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Remember that time, that place, those people, and all the strange and wonderful things that happened? This dance project is about that.

This December 16th and 17th, Big Rig Dance Collective (BRDC) is producing their first evening of dance at the Black Box in downtown Denton, TX, called Homing Where I Roam. The four co-directors of BRDC (Whitney Boomer, Crysta Caulkins-Clouse, Amanda Jackson, and Lily Sloan) are individually and collaboratively creating three works that explore ideas of home, family, and sense of place.

Here’s a Q & A to give you some ideas of what BRDC is thinking about and why they want YOU to be involved!

Q: What led you all to begin working together?

A: BRDC developed as a large group of graduate students in the Dance program at Texas Woman’s University who were inspired by the collaborative creative process. The four co-directors decided to plant roots in North Texas, a place where local art, community, and grassroots organizations are springing up like lovely little weeds. –Lily Sloan

Q: What’s different about this project?

A: This project presents the work of four artists creating collaboratively to bring personal ideas of home and family into a performance context and make it pretty darn interesting.  We’re creating the pieces by observing people at home, reflecting on family memories, and reimagining how we move through these familiar places. We are also collaborating with local musicians who are composing new music in the same vein. -Crysta Caulkins-Clouse

Q: Why do you want community support?

A: As dance artists, we are motivated to explore the body’s relation to its environment as it connects with experience, other bodies, architecture, technology, and culture. These motivations lead us to research how other people think about these connections in order for us to learn and create from multiple perspectives. So, community input is vital to our process! They are helping to create the dance and we are hoping to give them a creative spin on their experiences. -Amanda Jackson

Q: How does this project fit the vision of BRDC?

A: As a collective we enjoy bringing artistic communities together. Sharing our common experiences of the everyday, a sense of place, and memories is a way for us to connect with others. We are using this opportunity to connect with music and sound artists, local residents, visual artists, and many friends, families, and strangers on Facebook and the real world.  -Whitney Boomer


John Osburn: sound composition

Hentai Improvising Orchestra – Matt Hickey, Terry Horn, Ken Shimamoto: sound composition

Kevin and Emily Roden: home owners

Matt, Jill, and Gabby Hammond: home owners

Jesse Scroggins: visual artist

Green Space Arts Collective – Karen MacIntyre: studio owner 

Scott Martin: technical director

Performers:  Gabrielle Aufiero, Whitney Boomer, Crysta Caulkins-Clouse, Elyse Cox, Amie Davis, Amanda Jackson, Meredith Knight, Ilana Morgan, Melissa Sanderson, Lily Sloan

Special thanks to Texas Woman’s University Dance Faculty. 


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