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Brian, a failed Ivy League professor, teaches at a city college during the day while trying to build a teleportation machine at night.

What is “Love & Teleportation” about?

Love & Teleportation is the story of Brian Owens.  Brian used to be a prominent professor at an Ivy League University until an unfortunate accident killed one of his students.  Now, he finds himself teaching at a community college in Los Angeles to make ends meet.  But his real passion can be found in his garage; Brian is trying to build the world’s first Teleportation machine and he’s close to getting it to work.  Enter Shelly, one of the art professors at the college.  She meets Brian and is immediately smitten with him.  Brian however is too wrapped in his machine to notice her advances.  This doesn’t deter Shelly as she tries to break through Brian’s hard shell to get to his emotional center.

What am I trying to accomplish?

The bottom line is, I dislike the way Hollywood makes films.  I’ve seen it up close for the past 15 years and I know there’s a better way.  I have two goals I want to accomplish with this film.

1)   Tell the best story I can possibly tell.

The problem with most Hollywood films is they start making a project way before it’s ready to be made.  I’ve worked on many Hollywood films where there wasn’t even a completed script before they started shooting.  And this is why you get these terrible movies that barely make sense.  Conversely, I’ve spent the better part of the last three years preparing this film.  I’ve written and written and written some more to get the script in the best shape it could possibly be in.  I’ve also spent quite some time storyboarding every shot in the film.  I have over 650 storyboards in total.  Not only do I have a story that I believe to be entertaining with strong characters and emotional pull but I also know exactly what that story will look like on film.

2)   Take the bureaucracy out of filmmaking

What I dislike most about Hollywood films is that everyone has a specific job and you are only allowed to do that job.  I do not consider that to be filmmaking.  My goal is to get a small group of dedicated filmmakers together who will do anything the film requires to get the film done.  If a light needs to be moved, the nearest person will move the light.  If a microphone needs to be held, the nearest person will hold it, etc.  My hope is this team effort will create a more cohesive crew who will work their butts off to make the best possible product.

How can you make a good narrative film for 25K?

Well, I assure you it won’t be easy but it can be done.  First off, I own all my own equipment.  That includes HD cameras, sound equip, lights, a dolly and even a jib arm.  So, equipment cost can be removed from the budget.  Second, I’ll be working under the SAG ultra low budget agreement.  In essence this allows me to get really good actors for not a lot of money.  Third, my crew will mostly be working for free.  Basically, the 20k will be going to props, set dressing and locations.

I know what you’re saying, “Troy you’re crazy, 25k isn’t enough.”  To which I say, “it is and I’ve done it before.”  Not only is it enough but I can make it look damn good for that money.  If you don’t believe me check out my websites.

Everything on those websites was made with limited crew and funds.  Thank you for checking out my Kickstarter page.  No contribution is too small.  Any donation would help out this project tremendously.


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