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You're a damn good cop, even if the brass thinks you're a loose cannon, and you've got 3 days to solve one last case before retirement.
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The Albatross Update

Posted by Stuart (Creator)

Gold Timex 2 is dead. At least, the print version that can come out on deadline. I've had a lot of trouble writing it, and the pressure of being well past deadline has made writing it even more difficult. I hope to put out a PDF version eventually. GT2 was the last stretch goal, and only a handful paid extra money for the print version  All domestic packages have long since been shipped..  That said, I sincerely apologize for not getting Gold Timex 2 finished in anything approaching a timely fashion.

There are three classes of people that backed Three Days Until Retirement, here's how this affects each group:

1.  Those that backed without adding a print copy of Gold Timex 2:  This will not affect you.

2.  Those that backed domestically and added a print copy of Gold Timex 2:  Email me if you want a $5 refund.  I am sorry.

3.  International backers who ordered a print copy of GT2.  Your packages have been delayed in the misguided belief that I will get over my writers block on the project.  I am double extra sorry.  Your packages are going out post-haste, with a little something extra for your troubles.  Email me if you would like a $5 refund.

Again, you have my apologies, I hope this does not diminish your enjoyment of the core game.

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    1. euansmith

      Take a breath. Don't beat yourself up. Remember, you've always got three days to retirement...

    2. Michael Kidd on

      No worries. You fulfilled the main game. In future, I'd make all delayed stretch goals free PDFs.