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Spriter is an animation tool for 2d games. Larger, more smoothly animated characters, all running on your favorite engine and platform.
Spriter is an animation tool for 2d games. Larger, more smoothly animated characters, all running on your favorite engine and platform.
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Spriter Release (alpha 2)

Hello again everyone,

   Here's the second of our bi-weekly releases on our way to 1.0. As of now all reported crashes and bugs have been fixed, and we've added basic file saving and loading features to the new format. However, this new multi-platform Spriter is still in alpha, and things are still very early on, so bugs, including crashes should be expected. There is still basic functionality missing, such as copy and paste, and it does not yet track your changes and warn you before closing that you should save your file. We understand these things are essential for the program to be complete, but as promised in the Kickstarter, everyone is here with us on the ground floor, and things will gradually get more polished and complete as we approach our December estimated release date. 

   This version is not to be considered stable, and one should not begin major projects with it, as of yet. Any brave developers who plan to or already have begun major projects with Spriter, we've purposefully been prioritizing functionality over polish, so Spriter can be more useful in the short term. But please, please save very frequently, to separate filenames, so there is always a backup to come back to. We've tested saving and loading extensively in house, but that is 2 users versus thousands. Again, please save frequently, and to alternate filenames, in case something goes wrong with a file, you have something at least semi-recent to fall back on. 

   Now that the disclaimers are out of the way. The good news is in the changelog below, and also we have the basic groundwork layed for bones/heirarchy, so this feature should be coming soon in one of the next 2 updates. As stated in our last update, we plan to release a version roughly every 2 weeks, so the 1st and 15th of each month, give or take a few days. 

    Over the next few days I'll be writing up some slightly more detailed documentation for developers working with the file format. But most of the developers who already implemented the previous file format, and/or participated in the discussion that ended with the final format should have little trouble. Also linked at the bottom of this post is once again the full format outline, as well as a compact version which only shows the features of the format currently implemented in the editor. 

   Thanks again for testing everyone. Don't forget right now only the non-pro features are implemented, so encourage all your friends to come download the free version. We'll be replacing the official download page with this version in the next few days, but for now, the Kickstarter page, and our forum is the only place with these links. 

Change Log:

  • Added basic file input and output to the new file format. 
  • Added a Playback Speed slider in the Timeline Window, to preview your animation at different speeds, including backward (-200% to 400% actual playback speed) 
  • Proper multi-object select with proper multi-object transform controls. 

  • Fixed a crash when click-dragging the background before a file is loaded. 
  • Fixed a crash when dragging and dropping to reorder objects in the Objects in Frame window, when dropping objects below the lowest object on screen. 
  • Fixed several bugs where the objects weren't drawn in the correct order in the Canvas window, so the order in the Objects in Frame window didn't correspond perfectly with the canvas view. 
  • Fixed a visual bug where jumbled text appeared in the expanded object properties in the Objects in Frame window. 
  • Fixed several bugs where the tweened objects behaved strangely when dragging the timeline slider. 
  • When zooming with the mousewheel, it was impossible to get back to exactly 100% zoom 
  • Fixed a visual bug where keyframes weren't aligning properly with the timeline slider. This bug was much more pronounced on Mac and Linux, but should be fixed on all platforms now.
  • Delete when several objects were selected didn't always delete all objects. 

Mac specific fixes:
  • Fixed a visual error on Mac, when dragging and dropping to reorder objects in the Objects in Frame window, though the objects would reorder correctly, it appeared like the drop was being rejected. (animated sliding back to it's original spot) 
  • Fixed a bug on Mac that didn't let you expand object info in the Objects In Frame window by clicking the arrow. 

  • Several optimizations to improve performance while manipulating images in the canvas.

Windows Download

Mac Download

Linux Download

Monster Example File

Compact SCML Format Outline (only currently implemented editor features)

Full SCML Format Outline


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    1. Don Raúl on September 29, 2012

      Links are not working for me...

    2. edgar muniz Creator on August 18, 2012

      yes kornholioefx. This will be addressed in the next update (roughly the first of next month), or the update after that (the 15th of next month). Both bones, and basic IK. The groundwork is already there behind the scenes, so it's coming soon.

    3. kornholioefx on August 18, 2012

      This has probably been answered before, but not sure where. Will this support parenting limbs a la 3D animation as well as kinematics of some kind?

    4. edgar muniz Creator on August 18, 2012

      Hi Thomas. Please post bugs and crashes on our forum:
      The more specific you can be as to what you were doing the better. if you can get it to happen the same way on purpose and describe the process, that's ideal.

      thanks for testing

    5. Super Face Master on August 18, 2012

      The mac build seems to be a bit crashy. Where do bug reports go?

    6. Missing avatar

      Boxbot on August 18, 2012

      No worries. I'll just have to spend the meantime drawing my sprite parts. :)

    7. edgar muniz Creator on August 18, 2012

      Thanks BoxBot. We were going to try to fix that as well as a mac compatibility issue in this build, but ran out of time. Rest assured though, we definitely want to get this working for as many users as possible, and thanks for your patience.

    8. Missing avatar

      Boxbot on August 17, 2012

      Can't run the 64-bit Linux on my 32-bit machine! I'll have to wait to do any testing, unfortunately.

      Great to see this much progress in so little time, though. You guys are great.

    9. edgar muniz Creator on August 17, 2012

      Thanks guys. Just continuing our tradition of first posting broken links, then fixing them later in the night.
      All links should work now

    10. Hemisphere Ormsby on August 17, 2012

      i removed the (%20) and it downloaded. cheers george

    11. George Sealy on August 17, 2012

      Great to see this coming out. Just a note though, the Mac link appears broken, there's a space (%20) on the end of the URL.

    12. Jasson McMorris on August 17, 2012

      Awesome news! We were really looking forward to using this new version and being able to save.

      None of the links work though! Are you still uploading them?