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Printing issue 4 of the comic Walking on Broken Glass: A Supernatural Office Dramedy Romance About MURDER

Walking On Broken Glass has been described as a Supernatural Office Dramedy Romance about Murder. It’s about a man dealing with a dark fate looming over his future and his quest to make up for the wrongs of that future in the present. It’s about a woman with enough strength, determination, love and stubbornness to stand by his side through thick and thin. It’s about monsters. It’s about magic. It’s about werewolves! And witches! And vampires! (Oh my?)

Issue Four follows our hero as he struggles between his heart and his head. A gruesome nightmare reminds him that Kennedy supports him even despite his terrible future looming over him. How could he possibly reconcile what he wants with what will inevitably happen if he lets someone close? How can he deal with that blood on his hands?

WoBG is an urban fantasy comic: action with a sense of humor, a horror story, and a love story all wrapped up in the supernatural. It updates every Sunday with sketch comic updates every Thursday, and has been serialized online since October, 2010. You can read up to the present chapter at our website.

Hey, WoBGers! Big news! We’re going to be behind a table at GeekGirlCon in Seattle this summer! But in order to be prepared, we need your help! Due to a number of requests, we're opening up this Kickstarter to fund the printing of Issue Four: Brave New World!

As always, there are incentives for you guys! When you donate, you can collect anything from signed copies of the issues to posters to dice bags. They’re listed below to help you choose which tier is right for you. We appreciate any and all help you guys can give us, including simply spreading the word to help us toward our goal of $405.

Goal Breakdown
$234 for 75 copies of issue 4 from RA Comics Direct
$15 to ship the books to us
$15 for comic bags
$150 to cover incentive shipping and Kickstarter fees

Stretch Goal

We have new stretch goals!!

If we hit $2,000, we can use the money to hire a web designer to redesign the site to be less cluttered, easier to access, quicker to load, and all around a better design. This is something I’m really excited about and I hope we can make this happen.

If we hit $2,500, we’ll be able to start updating 2 times a week, either starting the 3rd of January or whenever we have a buffer of ten comics — whichever’s quicker. I really hope we can make it! It’d be crazy to raise that much in five days but you never know!


Unfortunately, after our super successful printing of issue three, we ran into one little problem: we’re running severely low on copies of Issue One and Issue Two! So here's the deal: we have enough in our pockets to do a small print-run of a Combo Issue One & Two edition, but there won't be enough to have any on hand for Kickstarter rewards. While this Kickstarter is focused entirely on Issue Four,  we have a stretch goal that will allow us to print enough copies of the new combo edition to open them up for incentives here. Until then, unfortunately only issues three and four will be available. So if you want a copy of Issues One & Two, help us reach our modest stretch goal of $650!

If we get to $650 donated, we can print enough to offer the Issue One & Two Combo Edition as incentives on here.

If we make it to $780 donated, the whole print run will be paid for and we will be very happy creators! Any further donations will be put into the company coffers to fund future merchandising, print runs, and assorted business expenses.

If we reach those stretch goals, two more incentive tiers will open up, allowing you to get all three comics (that's four issues!), with some or all of them sketched in by the artist!

Thanks, guys! You're awesome!!


All donators will get access to the bonus blog, and have their name in the book. As for the rest? Take a look at all these awesome incentives we have for you! 


Posters: 11"x17" glossy! Very nice quality, printed through RA Comics Direct.

Dice Bags: (Please note not all designs are currently available.)


Sketches: All sketches can be simple requests: no more than two characters, no backgrounds, in fairly simple poses. Please keep your requests tasteful. All sketches -- in comics or on cards -- will be inked and shaded like this:

Even if you can't pledge money, that's totally fine! You can still help us out by spreading the word! Friends, family, Facebook, Twitter, G+, whatever your fancy! We'll be holding a raffle at the end from people who spread the word via the various social networks. Just let us know by tagging your tweets with #wobg, telling us via mention @cvilbrandt or @samanthajmathis, commenting on our comic, or sending us links to your posts or blogs at, or Basically, just make sure we're informed!

Please note, if you do not get a reply from us that says it's received, poke us. We may have missed it in the CRAZINESS that is running a Kickstarter.

Thanks so much for checking out our print run and for all the support! You all rock.


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    Our undying gratitude, your name in the book, and access to the bonus content blog!

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    1 Comic Issue & 1 Bookmark (Unless we reach our stretch goals, only issues three or four will be available for this tier.)

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    A commissioned sketch card done by the artist just for you!

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    2 Comic Issues (one of them with bonus sketch) & 1 Bookmark (Unless we reach our stretch goals, only issues three or four will be available for this tier.)

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    Three comics (that means issues 1-4!), with one sketched in, plus one bookmark!

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    Swag! 1 Comic, 1 poster, 1 bookmark, 4 pins, and a dice bag!

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    All three comics (that is, four issues!), all of them sketched in, plus a poster and a bookmark!

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    3 backers All gone!

    One comic, and a specially commissioned story by the author!

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    One comic, and you get to do a streaming session with the artist, in which she will draw (tasteful) requests!

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    Your pick of any and all of the physical swag (that is, not including the commissions or livestreams), and you get a crowd cameo in the comic! (Please note the cameo date is yet undetermined.)

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