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Automatically shoot video of your day and more with the first small wearable and customizable HD smart camera

Automatically shoot video of your day and more with the first small wearable and customizable HD smart camera Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on July 23, 2013.

About this project

Be the Videographer of Your Life

How many times have you said to yourself I wish I could have gotten that on camera. We live life on the go. We have no time to stop and shoot, to capture the perfect angle, to react to an event we later wish we had caught on camera. We need a fast, easy, mobile solution to capture life, to save it quickly to the cloud, to retrieve it, and share it later. With ParaShoot, you can stop regretting those missed opportunities.

ParaShoot is the first wearable, wireless and customizable HD video camera that allows to upload your content directly to the cloud without the need for connecting the camera to a desktop computer. Using the built-in wireless technology of ParaShoot, you can securely and instantly share your content.

With an uncompromising quality and robust feature set, ParaShoot (PS) can be used daily, worn unobtrusively or used separately, with a wide application of use. We have solved the many technical issues necessary to allow you to easily video journal life and more. ParaShoot your life to relive amazing experiences in the future or create amazing stories today.

ParaShoot Features

Patent pending ParaShoot is a smart HD camera supercomputer packaged into a small size that is wearable, customizable and easy to use.  Put it on and continue with your day, and it does the rest capturing HD video with audio for you.  Or detach it from the wearable neck strap to use it separately and more actively.  It works with all smartphone platforms. You can also customize its look with changeable front plates to match your clothes and wear it like a fashionable pendant.

The World's Smallest Wearable HD Smart Video Camera

ParaShoot is a tiny wearable HD smart video camera.  It is an entirely new type of camera that allows to live your life without being bothered to stop and video record.  It can automatically take video footage in 720 HD for you,  which can be easily organized in the app, shared with friends, or stored in the cloud.

Comparison in size of ParaShoot to an SD card
Comparison in size of ParaShoot to an SD card

Automatic Recording

In addition to shooting continuously, ParaShoot can be set to record video automatically in intervals. Suggested intervals are five minutes of footage every half hour, which amounts to an hour’s worth of video taken every six hours. The intervals can be changed in the PS app.  

Cloud Storage and Sharing

Unlike other currently available solutions, with ParaShoot you do not need to connect it to your desktop via a USB wire to transfer you data.  Its wireless capability allows you to directly transfer the data to the cloud storage of your choosing with your smartphone. You can also choose to store data in the PS cloud to easily share via email and social media platforms. The ParaShoot cloud is safe and secure with infinite data storage at a flat monthly fee to be determined according to your use (standard rates). For backers, a complimentary first thirty days of cloud storage is included in the reward. PS also comes equipped with an internal micro SD memory slot. A 16G micro memory card is included for backers.  

Smartphone Connection

The PS app allows the smartphone to be used as the remote control and viewfinder.  It will be available on all smartphone platforms.  The ParaShoot footage in our video was shot using an Apple 4S with our beta app.  Because PS works wirelessly, it can broadcast footage directly onto all smart devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, displays).

Data Privacy

It is important to stress that your PS footage is private by default.  While the app will allow to store and share your data, only you are granted access to it to decide to whom and where to save to and share it with.

Development Process


Size was a critical consideration in making ParaShoot an effective platform for use.  By advancing the PCB layout and developing a unique solution for the battery compartment, we limited ParaShoot's size to a remarkable 48x30x11mm, without compromising HD image quality, speed or performance.

PCB Layout

Taking a PCB board housing the necessary chipset, modules and circuitry, splicing it in half, and packaging it into such a small shape without any loss of performance was a difficult step.  

Additionally, we developed the board with a thinner and smaller configuration.

The result was a unit roughly the size of a regular SD flash memory card, with a board comprised of super computer data processing and transfer speeds, excellent HD image quality, and stand alone performance reliability. 

Battery Compartment

The development of the battery compartment required a number of technical, mechanical and hardware milestones.  Our goal was to allow the battery to be replaceable, and rechargeable, so that PS could be used without stopping what you're doing.  We took into account the look and feel of the compartment, taking into account the ergonomics of the human neck.

