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Actors are strange. Let's find out why! A journey through the messed up psyche of a not-so-typical actor...

What you want to know about this production:  It's hilarious!  Written by Cyle Durkee and directed by him and Dan Mori.  There are strippers.  There are crazy parents.  There are insane children.  So, to recap:  Sex, Drugs, Dancing and Hilarity!  You know you want to donate!

We are taking the life of an actor and finding out what made them the way they are.  Through the lenses of himself and his loved ones (and several random aquaintances) we will follow the internal monologue of an actor as he's tossed through his own life and lands on the shores of a career.  This Capital Fringe show is sure to delight with its acidic wit and thoughtful epiphanies.  Help us show the world that, while the stereotypes might be correct, they're not all bad!!


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