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The perfect blend of Alpina Heritage and Modernism into the world’s most beautiful Outdoors Smartwatch.
The perfect blend of Alpina Heritage and Modernism into the world’s most beautiful Outdoors Smartwatch.
The perfect blend of Alpina Heritage and Modernism into the world’s most beautiful Outdoors Smartwatch.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Hansel Sin just now

      @Lars Hansen actually with a 20m difference I can leave with that. But then if I have to choose between either a correct barometer or altimeter it is apparent that a correct altimeter serves a much useful purpose to me - the barometer is relative anyway.
      The question is, whether the calibration of altimeter alone accurate enough?
      To be fair I experienced similar issue on Tissot T-Touch as well. ProTrek fairs much better on the other hand.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ivan Bogovyk 31 minutes ago

      + 1
      UV indicator on my Alpinerx don't work. I didn't get any response from support.

    3. Ishpal
      about 5 hours ago

      @creator Thanks for the info about backlash. Definitely enjoying the watch. Thanks!!

    4. Missing avatar

      David Stanley about 6 hours ago

      Have just received second strap as per my two watch and two extra straps backing , but alas no buckle....Is this to follow , has it been the way i've had absolutely no problems with my watch and my son has had no problems with his.... i'm loving it as it looks cool and is cool a triumph in design... well done to you all

    5. Missing avatar

      Lars Hansen about 9 hours ago

      I can see that I created a ticket with the text below at July 20. The ticket is still marked as open

    6. Missing avatar

      Brunhaminho about 10 hours ago

      @alpinawatches, I haven't received feedback yet ? Please send me email with further information

    7. Alpina Watches Creator about 10 hours ago

      @Hansel Sin Hi Hansel! You should calibrate either your barometer or your altimeter as both will have an impact on the other. If it is easier, we would recommend using the auto-calibration mode. If you notice any incoherence then, please send us a ticket on and select "AlpinerX" under the department choice.

    8. Missing avatar

      Lars Hansen about 10 hours ago

      @hansel sin

      Hi Hansel.
      I have the same problem.
      Here is what I wrote a month ago:
      Barometric pressure faulty + Proposal for correct pressure measurement in AlpinerX watch.

      In “calibration” you can set the known height above sea level and the barometric pressure at sea level - QNH in pilot language. This is called REL HPA on the watch in Europe.

      The pressure measured by the transducer in the watch, called REL HPA is NOT showing the right value on my watch because it it’s not calibrated correct.

      I know that my house is 6 m above sea level. But if I enter the barometric pressure at sea level, obtained from the nearest weather station, the watch will show 34 m, so it’s a rather big offset.

      The problem is that the height setting and barometric pressure is linked in the app, so changing one will also change the other. This is fine if the measured pressure was correct.

      The pressure at sea level can be obtained from airports METAR or

      To correct the calibration of the measured pressure in the watch we should enter the known height and the obtained pressure at sea level.

      Is it possible to add this calibration in a future update of the app/watch firmware?

      This could be called “calibrate pressure transducer” in the app.

      I suggest that you look into how it works in an app for iPhone:
      Barometer and Altimeter from Peter Breitling…

      BTW the pressure measurement in my iPhone X seems to be correct.

      Pictures showing comparison between watch and Barometer and Altimeter app.
      Note the height difference!

    9. Alpina Watches Creator about 10 hours ago

      @Matthias Schirmaier Hi Matthias! This needs to be requested to our customer service on and select "AlpinerX" under the department choice.

    10. Alpina Watches Creator about 10 hours ago

      @SEVERIN Bonjour Gilles! Merci beaucoup!
      Oui un strap NATO nylon ou cuir sera tout à fait compatible avec votre AlpinerX. Merci encore pour votre commentaire positif. Nous sommes ravis que vous soyez satisfait de votre montre.

    11. Alpina Watches Creator about 10 hours ago

      @Andrés Navarro Hi Andrés! We've just sent you an email to collect additional details. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    12. Alpina Watches Creator about 10 hours ago

      @tranquiliste Hi Nicolas! Thank you very much!
      Indeed you cannot pair more than one watch to the app.

    13. Alpina Watches Creator about 10 hours ago

      @Armin Basten Hi Armin, sorry to hear that you had to resolve the issue yourself. Thank you for keeping us posted.

    14. Alpina Watches Creator about 10 hours ago

      @Arminas Hi Arminas! We're experiencing issues with the Cloud but a change will be operated in the upcoming days to solve the problem. In the meantime, please try again regularly. We apologise for the inconvenience.

    15. Alpina Watches Creator about 10 hours ago

      @Aleksander Debenjak Dear Aleksander, customer service will get back to you today. Thanks for your patience.

    16. Alpina Watches Creator about 10 hours ago

      @Ishpal Hi Ishpal! Yes, it is. The phenomenon is very common within the engineering world and is called backlash. Please check our support platform for additional information:
      Have fn with your watch!

