I plan on hosting a MySQL database for the data and it will also be used to host the HTML5 mobile "app".
  • I have created a Github repository to store all the code as I develop it. Currently there is nothing but a README file, but once I push my initial code base I will share the link,
  • I have created a simple UI with all the functionality I am looking to use in the mobile app (i.e. text fields for names, button lists to chose options and etc). I am planing on using this as part of a UI usability study in the next week to determine the best UI layout for users in the field. It is also a test to determine the viability of using a web based app in the remote areas and Sencha Touch's offline caching capabilities.

If you have any questions about the current state of the project please feel free to message me. Thanks again for everyone's support.