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pledged of $51,437 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Alpina Watches
pledged of $51,437 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Ishpal
      less than a minute ago

      @Van Awesome. I'll get to bed now and should be back before the campaign ends just incase any amendments are required with my pledge. Thanks. 😆

    2. Van Lanschot Collaborator 2 minutes ago

      @Ishpal, let us check and come back to you in PM

    3. Van Lanschot Collaborator 3 minutes ago

      @uwe nobel, thanks for suggesting!

    4. Van Lanschot Collaborator 15 minutes ago

      @Vincent RAPIN, oui, c’est le cas :-)

    5. Ishpal
      25 minutes ago

      @Van I sent a PM to the inbox of Alpina. Are you the one managing it. Just wanted to ensure everything is fine with my pledge.

    6. Van Lanschot Collaborator 32 minutes ago

      @Chris, the user manual will be available for the delivery of the watch. As we are still perfecting some features, this is not available yet.

    7. Van Lanschot Collaborator 35 minutes ago

      @all, for more information on how to confirm your design, extra strap, etc... please refer to update 15.
      You will also be able to confirm extra straps in backer survey tomorrow Saturday 21st.

    8. Van Lanschot Collaborator 41 minutes ago

      @all, backers survey will be sent tomorrow Saturday, after the end of the campaign :-)

    9. iyed about 1 hour ago

      Hi Alpina I did not receive any email for the bakers survey

    10. uwe nobel about 1 hour ago

      @alpina watches

      inside the presentation box would be a smal certificate for the backers a very interesting and a nice symbol and memory for this succesful kickstarter premiere of alpina and alpinerx. i think it would be able to finance it. what do you think about this idea?
      it is much easier than printing something on the watch.

    11. Matthias Schirmaier about 2 hours ago

      @all, does alpina send me a confirmation mail about my final desgin? I send 2 pledges, does i have to confirm now any of my two or do they take the first one???

    12. Missing avatar

      Kevin Belafi about 2 hours ago

      Are there certain straps choices that would slow down the delivery to individuals, such as the later add-on straps - blue with the orange stitching or such?

    13. Missing avatar

      Vincent RAPIN about 2 hours ago

      La montre peut enregistrer et se synchroniser après avec le téléphone?

    14. Jan Ekner about 3 hours ago

      The UV-sensor will come in really handy since my family and I will spend 7-8 weeks in Greece this summer. 😁 🏖🏝☀️

    15. Chris about 3 hours ago

      One last question before this campaign ends, do you have a User Manual yet for this watch that goes over the specific features (in relation to specific inquires to how long the timer/stopwatch is, etc) and other watch related things that haven't been brought up here?

    16. Missing avatar

      Kevin Lyle about 5 hours ago

      Hi great campaign, shame others couldn’t run theirs like,you did.

      I have the watch and extra strap pledge, will I be bake to select the extra strap as black
      Leather with orange stitching, or will this strap come along at a later date ?

    17. Missing avatar

      Tom_Wylie about 5 hours ago

      @ Alpina

      When do you expect to start selling the first retail versions of the AlpinerX?


    18. Missing avatar

      about 5 hours ago

      Yeah! Next stretch goal achieved! Congrats! Nice finish of the campaign!

    19. Missing avatar

      Jason Ling about 5 hours ago

      Email will only be sent on the 21st of April. After the campaign

    20. Missing avatar

      BOEHLY about 5 hours ago

      je n'ai pas reçu d'email aujourd'hui ???

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel Enebo about 6 hours ago

      Also, I did not see how to select my second band.

    22. Missing avatar

      Daniel Enebo about 6 hours ago

      I did not receive the April 20th email, but was able to login on the site with my email. Should this be sufficient? Also, after I tried my design and clicked save, I did not see any other designs. I thought we would have the option to select "favorite" designs of the community, am I missing something?

    23. Missing avatar

      emjhay about 6 hours ago


    24. Van Lanschot Collaborator about 6 hours ago

      @Aaron Newbold, I cannot answer that one... but am sure you willl be able to make the best choice according to your personal taste :-)

    25. Van Lanschot Collaborator about 6 hours ago

      @Tom_Wylie, will do, thanks for your support and input!

    26. Missing avatar

      Aaron Newbold about 6 hours ago

      @Van, I know color schemes are subjective, but in your opinion, would a black case/black bezel look good with a gray dial/gray ring? Sometimes too many options is a bad thing! Too hard to choose! Hahaha

    27. Missing avatar

      Tom_Wylie about 6 hours ago

      Ok re green ring - will trust that it looks like the configurator image :-)

      Please - after the campaign is over keep us contributors in the loop re the future feature roadmap

      Looking forward to receiving the watch :-)


    28. Van Lanschot Collaborator about 6 hours ago

      @Jan Ekner, thanks for your support!