Adjustable Wearable Strap

The ParaShoot strap is adjustable for different lengths and comfortable to wear.  It additionally powers the ParaShoot and operates through an originally designed magnetic connection.

Custom Cover Plates

We have developed cover plates that can be snapped onto the PS - much the same way as in smartphone covers.  This will allow for the greatest variety for customizing the look and feel of the PS to your taste.  

Multiple color cover plates for ParaShoot
Multiple color cover plates for ParaShoot

We are also designing custom covers to add variety to the look of your ParaShoot.  

Custom ParaShoot cover plates with flag designs
Custom ParaShoot cover plates with flag designs

Cloud Architecture

All your files (that you create and record on ParaShoot) can be uploaded under your control through your smartphone to the cloud server of your choosing.  You can also select to use the ParaShoot secure cloud server. Later you can log onto the server and view, manage and share your footage. Of course you can also connect ParaShoot to your deskptop computer to transfer the files. 

Technical Specifications

Harness the power of ParaShoot's hardware and software platform.  Developers contact us directly as we seek to broaden the scope of ParaShoot's future applications and capabilities.


  • Size 48x30x11mm 
  • 720HD video resolution, H.264 encoding
  • Built in audio microphone 
  • Built in stabilization so no crooked video effect
  • Lightweight, less than 15g (less than 1/2 oz)
  • Neck strap dimensions 16x46x25mm
  • Neck strap length adjustable by 100mm
  • User can choose to automate video capture at customizable frequency (default frequency is five minutes every thirty minutes)
  • Internal memory storage on micro SD card (16G micro SD card included for backers)
  • Micro-USB port for charging and connecting to computer 
  • Wireless 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
  • Camera can be removed from neck strap to function separately


  • Use a smartphone app to control your ParaShoot (viewfind, record, cloud)
  • Upload your footage to your own cloud server (or to the ParaShoot server) wirelessly with your smartphone (alternately use desktop computer via micro USB cable included)
  • Safe, encrypted storage of your content on ParaShoot servers (first thirty days complimentary for backers)
  • Access your footage on the cloud through your smartphone app or browser
  • All footage on the PS cloud is private, unless you choose to share 

Our Team

Our team is comprised of industrial, electrical and computer engineers, as well as consumer product specialists, and production managers.  Development, building the prototypes, and preparing ParaShoot to be ready for manufacturing was a global effort with leaders in respective fields.  ParaShoot project heads have been previously recognized in the news, most recently being noted for staying one step ahead of tech giants:

Matt Sandy is the leader of ParaShoot.  He has extensive experience building new companies, bringing to market new technologies and innovative products, and overseeing production of electronics manufacturers.  

Colin Glaum is an expert in consumer product experiences, having served as creative director of leading firms (OgilvyAction, Rapp Collins, Young & Rubicam).   His focus is ensuring innovative products enhance experience and meet and exceed expectations.

Tim Goldburt is a technology pioneer.  He is a veteran scientist/inventor with over thirty years of expertise in display technologies and over fifty patents. His background includes Thomas J. Watson IBM R&D Center, Philips Electronics, and his own R&D ventures commercializing novel developments. 

Wirelessly and securely save to the cloud your recorded ParaShoot HD video
Wirelessly and securely save to the cloud your recorded ParaShoot HD video

Wow – That’s a Big Goal

Yes it is. The goal was set for an initial pilot production run of 2,000 units in order to offer the lowest price possible to backers. If we’d set the goal lower, the price would have been higher. Manufacturing of ParaShoot involves purchasing components and chipsets from suppliers who control the price and quantity of the market. Typically a project the scale of ParaShoot would require a minimum order quantity of just the graphics processing chip alone of at least 3,000 units. Producing a product such as ParaShoot would ordinarily be price prohibitive for a project of this scope. The ParaShoot team has extensive experience in manufacturing consumer electronic products. Here is a specific breakdown of the costs the project goal is comprised of: 

