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Spriter is an animation tool for 2d games. Larger, more smoothly animated characters, all running on your favorite engine and platform.
1,844 backers pledged $71,179 to help bring this project to life.

Update on impending price increase, and a change in plugin policy

Posted by edgar muniz (Creator)

Hello everyone, We wanted to give everyone a heads up about the impending Spriter price increase and a change in policy regarding Spriter official plugins.

Price Increase

Spriter 1.0 will be priced as follows:

Essential : Free - create animations with Spriter's basic features

  • Position, scale and rotate any images in a frame.
  • Vertically or horizontally flip any images in a frame.
  • Set the opacity level for any images in a frame.
  • Adjustable pivot points.
  • Tweening support.
  • Export finished animations in SCML for realtime playback or full frame sequential PNGs (with alpha channel).
  • Basic onionskin mode for easier animating.
  • Basic bone support
  • Create multiple characters per file.

Professional : $75 - Indie and personal use*. Upgrade to Pro to unlock additional awesome features for animation and game development.
Commercial : $250 - For commercial organizations*

  • Advanced onionskin mode for pro animation.
  • Advanced Bone support with IK and constraints.
  • Set up grids and load in background images to work over.
  • Place unlimited, named “action points” per frame.
  • Place unlimited, named collision rectangles per frame.
  • Set up variables or tags for characters, with default values which can be triggered to change at any animation frame.  Attach these variables and tags to specific keyframes, sprites, animations, etc.
  • Easily design “character maps” for visual variations of characters using extremely little extra data or time. (Ideal for characters getting new weapons, armor, etc).
  • Merge multiple Spriter project files into a single file (great for working on large game projects with a team).
  • Trigger and preview sound samples with volume control per frame.
  • Quickly replace images or entire image folders in your animations.
  • Create rotated version of frames.
  • Automatically import sequential images as animations.
  • Texture atlas (spritesheet) support via Code'n'Web TexturePacker integration.

* Pro users must upgrade to a Commercial license if you generate over $8000 on a project using Spriter

Larger businesses contact us about studio licensing.

Educational institutions please contact us about classroom licenses.

The pro and commercial licenses will be available to use in one of two flavors:

single user - multi seat
This is a cross-platform license intended for a use by a single user for personal or indie use, potentially on more than one machine. This means you can install it on your home Windows PC, and your MacBook Pro when you're on the go, or whatever combination of computers you happen to use.

single seat - multi user
Install on a single computer for use by one or more users at a development or animation studio. This license is meant to be installed on only one machine at a time for multiple users.

Spriter will begin being split off into free and pro versions in one of next 2 releases, and this price increase will take effect on December 15th. So this month and a half will be the last chance to get it at our low pre-order price. Tell all your friends and fellow developers and animators to get it while it's still at the alpha price. Also, as of now, the only version that is or has been available for sale on our site is pre-orders for the pro version. We will make the commercial license available once the price increase takes effect.

Change in 1st Party Plugin Policy

Originally our business model included selling plugins and api's for Spriter as one potential revenue stream. Third parties would still be allowed and encouraged to develop and even sell plugins, but if we made one ourselves or hired a third party to do so, this would be an 'official' plugin, which would be promoted and sold on our site. We were also going to provide an avenue for third parties to partner with us, and we would share profit with them, and promote the plugin on our site in exchange for a share of the profits.

On the surface it made sense, and doesn't sound like there's anything wrong with it: "Make the program, the art packs, and the plugins. Sell the program, the art packs, and the plugins." However, as time went on, and the community of developers grew, we realized that it wasn't the right thing to do. There were developers creating and sharing their source code, and we would be punishing developers who wanted to share their source code, by not giving them the same promotion as developers sharing profit with us. We also realized on a wider scale, it would be dividing the entire community up into the official plugin developers, and the other plugin developers, as if we're the gatekeepers for who's good enough to get exposure, and the determining factor is a willingness to share profit. When looked at this way, it was definitely not who we wanted to be at all.

What's best for developers, animators, gamers, and Brashmonkey, is regardless of whichever platform you develop for, on whatever OS, just as you'd expect to find support for common image formats, you would find support for SCML. Depending on the platform or engine, it may or may not be common for developers to charge for APIs, plugins, etc. This should be up to the developer(s) doing the work. All implementations should be as easy as possible to find for any developer who needs them, and if it's not already on that platform, it should be as easy as possible to create one.

