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The perfect blend of Alpina Heritage and Modernism into the world’s most beautiful Outdoors Smartwatch.
The perfect blend of Alpina Heritage and Modernism into the world’s most beautiful Outdoors Smartwatch.
The perfect blend of Alpina Heritage and Modernism into the world’s most beautiful Outdoors Smartwatch.
2,795 backers pledged CHF 1,569,882 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Marc Jusino 2 minutes ago

      Bpaik. The hands move automatically as they are getting out of the way of the digital screen so you can see it clearly. Also you might be in compass mode where the hands will move freely.

    2. Chris 22 minutes ago

      Guys, when you get your watches check your case back screws. Mine weren’t “snug” and easily turned. Use the correct screwdriver and tighten without stripping. May be a possible solution to avoid future WR issues.

    3. BPaik about 2 hours ago

      the watch definitely buggy! I paired by watch initially. Then the hands started moving automatically when moving through the different functions. I tried to reset and unpair and now it won't pair. Great.

    4. Chris about 2 hours ago

      @Mats As Brian stated, in the US that is the format (6/22/18) that is most commonly used.

    5. Brian Williams about 3 hours ago

      @Mats well the fact that you said mates tells us that you're not in the US- everyone here would say June 22nd, 2018. Obviously neither way is "correct" as it just depends on where you live...

    6. Missing avatar

      Mats about 3 hours ago

      @Chris: Why? It is correct way with date-month-year. It is 22th June 2018 today. It would be rather odd to say June 22th 2018. I don't know anyone among my friends or work mates or people in general that is saying something else as day-month-year.

    7. BPaik about 3 hours ago

      Just got mine. 2 days from Geneva to Los Angeles!

    8. Chris about 4 hours ago

      Just received it, good quality and will do a full review on WUS soon. One nit pick is with the date. If you want the date and day to show (bottom pusher 3 times), it’s setup like this: 22:6:18 and Friday underneath. Can this be changed to read 6:22:18?

    9. Alpina Watches Creator about 8 hours ago

      @Koen Vermeulen Thank you very much Koen! Enjoy your time with the AlpinerX!

    10. Alpina Watches Creator about 8 hours ago

      @David Garcia Hi David! The Customs Duty/VAT/GST charges for their own country, which varies according to each country’s legal and taxation structure. We found this site that may be of help to calculate Duty/VAT/GS:

    11. Alpina Watches Creator about 8 hours ago

      @Rodolph Dandan Hi Rodolph! You need to select the UV mode using the crown button and make sure to place your watch facing the sun. You can then press on the pusher at 2 o'clock to take another measurement. Do not hesitate to come back to us if this doesn't help (

    12. Alpina Watches Creator about 8 hours ago

      @shynapse Hi Simon! Not to worry, unfortunately, the DHL papers were made prior to the actual shipment. Your parcel will be leaving our manufacture soon - please keep checking your e-mails for your DHL update. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience.

    13. Missing avatar

      Gerhard Schmidt about 8 hours ago

      @Florian Bungartz
      Backer 59 Super early birth

    14. Alpina Watches Creator about 8 hours ago

      @Wolfman Thank you so much! We'll definitely take all input into consideration and updates will enable to improve and refine the watch over time. We'll definitely keep going!

    15. Alpina Watches Creator about 8 hours ago

      @Paul Nowicki Great! Thanks for the compliments. Do not hesitate to send us a pic or tag us on social media, we love seeing how our AlpinerX backers style their watch!

    16. Alpina Watches Creator about 8 hours ago

      @Mark Indeed! Thanks for your good spirit!

    17. Alpina Watches Creator about 8 hours ago

      @Seth W Fantastic! We're glad that you've solved your notifications issue. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problem. Enjoy the weekend with your new watch.

    18. Alpina Watches Creator about 8 hours ago

      @Paul Hoffman Thank you! It's hard to please everyone, but we're doing our best to ship the remaining watches to everyone as soon as possible.

    19. Alpina Watches Creator about 8 hours ago

      @BPaik Fingers crossed! Do send us a pic from sunny Los Angeles when you're able to wear your AlpinerX!

    20. Alpina Watches Creator about 9 hours ago

      @Chris Sorry to hear that! Hopefully, you'll get it on Monday! Keep us posted!

    21. Alpina Watches Creator about 9 hours ago

      @IZOARD Hi David! Thank you very much! We couldn't be happier! We hope you'll go on exciting adventures with your AlpinerX. Thank you for the picture, it looks great!

    22. Alpina Watches Creator about 9 hours ago

      @Paul van der Haar Hi Paul! We have a group specifically dedicated to the production of the AlpinerX, hence the 100 pieces per day. All assembled by hand by our watchmakers.

    23. Alpina Watches Creator about 9 hours ago

      @tranquiliste Thank you for your feedback and concern.

    24. Alpina Watches Creator about 9 hours ago

      @Nathan Boucher Great news! We hope you'll get your AlpinerX soon!

    25. Missing avatar

      Armin Basten about 9 hours ago

      @Florian Bungartz
      Ich habe das AlpinerX - Extra Strap Special 560 CHF. Waren dann 111€ bei DHL.

    26. Missing avatar

      Koen Vermeulen about 10 hours ago

      Today I received my AlpinerX. What a great watch! So far everything is working well. Thanks Alpina team!

    27. Missing avatar

      Florian Bungartz about 11 hours ago

      @Gerhard Schmidt. Versand nach Deutschland? Basierend auf welcher Unterstützungssumme? Super early bird oder early bird?

    28. Missing avatar

      JamieR about 11 hours ago

      @Rodolph Dandan - this might be a silly question but have you tested it outdoors? Indoors will probably always give a UV reading of zero.

