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For the first time in Legend of Zelda music history, we want to record an epic, full-sized choir to accompany the music on our album.
506 backers pledged $24,194 to help bring this project to life.

Zelda turns 25; Twilight Symphony just broke 10k!!

Holllllly crap! Twilight Symphony just broke 10k, which means we're more than halfway there! That's AMAZING. With this kind of momentum our once seemingly insurmountable goal now feels reachable! We're so very grateful for all of the contributions thus far and humbly ask that you continue to spread the word and positive vibes!

ZREO wants to shout out to the following groups as a humongous THANK YOU for their support in helping get the word out: Original Sound Version, Destructoid, Joystiq, Reddit, Radio Free Gamer, IGDA, Ladies of Leet, Final Score Podcast, Zelda Universe, Zelda Informer, Zelda Eternity, GoNintendo and MMOMFG.

In other (bigger) news, ZELDA TURNS 25! We personally would like to congratulate the Big N (Nintendo) and Zelda franchise creators Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka on 25 years of our favorite video game series: The Legend of Zelda! It should go without saying that we love these games; they've had a huge impact on our lives, and we can't wait for what the future holds.

Spread the word! There are 23 days left and 7,600 dollars left to raise! The Zelda Reorchestrated team is getting more and more excited each day as the dream materializes. Please understand: Anything raised over 18k only goes toward further improving the quality of the final product, whether that mean more professional singers, better microphones, or more live instrumentalists, so please keep the support coming! We love all of you and can't wait to share TWILIGHT SYMPHONY with YOU.

Let's celebrate Zelda's 25 Anniversary in style!

The Twilight Symphony Team

PS - If you haven't yet seen it, be sure to check out this amazing vertical mural painted by an as-of-now unknown Japanese artist. To us, this is the most epic, all-encompassing piece of artwork to have ever graced our computer screens. If you're a fan of Zelda (and we know you are), you must check this out:

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