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Receive the messages that matter to you most with just a glance at your wrist with LinkMe. Read more

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Receive the messages that matter to you most with just a glance at your wrist with LinkMe.

About this project

LinkMe was born out of a pretty simple concept - how can we personalize the special moments in our lives in a unique and fun way? From our previous work on miniature, flexible billboards applied to popular consumer products, we repeatedly heard feedback how cool it would be to apply the technology to a bracelet.  In 2011, we commenced the development and a year later the production of LinkMe.

LinkMe connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and when someone sends you a message - via the dedicated LinkMe app - the words pop up on the bracelet. You can also set it to receive social media updates. There are many potential uses of LinkMe.


Although we see giving LinkMe to a friend/loved one to stay in touch and send special reminders of love and care, there are many additional applications, including:

  • News (ie scores, stocks)
  • Social media
  • Concerts
  • Sports stadiums
  • Charitable causes
  • Fraternities/sororities
  • Safety/security


Imagine having your closest friends and family available to you, with just a glance at your wrist.  That’s LinkMe – your connection to the ones you care about the most.  LinkMe will automatically translate and display the messages and alerts you choose, making them available to you with just a glance at your wrist.


The LinkMe project is led by Matt Sandy, Colin Glaum and Tim Goldburt. Following his MBA from Columbia University, Matt has built high-tech start ups commercializing innovative technologies over the past ten years. His experience includes over six years overseeing manufacturing, production and development of novel display applications. Having served as the creative director of several leadings firms (OgilvyAction, Rapp Collins, Young & Rubicam), Colin is a creative guru of innovative consumer products. His direct experience involves bringing killer ideas with the potential to positively enhance the consumer experience to life. Tim is a veteran scientist/inventor with over thirty years of expertise in display technologies and over fifty patents. His background includes Thomas J. Watson IBM R&D Center, Philips Electronics, and his own R&D ventures commercializing novel developments.


With LinkMe, you can send a message with your smartphone via an easy to use app that will in turn be displayed on LinkMe.  It’s that simple – in meetings, in class or when you have your hands full, you’ll be able to receive the messages that matter to you most. 


In addition to receiving the messages you want, LinkMe can notify you of alerts you choose.  You can "symbol-code" these notifications, meaning you can choose your own set of characters that LinkMe will display to represent a particular person or situation.  See the video below for an example.  One of the pledge categories is for a LinkMe enabled to solely receive customized notifications and alerts.


The LinkMe is elliptical, not circular, to match the shape of the wrist.  Initial challenges of the development included the moulding which was no easy task.  Finding a solution for the clasp was a challenge.  In the first models we decided on a simple, easy to use clasp.

Mould Drawings
Mould Drawings

The battery life of the LinkMe is substantial as the device consumes little energy given its clever use of light emitting diodes.  Nevertheless this is one area we seek to improve as a cost benefit analysis has shown potential for an upgraded organic light emitting diode display.  


We completed the design and tooling of LinkMe.  Our prototypes allow to program messages directly on them, are sleek and low profile, and utilize thin, flexible displays.  The current number of leds in the displays is 125.  This campaign will allow to upgrade the display to over 200 leds,  a much richer quality.  Your contribution will also make it possible to complete critical steps in the project, including:

  • Purchasing components in bulk
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • Testing and certification
  • Ongoing developments and enhancements
  • Translation of manuals into multiple languages


We have been considering adding vibration capability to LinkMe for some time.  After taking into account feedback and demand for vibration capability, we have decided to make this feature a stretch goal.  Therefore, vibration capability will be added upon the campaign surpassing this stretch goal.


"LinkMe is unabashedly beautiful... there’s just something about LinkMe that makes me want to have it around my wrist." - TechCrunch

"Move over, Apple and Samsung. While two of tech's biggest companies are reportedly developing smart watches, startup LinkMe has already gotten a head start." - Mashable

"What makes LinkMe a lot more interesting than smart watches probably has to be its design. It’s made from chrome and has a very clean and minimalist finish to it." - Ubergizmo

"Looks absolutely brilliant when lit up. It's almost as though it was taken straight from a science fiction movie." - Trendhunter

"Whether you use the wristband for social media updates, personalized messages, security alerts, or telling the time, LinkMe is sure to be a nice addition to your wardrobe when your phone is out of reach." - Tekkek 

Risks and challenges

Our job is development, production and manufacturing. We know the nature of the challenges we may encounter and how to overcome them. We have constantly met or exceeded our development and production timelines in the past, and we are confident we will deliver on time. We do not take pledges lightly, as each pledge will come from people who believe in this project and our ability to execute. We will maintain excellent communication with backers, post updates on the project, and respond to all questions in a timely manner.

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    EARLY ADOPTER - Become involved with the LinkMe team to test pre-production models and provide valuable feedback. You will receive the first ever LinkMe wristbands, and explore creative possibilities before it hits the wider community.

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