    17. Missing avatar

      Hansel Sin about 11 hours ago

      To further clarify the details, I am using iPhone X running iOS 11.4.1

    18. Missing avatar

      Hansel Sin about 12 hours ago

      The calibration in the app has a bug that can drive people nut.
      My current locatio has the barometer reading of 1000 hPa 10m above sea level.

      When you set the altimeter calibration to 10m, the barometer will automatically set itself to 997 hPa.
      Then when you set the barometer calibration to 1000 hPa, the altimeter will set itself to 25m.
      And then when you set the altimeter to 10m again, the barometer will set itself to 997 hPa again.
      Here goes the never-never-land. End up I settled on correct barometer reading of 1000 hPa and let the altimeter to crazily saying 25m on the ground.
      Please kindly fix the bug.

    19. Matthias Schirmaier about 13 hours ago

      @Alpina, after many weeks now the watch is on its way to swiss. Now the costum in MUC needs a Proforma Invoice???? Can you help me with this neverending story!?

    20. Alpina Watches Creator about 14 hours ago

      @Yves Luethy, Hi Yves, we have just responded to you via our support platform with a solution.

    21. Missing avatar

      SEVERIN about 15 hours ago

      Bonjour Alpina. J'ai reçu ma montre hier (avec les 2 bracelets supplémentaires, la boucle ardillon). Elle est fantastique. Tout fonctionne impeccablement bien (croisons les doigts pour que cela dure). Très classe, très pro, bref je l'adore. Cela valait vraiment la peine d'attendre ! Une petite question : les pompes à ressort de la montres sont courbes. Est-il possible d'utiliser un bracelet de type NATO (cuir ou nylon) avec ce type de pompes ? Merci pour votre réponse et pour le travail fourni ! Gilles.

    22. Andrés Navarro about 15 hours ago

      Hi, so far my watch was working great but since a couple of days, Google Fit is not syncing anymore. I've remove the connection to Fit, reset both apps (deleted data) and configure again but it still does not work. Did anybody have something similiar?

    23. tranquiliste about 18 hours ago

      Hello, I got my watches yesterday. I had issues with DHL but Alpina team was very helpful sorting everything out.
      I have 2 watches because I am one of the lucky winner of the contest. So far they look very nice and I may keep both except that apparently I can't have two watches paired with my phone at the same time. Has anyone tried ?
      I will post some pictures later because one of the watch is the "classical" black bezel orange hands orange ring but the other one is the silver bezel with silver hand and black case and it has a very nice classy look

    24. Missing avatar

      Armin Basten 1 day ago

      Hi Alpina,
      well, nobody contacted me (today), so I clarified the situation myself with DHL and customs and provided the necessary documents.
      Clearance process is completed.

    25. Missing avatar

      Arminas 1 day ago

      @Alpina, when opening app I got a message that tou are upgrading SwissConnect cloud and nees to get my password. I am entering it, but getting a response that combination with email address is invalid, I even tried to recover my password through “forgot my password”, but after changing that cannot get past the message which appears starting the app. I cannot cancel it or pass through it, and it says that my password is invalid all the time. What should I do?

    26. Missing avatar

      Aleksander Debenjak 1 day ago

      No response on my ticket???

    27. Missing avatar

      Tom_W 1 day ago


      Thanks for the response - I will raise the ticket when I get back to the UK.


    28. Missing avatar

      Yves Luethy 1 day ago

      Dear Alpina Team, i got back to Kickstarter-Comments cause Support-Portal or Facebook don't work for this issue.

      My Watch got stuck on the second day, so i opened a Support Case and got a quick reply.
      3rd of July, Alpina: We well received your watch, thank you. We should send it back to you within two weeks.
      10th of July, Alpina: There was a short circuit that has been fixed. The pusher is now fully functionnal. We apologize for the inconvenience and wish you the very best with your AlpinerX.

      But unfortunately I haven't got my AlpinerX back.

    29. Ishpal
      1 day ago

      I just received my extra strap today. Flaunting it around. @creators is it normal for the long hand to move a little as you tilt the watch? Mine seems to be moving. Hope it's not loose or something.

    30. Alpina Watches Creator 1 day ago

      @ALL We're happy to let you know that yesterday we have shipped the following references: AL-283BSOSNFS / AL-283BBOBOOB / AL-283NNONOLN / AL-283BBKGBBKGB / AL-283BBDBSGB / AL-283NNKGNNKGB / AL-283NNONOLN / AL-283NNONONN / AL-283BBKGBBKGB / AL-283BBKGBBKGB / AL-283NNKGNOKGN / AL-283BBKGBBKGB / AL-283BSKGBSKGB / AL-283NNKTNNNN / AL-283BBKGBBKGB / AL-283BSOBOOB / AL-283NNDNBLN / AL-283BSBSBFB / AL-283NNONOLN / AL-283NNBSBANS / AL-283BBONNLN / AL-283NNCNNFN / AL-283BBCBSGB

    31. Missing avatar

      Brunhaminho 1 day ago

      @alpinawatches, hello. No, no Feedback till now. Please further support to solve the issue

    32. Alpina Watches Creator 1 day ago

      @Armin Basten Hi Armin! We're sorry for the delay, our shipping department will come back to you today. Thank you for your patience!

