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You're a damn good cop, even if the brass thinks you're a loose cannon, and you've got 3 days to solve one last case before retirement.
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Posted by Stuart (Creator)

What's that?  It's 165 packages (representing the domestic $25 and $40 tiers) and professional package consultant Kristina!  And some $600 in postage, distributed throughout!  

NOT PICTURED:  Me, at the post office, looking owl-eyed when they explained to me that all the $25 packages (80 in total) needed an extra $1.09 in postage and all the $40 packages (85 in total) needed an extra $3.79 in postage. WHOOPS.

WHAT ISN'T SHIPPED:  People that ordered post-funding through paypal, international orders.  I think those will happen this week.  If you're international and ordered a copy of GOLD TIMEX 2 your packages will have to wait, but see below.

GOLD TIMEX 2?  Quickly turning into the albatross, isn't it?  Still working on it.  Those of you that ordered a physical copy will get something extra to make up for the delay.

I'd love feedback from everyone once they get a chance to really dig into the physical goods!

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    1. Neil Day on

      Got mine about a week ago. Sent to south Florida.

    2. Neil Day on

      Of those who got theirs, where are you? I'm in the deep deep south (south FL) & it does often take a while to get stuff. I'll probably get mine this coming week.

    3. Missing avatar

      James White on

      Got mine today.

    4. Zachary Clay on

      Just got my package today! Thanks Stuart, I'm in for your next project.

    5. Lucek on

      Kicksatarter #101. Shipping costs more then you expected. Hofstadter's law can be a b!tch.

    6. Michael Kidd on

      Put out an APB on a half naked jig-dancer, 'cause I ain't got no pants on!

    7. Karl Fenner on

      Those scenes in the Post Office are always fun!