    29. Missing avatar

      David Garcia about 11 hours ago

      How much are you paying for duties? DHL called me to pay 200€!!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Gerhard Schmidt about 11 hours ago

      Nach langen warten ist nun endlich meine AlpinerX eingetroffen. :-) Alles ist Prima. Die Uhr ist sehr gut verarbeitet und sieht super aus. Mein Extra bestelltes Armband war auch dabei, leider nicht die dazu bestellte Schließe: :-(
      Die Uhr ließ sich einwandfrei mit der App konfigurieren. Die Verbindung war auch problemlos.
      Hoffe das Alpiner die fehlende Schließe nachliefert.
      Nun freue ich mich auf die nächsten Tage um meine AlpinerX auszuprobieren.


      Wenn es noch interessiert, ich habe bei DHL noch 89 Euro bezahlt.

    31. Missing avatar

      Rodolph Dandan about 12 hours ago

      @Alpina I am sure I read it before, but my UV always points to 0. Is the software not capturing this sensor, or is it a problem with my watch?

    32. Missing avatar

      Mark about 13 hours ago

      You have a notification.. be happy about it, the rest will happen soon...

    33. Missing avatar

      shynapse about 13 hours ago

      DHL notification since Tuesday... we are on Friday and nothing...

    34. Missing avatar

      SPLIT9278 about 13 hours ago


      Who has a Samsung A3 2017?
      Connection failures for me (i have tried everything...hard reset, safe mode etc...).
      Test on another A3 2017...same problem.
      No problem with Iphone, Samsung J5, A5 2016, Huwaei).
      Alpina ticket in progress.
      Thanks for your help.

    35. Paul Sandy about 14 hours ago

      I'm guessing it's the straps that they are waiting for I'm waiting on AL-283BBOBOGB and brown leather and black rubber straps also backer #95 So where you are in the list has no benifit.😁

    36. Missing avatar

      Wolfman about 14 hours ago

      @Alpina Watches - Congratulations. Just received my watch and am very impressed. Look and feel, quality, details etc., ... just great. Overall experience with the kickstarter campaign also above what I am hearing elsewhere. Some room for improvement on software, all minor, will send suggestions to the mail address mentioned elsewhere in this thread. And hey, that's why it can be updated OTA. Keep going!

    37. Brian Williams about 16 hours ago

      @BPaik What's crazy is the watch you're describing is exactly the same as mine, only I had the extra strap, so I'm AL-283BBOBOBS with the S at the end. Also in Los Angeles, but no notification. I was backer #3088 though, so that must factor in as well.

    38. Missing avatar

      Paul Nowicki about 16 hours ago

      Got my watch last night here in Amsterdam. It's really nice! I ordered a Blue/Orange combination and since I couldn't decide on one strap I ordered 3! Currently wearing it with the blue fabric strap with orange stitching.

    39. Missing avatar

      Mark about 19 hours ago

      Good things always come to the patient one, so let's all relax. Great to see the positive feedback already about the appearance of the watch. Minor software issues don't worry me....I have to deal with Android since over ten years and I survive from update to update with my fitness apps...😂😂

    40. Seth W about 19 hours ago

      Just wanted to say THANKS! I received notification of DHL delivery and my watched arrived late afternoon far so good!

      I did have a problem with notifications no longer working, so I did what I read someone else posted - completely delete the ApinerX app and then reinstall - appears to be working now.

    41. Missing avatar

      Paul Hoffman about 21 hours ago

      I would ask Alpina to take their time building my watch. I want it to be as good as my 'standard' Alpiner. Good things come to those who wait.... Hopefully

    42. BPaik about 23 hours ago

      Thought I’d add my status as reference for other fellow backers. Ref AL-283BBDBOBB (all black, orange hand, orange hash, black rubber strap, no extra strap).

      I’m in Los Angeles. Received first DHL shipment email on June 18. Shipped from Geneva on June 20. Arrived in Los Angeles customs on June 21. Crossing fingers this thing arrives tomorrow!

    43. Chris about 24 hours ago

      I thought that I was going to enjoy having the watch today but the wonderful DHL Courier decided not to show up and go happy

    44. Missing avatar

      Brian 1 day ago

      @izoard - we’ll now your just showing off! Enjoy! Can’t wait.

    45. Missing avatar

      IZOARD 1 day ago

      DHL notification yesterday, I received the watch today and yes it's a great masterpiece !!! I was thinking of receiving it later, I tried to be patient, I went to often on kickstarter and it was a good surprise from Alpina and DHL. The 2 straps are the ones I ordered, I cut slowly and several time the rubber one and now it fit perfectly. Here is a first picture before a little ride
      Be patient, and hopefully everything will be fine, you won't regret it. Cheers.

    46. Missing avatar

      JamieR 1 day ago

      @Rod Pritchett - same no sound issue with mine. I've opened a ticket with the Alpina helpdesk and it seems it will need to be sent for repair.

    47. Paul van der Haar
      1 day ago

      Hi Alpina, I'm curious about how many watches a day you normally produce of a specific watch model? 100 seems a lot, or is it all machine production?

    48. tranquiliste 1 day ago

      750 watches shipped so far and 100 a day so it means roughly one month left. Take your time, don't force people to postpone vacation to produce them.

    49. Missing avatar

      Tom 1 day ago

      I would second what Dennis said, I would rather the watch was thoroughly tested than get it, be disappointed, and possibly have to return it for repair.

    50. Nathan Boucher 1 day ago

      Just got a shipping notice for my Alpiner X headed to Texas. Patience, all . . . it's coming.

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