Orrery Lamp: A Minimal, Dimmable Solar System

by Bobby Genalo

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      chris heimbuch on

      As someone who has been active in voicing frustration, I also want to share my respect for getting back to us and providing a broader picture. I'm sorry to hear about what sounds like a bad experience for you both, but am happy you've found a solution. Hopefully this arrangement supports everything you need. I'm a big fan of this project and thus, the multiple inquiries. Now that I (we all) have more details, I'm back to looking forward to receiving the lamp. As much as it is a functional lamp, it's also a beautiful piece of art. Thanks for the update and good luck with getting everyone their respective products. Chris Heimbuch.

    2. Kim Plowright on

      Oh that sounds miserable - but the new space sounds lovely and full of stories. Post a photo! Thank you for the update: am super excited, still - and hopefully this gives me the time to paint the wall in the lamp’s future home...

    3. Aaron Fagerstrom on

      It's one thing to wait for a product, but it's another thing to go 10 months without a lamp in one's living room. Please keep rolling on this... we want our lamps!