While we are certain this is the right decision, there are 77 of you who pledged enough to be in on the Unity plugin alpha, and 39 of those pledged enough to get all future first party plugins. As of now there will only be two first party plugins, for Scirra Construct 2 and Construct Classic, and we'll get back to that in a minute. When last I checked, there were 2, and possibly 3 Unity implementations in the works, including a collaborative effort on Spriter's messageboard started by ThinkSquirrel for a free Unity API. Not only do we not want to interfere with this, but it also means that you will all have access to these plugins far sooner than we would have been able to develop ourselves or work out a contract with a 3rd party developer.

So, a Unity plugin is coming, as are many other plugins and api's for other engines, most of which you can find in the forums. Furthermore by making both Construct plugins for free, those backers would indeed be getting all future first party plugins. However, we're not trying to get off on a technicality, and as some backers pledged extra for these privileges we're going to start off by giving all those who pledged 99$ or higher the full commercial license, but if you're one of those backers, we'd also welcome feedback about what additional rewards you would like. (For example, an extension of daily build access after Spriter 1.0, etc)

As for why we're still making the Construct plugins. This isn't a question of favoritism, it just so happens that Edgar has created several plugins for Construct in the past, including betas that were already made for these plugins, before the Kickstarter even came about. In the original plan to sell 1st party plugins, these were going to be the only two we were going create in house as opposed to hire out to a third party. These plugins will function as additional example implementations for developers, as they will be free and open source upon completion. The Construct 2 plugin in particular is also part of a larger strategy by allowing us to demonstrate Spriter in realtime in a browser without needing to download anything. Eventually, we'd also like to use Construct 2 to create a no-plugin required realtime player so Spriter users could embed examples of their work to share on websites with fans or potential clients. We plan to also create less obvious realtime usage examples, like easy to create, but complex and impressive Spriter powered GUIs, or real-time motion comics. The Construct 2 plugin is currently in development along with the remaining features of Spriter, and will also aid in expanding the SCML documentation by giving me first-hand experience implementing loading and playback of engine-side SCML.

Of course it goes without saying that the last few features, and the road to full bug-free stability are our highest priority. Each new feature comes with potential new bugs. In one of the next few updates, all the basic 1.0 pro features will be implemented and full focus will be on stability, documentation, and polish. And finally, it's getting asked around alot, lately, so I'll say it here, our estimation for 1.0 is by the end of Dec 2012. Once Spriter 1.0 is complete and stable, we still have many more exciting features and enhancements we will add to Spriter, and we'll reveal more after 1.0 arrives.

We're nearing the home stretch for 1.0, and we can't thank you all enough for your continued support.

-Edgar and Mike @ BrashMonkey


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    1. Melissa Darkshore on

      Are you serious Edgar? Anyone whoj pledged $25 or more get the full commercial license? I guess that would be a pretty awesome gift for those of us who pledged and helped make spriterhappen ^_^
      Or I could just be miss reading lol

    2. Brian Sowers on

      "However, we're not trying to get off on a technicality, and as some backers pledged extra for these privileges we're going to start off by giving all those who pledged 99$ or higher the full commercial license, but if you're one of those backers, we'd also welcome feedback about what additional rewards you would like. (For example, an extension of daily build access after Spriter 1.0, etc) "

      If everyone who pledged $25 or more is getting the full commercial license, the people who pledged $99+ are already covered there.

      Here are some potential additional rewards:
      * Throw in an art pack or two. (doesn't do much for those that pledged $300+)
      * For those who pledged $300+, pre-release previews of the art packs. I'm especially interested to see what's going on there.
      * A direct support channel. You may already be doing that via e-mail though.
      * Ability to request free 1st party plugins for those libraries not being covered by other developers. Ie: I don't know of a Sparrow plugin in the works. There's also always the concern that third party developers will abandon work.

      Not particularly remarkable ideas... kind of drawing a blank here. :-)

    3. edgar muniz Creator on

      Sorry for the confusions folks. We will make sure everything is clear for new purchasers when the price is increased, also to avoid yet another update, the sentence in bold in the new update should say All backers who pledged $25 or more, OR pre-orders before December 15th will own the full commercial license.

    4. Mike Kasprzak on

      Over here folks. No need for any more anger:

      All of us that contributed $25+ are getting "Commercial" licenses.

      Sorry Edgar, it looks like your question to Unity backers "what should we give you" isn't getting heard.

    5. Missing avatar

      JK on

      Sorry missed the comment from Edgar.

    6. Missing avatar

      JK on

      They still have a legal responsibility to provide what they claimed (if you don't believe me check KS faq). They promised a tool they they are now restricting the claimed reward.

      @Bobby by your statement I should give nike a kickback because I won a race using their shoes that I bought at the store? Get real! KS is not a store but it is a legally binding agreement with backers so opinions don't matter in this case they have to provide what they claimed. (Again look this up if you don't believe me). Yes we are helping but we are certainly not giving handouts.

