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$36,096 pledged of $80,000 goal
By Canary + Co
$36,096 pledged of $80,000 goal

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    1. Canary + Co Creator on November 9

      Hi Sarah! Thank you for the support!!! We would absolutely love any help getting the word out even more throughout people's circles. If you would like to post on social media, tell your friends/coworkers/family, that would be amazing!! About your next steps question, we are weighing our options right now because there are a few different paths we can take in building our company. But DO NOT worry- this is only the beginning! We promise to update everyone on whatever moves we make! :)

    2. Sarah Wheatley on November 9

      I love this campaign, but what are your next steps if the funding goal is not met? Will you launch another one? How can I help you reach any future goals?

    3. Canary + Co Creator on October 4

      Hi Brigitte! A few people have been asking that, and we think its a great idea! We are tracking all the feedback and will let you know if we make changes along the way! :)

    4. Missing avatar

      on October 4

      I would love it if there was the opportunity to purchase a wristlet strap for the wallet/pouch at some point! I love taking something smaller when I don't need my whole purse but have struggled with setting things down and forgetting to pick them up again :)

    5. Canary + Co Creator on September 25

      Hi Ashley C! Thanks for your question and your love for the product!! The support on the straps is AWESOME. We backed the inside of the strap with seatbelt webbing, which is basically un-rippable. We even took extra measures and made sure the straps were sewn all the way to the bottom of the bag, internally. That way when you are carrying a lot of stuff, the weight gets more evenly distributed! :) Hope this helps!

    6. Missing avatar

      Ashley C on September 25

      Hi There! Love the color scheme and designs :) I'm always looking for great travel/commuting bags, so I'm looking forward to these. How is the support for the straps? Since the Main Squeeze can carry so much stuff, I know I'll probably be shoving a lot in there.

    7. Canary + Co Creator on September 25

      We totally agree Bonnie!! This is perfect for your travel plans. Thanks for the support!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Bonnie Reynolds on September 24

      This would be a great travel set. Wish I had this for my road trip this year. Instead I had to buy a tote bag, a lightweight backpack for day trips, and a separate holder for all my electronics. Congratulations on such a great design idea.

    9. Canary + Co Creator on September 23

      Roberta, you are SO right. She seems like the perfect customer for this product! :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Roberta Colchie on September 22

      When I saw the instructor come running in to the gym yesterday with shoes, water, towel, change of clothes, work bag etc , I immediately thought she should have your bag!! Bet she does too!

    11. Canary + Co Creator on September 19

      Thanks Rommy Blum!! We think its pretty great! :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Rommy Blum on September 19

      This is such a great design!

    13. Canary + Co Creator on September 19

      Hi M.A.! We are so glad you like it!! We are based out of LA, so when we calculated estimated shipping costs for various countries, this is the rate for the ones further away. We also had to accommodate for the dimensions of our bag and the weight when shipping! We appreciate your support! - Canary + Co

    14. M. A.
      on September 19

      I really like the innovation and design or the bag, but 70 USD for shipping is way too there a possibility of changing the shipping rate?