  • 2K pieces pilot production $186,800 (includes cost of printed circuit board assembly, modules, components, enclosures, batteries, internal memory, manufacturing, packaging) 
  • $18,650 tooling costs 
  • $16,700 distribution to end users
  • $13,860 certification (UL, FCC, CE)
  • $4,300 production line setup
  • $2,560 quality control
  • Sub-total = $242,870
Our project goal of $260,000 includes fees, including those charged by Amazon payments.  The following activities we will self finance: research and development, project management, software review, package design, support and documentation, risks of production and financial risks, branding, communications, PR, revision support.  Founders earn $0 from this project. It is a labor of love for us. 
Record in 720HD, proprietary adjustable strap to your preferred length (note: two parashoots recommended for higher altitudes) *courtesy of Felix Fischer
Record in 720HD, proprietary adjustable strap to your preferred length (note: two parashoots recommended for higher altitudes) *courtesy of Felix Fischer


There are a number of ways to video record or photograph your life. However none offer the capabilities at the same price at ParaShoot does. There is a wearable fixed time lapse photography camera (no sound) on pre-order for $279. It offers no audio, no ability to transmit the images wirelessly to the cloud, you cannot change its look according to your taste, and offers no video. There are some cheap wearable video cameras that are bigger in size than ParaShoot – they purport to be high quality, but are not aesthetically pleasing, you cannot see what you are recording, you cannot use them in a time lapse mode, you cannot customize their look, and you need to plug them into the desktop computer with no ability to transmit the footage wirelessly to the cloud. You can also use your smartphone camera or a digital camera, but that has its own set of disadvantages. There are cameras that are offered in eyewear, which is a different look and they too have their own criteria. Offering ParaShoot at the current price to backers was a significant accomplishment given the robust set of parameters the device packs. That is the reason the list price will be much higher in the future. 


First Backers - this is a limited reward to the first 500 backers of ParaShoot.  The ParaShoot list price will be $269 or higher once introduced to the market.  We are able to offer it at $149 to the first 500 backers (which also includes a 16G internal storage memory, as well as the first thirty days cloud storage free) because we have maximized all the specifications and capabilities of the ParaShoot product and technology, while cutting down to the bare minimum all the necessary costs to produce an incredible product.  You will have a choice of one custom cover plate.  First backer delivery in October 2013.

Early Bird - at $169, you will save $100 off the $269 list price.  Your reward will additionally include a 16G internal storage memory, the first thirty days cloud storage free, and your choice of one custom cover plate (note that the $269 list price will not include internal storage memory, complimentary cloud storage, or custom cover plate).  Delivery in November 2013.

Early Adopters - you would like to become involved with the ParaShoot team to test pre-production models and provide valuable feedback.  There are many possible future applications for ParaShoot.  This is a limited reward to the first 200 Early Adopters with delivery of pre-production models in September 2013.  You will also receive a 32G internal storage memory with your ParaShoot, thirty days complimentary cloud storage, and all the custom cover plates developed.  

Customize the look of your ParaShoot - Panda cover plate design shown
Customize the look of your ParaShoot - Panda cover plate design shown

Safety and Legality

Your use of ParaShoot is safe and secure.  All data, video, photos you transfer to the ParaShoot cloud service is yours and encrypted.  

You are responsible to observe video and photography policies as applicable in daily and commercial use.  Do not violate any bans, infringe on anyone’s privacy or integrity, and please apply care and caution to your parashooting.  If you are asked to stop the use of your ParaShoot, please do so.  

Risks and challenges

We are looking forward to producing an incredible product loaded with great features. The manufacturing involved in the ParaShoot project is complex and spans a number of suppliers and objectives. We are confident we will deliver according to schedule to backers, which is our number one priority. In the past we have constantly met or exceeded our development and production timelines. Our job is development, production and manufacturing. We know the nature of the challenges we may encounter and how to overcome them. We do not take pledges lightly, as each pledge will come from people who believe in this project and our ability to execute. We will maintain excellent communication with backers, post updates on the project, and respond to all questions in a timely manner.

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