    7. Bobby Allen

      I understand the angst. Edgar explained this new price model does not apply to existing backers. That said! If you use this tool to make a game which earns you a million, would it hurt to send a gift back?

      "if you generate over $8000 on a project using Spriter" He does not say if the 8k is gross or net? What accounting model will be applied to show you generated over 8k?

      My opinion is BrashMonkey is a very small company and needs time/forgiveness to grow. From what I have seen this tool is worth the investment.

    8. Missing avatar

      Zózimo on

      So are you telling us that all the 1203 backers who pledge 25 U$ will not receive the "full pro version" as your campaign tpromised us? Is that right or have I misread this update? If so, If you are REALLY saying that now we won't receive what we were supposed to... Man, it is such a shame!

      It is so disappointing! I was eager to see this project come to life since the campaign started. I'm not even an Game artist, I'm a Game designer, but I decided to support this project and I was happy to receive a license of the pro version in return! I didn't want to invest more, because the standard pro version is enough to me. I just want to play around with the tool, test the features and be able to convince the artist around me to jump onto this amazing product, so if they like it too, I was willing to buy a commercial version and any plugin or whatever you would put in the market! I was planninjg to be a kind of Spriter's embassador inside my team!

      But now this... What is the point guys? If you wanted 75 bucks at the very first moment, I'd pay for it, no big deal! I'm really upset with this update, you spit on our faces! I feel like I was stab in the heart from behind... I think that now a lot of backers feel betrayed too! It is so unfair... And this after 8k selling thing too... Man! It would be great to make money with the help of your tool and I really wouldn't mind to share some profits, however tell me this first!

      I hope you guys can think more about it and reconsider this decision of yours! I would like to pretend that this was just an outdated April fool joke or something like that and you will change your mind and return to the original plan.

    9. Richard Davey

      Thanks for the clarification edgar - you really really ought to edit your original update to make it clear, or you may well have lots of confused comments because they didn't notice your reply below!

    10. Kristan Alicesun on

      Edgar, thanks for the quick update! All is right in the world again. ;~)

    11. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Rowe on

      Edgar, this is excellent news! Sorry about posting the wall of text, I guess I was penning it while you were responding to our concerns. >_<

    12. edgar muniz Creator on

      please read my previous comment, but to clarify further, the feature set for pro and commercial is exactly the same software, we just wanted to provide a discounted license to indie developers and animators. And once again, you'll get the full commercial license if you backed Spriter for $25 or more, and if you pre-ordered before Dec 15, 2012

    13. Kristan Alicesun on

      Since we were not told beforehand about the $8000 limit, it is unfair to put such a limit in place now (at least when it comes to Kickstarter backers). While I'm sure it wasn't your intention, this comes of as a little bit of a bait & switch. I would suggest removing such restrictions on Kickstarter backers. Just consider any 'potential' lost revenue advertising to spur more sales.

      P.S. Looking forward to 1.0! Thanks.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Rowe on

      Hi Edgar & Mike, like the others here, I am hoping you can clarify how this new pricing structure affects backers. Of concern most especially is this: "*Pro users must upgrade to a Commercial license if you generate over $8000 on a project using Spriter."

      Unless you are planning on giving all backers a commercial license, this is pretty shady considering that you made NO MENTION during the campaign itself of your intentions to limit the "Pro" version by any kind of income cap. Will we all be getting commercial licenses, or is this a "haha, that's what you get for kickstarting, sucka! Anything can happen!" moment?

      If that's what it is, I have to tell you it's really disappointing... false bill of sale and all that.

      I hope though that this whole kerfuffle is happening because you just forgot to leave out the bit about "everyone who kickstarted at $25 or above will get a commercial license since we didn't have income restrictions on this thing when we started it." PLEASE tell us that's all it is, a forgotten sentence or two. I think we're all still in your court... just... please don't make us all sad we backed this project.

    15. edgar muniz Creator on

      You guys are right, anyone who backed us for $25 or more will receive a full commercial license, as we hadn't come up with our pricing model back when the Kickstarter was active, and it isn't our intent to deceive and take advantage. Also, since there was never any announced limitation on Spriter pro, current pro pre-purchasers will also be upgraded to commercial license until this price increase takes effect. In short if you backed Spriter for $25 or more, or prepurchase before December 15th, you own commercial license.

