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How well do you know your friends, family, coworkers, or partners? A colorful new card game to deepen the relationships around us.
How well do you know your friends, family, coworkers, or partners? A colorful new card game to deepen the relationships around us.
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Over The Moon!

Posted by Ami Baio (Creator)
cake from last night's wrap party
cake from last night's wrap party

Friends! I'm so elated! Thank you for helping make this dream come true! The last 48 hours were a blur of sleepless nights and freaking out. I was feeling so nervous and excited yesterday, I almost threw up on my couch.

For last night's Kickstarter wrap party, I picked up an adorable You Think You Know Me chocolate cake from Dream Cakes here in Portland, bought a bunch of balloons from the party store, and hired a very inexpensive party photographer — my 13-year-old son Eliot — to take photos to commemorate this special moment.

We met up with friends and family at Victoria Bar, counted down the last minutes and seconds of the campaign, and it took all the self-control I had to not sob as people cheered.

What's Next

Thanks to all of you, we raised 189% of the original $15,000 goal! All the additional funds are going towards two things: a larger print run — I'm now planning to print 2,000 games instead of the original 1,000 — and faster, better distribution and fulfillment. I'd originally planned to pack and ship these myself with friends, but I'm talking to other possible distributors now to make post-Kickstarter sales and shipping easier and smarter.

I'm very excited to work with the four collaborator backers to see what kind of card ideas will be added to this deck, and we're working over the next couple weeks to get everything finalized, get the complete order to AdMagic, and then anxiously await the proofs for review. Then, the long wait for production — the shipment will eventually arrive via boat from overseas, a months-long process, but the hope is to have it in your hands in February.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so grateful to each and every one of you for helping to make this game a reality. It's all because of you! 

So much love & appreciation, 



all the feelings
all the feelings


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    1. Toni Albertson on

      Congrats again and again!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Wayan Vota on

      Congrats on funding at 200% and get ready for the hard part (and you probably thought that was the Kickstarter). I've done two Kickstarter->Amazon games now and the first print run is always the hardest. Such a steep learning curve. After that, the first Christmas, which you have to start planning for in April. Joys. Good luck and give a shout if have questions - all of us are cheering for you!

    3. Andy McMillan on

      Congratulations, Ami! I'm so glad this project was met with the kind of kindness, generosity, and goodwill that you embody. You've earned every bit of this success. Revel in it.

      Also thank you for sharing some of that cake it was very very good x

    4. Missing avatar

      wildflowermama on

      Congratulations! So happy that this incredible game is going to get into the hands of so many awesome people. And the pic of you in the pink dress and balloons is pure JOY! XO