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An OSR Zine Bestiette
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Need inspiration to liven up the endless desert in your game? Desert Dwellers is a straightforward supplement zine that contains 10 creative critters. From the deadly Rolling Rotter, to the gusting Sand Stormlings; make the hot sands a wondrous and exciting place for your players to explore.

All creatures have Swords and Wizardry stat blocks, but can easily be converted to other OSR systems or 5th edition. 

Stretch Goals

For every $100 past our goal, we will add another creature.

If we reach $500 we will add a two-page special-mystery-boss-monster!

If we reach $800 we will include a page or two on desert vegetation.

5.5" x 8.5" size  (in accordance with zine quest)

Approximately 18 pages 

Black and white

Digital PDF only : including a normal version and a printable version.

This is a digital only release. We will send you an email during the fulfillment period with a link to your digital reward. 

Risks and challenges

We are a dynamic team with previous kickstarter experience. Due to the small size of the project and the amount of work already done, we are confident in our ability to meet the deadline.

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