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Spriter is an animation tool for 2d games. Larger, more smoothly animated characters, all running on your favorite engine and platform.
Spriter is an animation tool for 2d games. Larger, more smoothly animated characters, all running on your favorite engine and platform.
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Spriter 2 Teaser!


We're pleased to announce that Spriter 2 is far enough along in development to release a teaser video and open it up for pre-orders. Of course, if you already own Spriter Pro through this Kickstarter, you will be getting Spriter 2 as a free upgrade, so there's no need to pre-order.   Thank you again to all of our Kickstarter backers for your generosity which made all of this possible, and for your zen-like patience during this long journey.

To celebrate this milestone, we're having a store-wide sale.  Use coupon code : SPRITER2 in our store to get 35 percent off anything on our store.

Anyone who owned Spriter Pro during or prior to this sale will be the first members of the community be eligible to participate in the private beta sometime in 2018. 

Stay tuned at, our Kickstarter posts, or our social media for future teasers and updates as things progress.

Please help spread the word by liking and sharing this video and our posts on social media.


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Dream Frontiers Environment Art Pack release


Hi everyone,  

We're proud to announce the release of the Dream Frontiers Environment art pack.  

Perfect for side scrolling platforms, this pack stands great on it's own or makes the perfect extension to the Dreamworld Adventures pack we released several months back.

The pack is now available on our online store and for the next 6 days is on sale at 25 percent off of the full price of 12.99.

Be sure to use coupon code: FRONTIERS for your 25 percent discount on the pack. 

It's also available on Steam for the same 25 percent off for 7 days. 

 For everyone who owns Spriter Pro, don't forget you get the reduced content Essentials version of this new art pack for free, so check back where you download your essentials packs from and it should be there.

Spriter R11 Release


Hello everyone.  Here's a new Spriter release with a couple of minor additions and several important bug fixes.  Enjoy!

Download here

Spriter Release 11  

Released 4/20/2017  

Additions and Enhancements  

  • Added pro feature to allow you to set background guide images per animation. It's impossible to accidentally move or edit the background images unless you enter the guide image editing mode. Guide image information is saved in a way that will be ignored by external implemenations and Spriter's own spritesheet generation.  
  • Hovering over metadata keys (variables and tags) now reveals their data  


  • Spriter will now prevent you from attempting to export to png/gif with an invalid custom rect source or target size (previously exited the dialog without exporting)  
  • Added option to right-click to rename in the z-order and hierarchy panes  

Bug Fixes  

  • Fixed a bug where moving animations from one entity to another would result in missing objects if the target entity already contained those objects  
  • Fixed a crash that would occur upon closing the edit variable dialog if a key was double clicked to open it and then that key was removed in the dialog  
  • Fixed a bug where variable keys couldn't be created in new animations created after the new variable was added  
  • Fixed a bug where if a project was loaded with an entity that contained a variable, keys for that variable couldn't be created in animations that didn't already have at least one key  
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to drag an animation containing a sub-entity into the entity it was using as a sub-entity. This would corrupt the animation, as entities cannot be sub-entities of themselves  
  • Fixed a bug that would cause objects to incorrectly update angles on multiple keys after being drag/dropped under certain circumstances  
  • Fixed a bug where copy and pasting pivot points wouldn't work in certain situations
  • Fixed several bugs and a crash when moving animations from one entity to another under certain conditions  
  • Spriter now attempts to automatically repair broken file associations that would cause default pivot points to reset to the top-left corner

Spriter R10 Released! New Essentials Art Pack! Steam Sale! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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Hello everyone,  and an early Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you.  We have a few things to update you on today.  First there is a new version of Spriter.  If you have automatic update notifications or the Steam version, you should already have it.  If not, download it here.

The change-log is at the end of this post, and there's a couple of cool new features, and important bug fixes, so please take a look.

Spriter Pro owners, you will also find you have new Essentials art content available to you.   We will post more information about our new environment art pack in the next few days.

And lastly, we have a holiday sale going on on our site and on Steam. Spriter and all art packs are 50% off on our site if you use the coupon code "Happy Holidays".  The same discount is available in Steam's holiday sale, no coupon code required.

Enjoy, and again Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Spriter Release 10 Released 


Additions and Enhancements

  • Improved z-order handling when copy-pasting. Will attempt to find paste at the same z-order relative to the copied object(s), and fall back on the absolute z-order index if necessary 
  • Added right-click options to copy relative and absolute z-order to all frames for a selected object. 
  • Added notification on task bar when an export is complete on Mac and Windows 
  • Added a button to open the current project folder (on the right side of the main icon bar) 
  • Added 'paste difference to all frames'. Ctrl-U will take a snapshot of a single selected object. After taking a snapshot, make any desired changes, and then Ctrl-I will paste the difference to all frames. For example if you take a snapshot of a sprite, and then rotate it 10 degrees, and move it 5 pixels to the left. The difference paste will apply the 10 degree rotation and 5 pixel movement to the current sprite angle and position on all other frames 
  • Added Move or Die game mod export. Watch the forums/announcements for further details in the near future. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where right-click copy to all frames wasn't working 
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the edit pivot point dialog wouldn't appear when double clicking an image in the file palette 
  • Fixed a bug where altering the pivot point of a non-character mapped image would incorrectly real time preview the pivot point change in the canvas 
  • Fixed a bug where padding changes could lag one change behind on the sprite sheet generation dialogue 
  • Fixed a bug where animation intervals were not loading 
  • Fixed a bug where saving a resized project as scon would save the old file sizes 
  • Fixed a bug where scon saves would always contain a  <gline> tag, even if it there were no guidelines to save
  • Fixed a bug where changes made after undoing a copy z-order to all frames action would cause it to appear as if all animation keyframes were deleted