    29. Van Lanschot Collaborator about 6 hours ago

      @Krstl Schfs, we still delivery at the end of May and then into June in batches. We will be keeping you updated on a regulare basis on the progress of production and deliveries.

    30. Van Lanschot Collaborator about 6 hours ago

      @Daniel Steiner, you will get the backer survey tomorrow in which you can confirm your design. There will also be the information for you to purchase add-ons (straps, etc...).

    31. Jan Ekner about 6 hours ago

      @alpina, @all, Congratulations on a very successful Kickstarter campaign! I know it’s still 15 hours to go, but I think it will be safe to pop a couple of champagne corks!

    32. Missing avatar

      Krstl Schfs about 6 hours ago

      What is the approx. delivery date ? Is it depending of backer number , can we wait for september ? Greets,

    33. Awry about 7 hours ago

      @Daniel: 1) yes in the PM 2) scroll down, already answered - survey is delayed till tomorrow the 21st

    34. Missing avatar

      Daniel Steiner about 7 hours ago

      Have two questions:
      I got the super early bird. Is it possible to purchase an extra strap?

      I did not get the survey yet. How can I send you my design?
      Regards Daniel

    35. Van Lanschot Collaborator about 8 hours ago

      @Aristyo Rahadiyan, please find below some more details on the dimensions of the straps, as many of you have asked wether they will fit you. The measures below are of the inner circumference of the straps for you to compare with the size of your wrist (values are approximative):

      Rubber straps:

      Smallest size: 157mm
      Largest size: 298mm

      Coramid and leather straps:

      Smallest size: 179mm
      Largest size: 235mm

    36. Van Lanschot Collaborator about 8 hours ago

      @Fabian Pusch, you can submit your final design on the backers survey until the 24.04.

    37. Van Lanschot Collaborator about 8 hours ago

      @uwe nobel, thanks, glad you appreciate the materials chosen :-)

    38. Van Lanschot Collaborator about 8 hours ago

      @Tom_Wylie, no photos of the green ring available. We also cannot say what configurations will be produced first until we have full vision on final designs submitted.

    39. Van Lanschot Collaborator about 8 hours ago

      @vincent vitart, nou n'avons pas de photos du cercle vert.

    40. Van Lanschot Collaborator about 8 hours ago

      @Palle Tofteng Andreasen, we do not have photos of the silver hands available.

    41. Missing avatar

      Fabian Pusch about 8 hours ago

      @Alpina, so we can still change the configuration of our watches until Saturday 21.04.?

    42. Van Lanschot Collaborator about 8 hours ago

      @Hermes, @R. Pieko, @all, backers survey will be sent tomorrow, Saturday 21.04. We have had to change this as we can only send after the end of the campaign.

    43. Van Lanschot Collaborator about 8 hours ago

      @Aristyo Rahadiyan, yes, this is very easy to do, no need for a Alpina Service Center.

    44. Missing avatar

      R.Pieko about 8 hours ago

      @Alpina, "Backer Surveys will be sent Friday, April 20, 12:00 CET" should we have received an Email?

    45. uwe nobel about 8 hours ago

      @van lanschott

      thanks for your answer. a real rubber strap made of caoutchouc and not made of silicone is . with this material you play in same level like omega or breitling. i think the most backers now the difference of this two materials. it is realy top!!!

      i think the watch will get so a much better standard in direction to premium-smartwatch.

    46. Awry about 8 hours ago

      @Roberto no sensor, just the ability to connect to an external HRM and show BPM. Since it uses BLE, I would not expect the battery to get a huge hit.

    47. Missing avatar

      Roberto Wolfer about 9 hours ago

      @Alpina: I guess I can switch/off the heart rate monitor. Nevertheless: What do you expect in terms of the battery life when the HR sensor is switched on? Or in other words: How much is the battery capacity reduced by using the HR sensor?

    48. Missing avatar

      Tom_Wylie about 9 hours ago

      @ Alpina

      Do we have a sample of the Kickstarter green ring that can be shared by photo? It would be nice to see before the final choice.

      Additionally, if we choose the kickstarter green ring will it delay the dispatch?



    49. Chris about 9 hours ago

      @Stone under the “Hands” option there is an option for Silver. Just on the outer part of the hands.

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