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You're a damn good cop, even if the brass thinks you're a loose cannon, and you've got 3 days to solve one last case before retirement.
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Shipping update!

Posted by Stuart (Creator)

A friendly update!

GOLD TIMEX 2 isn't finished, but only about 30 people ordered print copies.  Rather than sit on all this cool stuff til it's done, I am shipping all domestic packages and all international packages that didn't order a print copy of GOLD TIMEX 2 sort-of immediately (see below).  I'll mail the print copies of GOLD TIMEX 2 separately and I'll mail all international packages with GOLD TIMEX 2 when the print copies are in.

GOOD NEWS!  I got back from my little brother's college graduation (congrats Nolan!) last night and spent all day today packing up all of the non $40 tier packages for Three Days Until Retirement!

BAD NEWS!  The envelopes I bought can't contain the PURE AWESOMENESS of the $40 and up tiers, so I have to order others.  

That's my upstairs neighbor/play tester/ business partner Jeff, by the way, I bribed him with chicken nuggets and beer to help me stuff all these bubble mailers.

OTHER BAD NEWS:  By the time we finished packing these it was too late to get 'em to the post office and I am out of town for a wedding and another graduation (neither of them mine) this weekend, then driving an opera singer halfway across country early next week. I anticipate getting these puppies shipped on Thursday.

 TO MAKE UP FOR IT:  Here's a photo of Jeff using the GM screen.  It's a bit smaller than I anticipated, but it will hide a notepad and deck of cards and it's jam packed with all sorts of useful info.


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    1. Amalgamated Fiction - Detroit on

      Man, I need one of those "World's Gayest Dad" mugs.

    2. Karl Fenner on

      Love that mug!

      Awesome dude!!!!


      " I bribed him with chicken nuggets and beer"

      Love it!!!