    33. Alpina Watches Creator 1 day ago

      @iyed Hi Iyed! Thank you very much! We're glad that you're enjoying your watch! Have fun!

    34. Alpina Watches Creator 1 day ago

      @Tom_W Hi Tom! No, unfortunately, it looks like you will need to raise a ticket and probably have your watch returned. Do send us a ticket and someone will get back to you ASAP: and select "AlpinerX" under the department choice.

    35. Alpina Watches Creator 1 day ago

      @Alpiner Hi! Have you tried to remove your app and reinstall? This can help in some cases. The Cloud is working correctly, we haven't received any complaints. If the solution doesn't work, please send us a ticket on and select "AlpinerX" under the department choice.

    36. Alpina Watches Creator 1 day ago

      @Aleksander Debenjak Hi Aleksander! Thank you very much! If you're missing a strap, please send us a ticket on and select "AlpinerX" under the department choice. Our customer service will come back to you ASAP.

    37. Alpina Watches Creator 1 day ago

      @Leonard Hannaby Hi Leonard! Thank you! At the moment it is not an option, unfortunately, but we will pass on your suggestion to the development team. Thanks for your input! Have fun with your AlpinerX!

    38. Alpina Watches Creator 1 day ago

      @dewey le We're sorry, we are indeed limited as the text is made of segments and not pixels. This is why you cannot have your text rolling as a thread.

    39. Alpina Watches Creator 1 day ago

      @Brunhaminho Dear Isabelle, sorry for the inconvenience. It looks like our shipping department has gotten back to you in the meantime. Can you confirm that the problem is now solved? If not, please do not hesitate to send a message via the ticket platform. Thank you.

    40. Missing avatar

      Armin Basten 1 day ago

      Hi Alpina,
      what's going on? Watch is still in German customs.
      Ticket # HBIEBMBMLQ

    41. Brian 2 days ago

      @Tom W. Have you tried a reset through the app yet?

    42. iyed 2 days ago

      I am wearing the watch for some weeks now and it's absolutely awesome ! No problems so far and no buyer's remorse at all. Quiet the opposite actually. Thanks Alpina.

    43. Missing avatar

      Tom_W 2 days ago

      Alpina - I wear the watch daily and love it however unfortunately (just) the 3 o clock button (and only the 3 o clock button ) is not responding to being pressed. I will raise a ticket when I get back home to the UK, however, if there is a fix for this could somebody post it here as, whilst the watch is working, I cannot get to the functions other than the current digital time and having the barometer on my wrist would be presently advantageous.


    44. Alpiner 3 days ago

      Here I am!!! I just found how to check my old gps files, sorry... but tell me what's going on with the registration, please ALPINA.
      Have a nice day!

    45. Alpiner 3 days ago

      When I try to get registred, the app tells me that is not possible for the moment... for the begining of the week-end...

    46. Alpiner 3 days ago

      Hi ALPINER,
      Just a question, please:
      to get an access to my old registred gps files... do I got to be registred in ''my account"? n' ,how can I do to be registred, please, I forgot.

    47. Missing avatar

      Aleksander Debenjak 4 days ago


      The watch is great. Bur still did not get my rubber strap!


    48. Missing avatar

      Leonard Hannaby 4 days ago

      Hi. Very happy with my AlpinerX - lovely appearance and colour combo. Think the app needs more development in a lot of areas, chiefly connectivity. Watch seems to have difficulty syncing with my phone (Motorola G6 Plus) via Bluetooth.

      Is there a way to manually add Activity like one can already do for Sleep? I cycle a lot, but don't wear the watch when I do this activity as I have a full-featured cycling computer. I would like to add my cycling activity as steps into the AlpinerX app, but can't see if this is possible? If it isn't currently possible, I would very much like to see this feature implemented ASAP. Thanks

    49. Missing avatar

      dewey le 4 days ago

      Disappointing that watch does not display messages

    50. Missing avatar

      Brunhaminho 4 days ago

      @alpina: Ticket number WMHYUVXFYJ
      You send parcel to wrong address in Germany, acceptance has been refused, parcel was returned to my Swiss address, DHL wants import tax, YOU need to clarify within next 3 working days as if not I expect reminder by Swiss authority to pay. Waiting for your feedback on my previous kind reminder

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