      The commercial licensing tier is intended for larger organizations. If a user purchases Spriter after the price increase and generates over $8000 in revenue using Spriter, we ask that they upgrade to the commercial license, but we will not be actively policing and hunting down indies. Also, this $8000 was meant for the user themselves, not a company they were contracted for. And finally we will make sure all of these terms are clear at the time of purchase before it gets set in stone.

      Backers $99 or more, we still want to hear from you.

    16. Richard Davey

      I backed at the $60 level because I don't use Unity and had no need for the art packs or any pledge amount beyond $60. So do I get the Pro or Commercial version?

      I'm genuinely confused because there are features listed in the Commercial version that you had listed on the original Kickstarter page as being part of the software, such as action points and sound effects, that have now moved into the 'Commercial' version.

    17. Missing avatar

      James Meyer on

      Edgar and Mike. I think we need clarification how the new pricing structure affects Kickstarter participants who purchased Spriter. You did not address that in your new pricing scheme

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthew Humphries on

      The split is fine if you don't include everyone who backed the project to get it funded. Everyone who pledged $25 or more should automatically be awarded the Commercial License. We helped make the project happen at a time when we thought we were getting a product that didn't have such constratints e.g. $8000 limit. It is unfair to do anything other than give us your new commercial license.

    19. Mike Kasprzak on

      Earnings brackets are nothing but a headache. Marmalade, a great piece of middleware recently abandoned the old "earnings bracket" based pricing, and simply brought the $1000 license down to $500. That's the other way to deal with this: play with pricing. If you want more money per user, then just charge more. $129, $149, whatever. Then occasionally run sales. Sales a great for spreading the word.

    20. Marcus Feital on

      All that Jeremy said.

    21. William C Crawford on

      Wow. Suddenly I'm not allowed to make over $8000? Where is this coming from?

      I'm pretty angry about this. I pledged my money in good faith and nothing was said about this beforehand.

      But you know what? Don't worry about it. I won't use Spriter, and I won't ever use anything you ever produce. I'm better off without it.

    22. Mike Kasprzak on

      Alright, I want to offer a suggestion that will both make sense and be easier for everyone.

      Individual License: $75 (or $99). For individuals and contractors. No weird project earnings brackets, because people aren't always privy to what a game earns, especially contractors. This covers a majority of indies too, since indies are literally 1-3 people, possibly not even real companies, but individuals banding together to attempt a project.

      **No option to buy in bulk**. If you have the capability to multi-buy, then you're not likely in the individual/contractor bracket, are you?

      Enterprise License: $249 per seat. For companies or teams with funding that are multi-buying.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Stone on

      I am disappointed that the cutoff is the $99 mark and this seems a bit shady.

      I backed lower than that because I didn't want the extra additions -- I just wanted the software itself. My expectation was I could use it for commerical projects. It now seems as though I'm only getting half of what I wanted. The first half, what I am getting is helping out a dev with a good idea fund a project. Second, not getting what I wanted -- the ability to use Spriter for a project (well, assuming said project is successful). If Spriter is as cool as it seems it will be, giving the commercial license to all the Pro backers will only be good advertising. (What's the conversion rate going to be anyhow, 5-10% of those people anyway?) I'm trying to see this as something positive for you guys, but does this change have to come at the expense of the sub $99 backers?

    24. Mike Kasprzak on

      I think you're going to want to clarify who's getting what, since even the $25 level says you get the "pro version".

      That said, separate tiers for Professional (Indie?) and Commercial adds unnecessary confusion. It means you have to police purchasers, and users have to remember to be honorable. Both are headaches nobody needs.

    25. David Brender on

      So, wait, we supported you and now you're taking away what we supported?

    26. Missing avatar

      JK on

      "99$ or higher the full commercial license"

      Uhmmm. What? That isn't right. People at the $60 tier you mention can create commercial titles. There is not restriction mentioned at that level. I think you are going to have a lot of upset individuals if you don't handle this right.

    27. Matthew Campbell on

      @Brad: My guess is that backers are slated to get a copy of the Pro version (as opposed to the newly announced Commercial version).

      If we're a backer, we don't need to preorder on the side to get it at the promotional pricing, right? I assume at some point we'll get a license key or something mailed to us so we can unlock a full copy of Spriter 1.0? So is this announcement really for the benefit of folks who didn't back (or backed at the $10 level)?

      Also, unrelated, is there any plan on offering promotional upgrade pricing from Pro to Commercial for backers if that version fits us better?

    28. corykerr on

      I echo Brad's question about the $40 level?

    29. Brad Herman on

      As one of 317 backers for the 40 level I would like to know if we are now getting the Commercial or Professional license? I would also like to know the new schedules for the Art Packs.
      Thank you for all your hard work on this fantastic project.