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You're a damn good cop, even if the brass thinks you're a loose cannon, and you've got 3 days to solve one last case before retirement.
You're a damn good cop, even if the brass thinks you're a loose cannon, and you've got 3 days to solve one last case before retirement.
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    1. Michael Kidd on

      Got mine in Ontario

    2. Neil Day on

      Got mine about a week ago. Sent to south Florida.

    3. Michael Kidd on

      If people could say if they have received their package and where in the world they are, it'd help out us internationals to get a sense of timing. Thanks.

    4. Pablo Martínez on

      Have you shipped the rewards to the international backers already?

      Thank you

    5. Missing avatar

      Jacob Trewe on

      Hey-o! Got my book plus awesome swag. Looks great, just-right filling. In USA, mid-atlantic coast.

      I've been using the pink cosy on my kid's baby bottle to good effect.

      Hope to play a session before too long or just enjoy reading them.

    6. Neil Day on

      Of those who got theirs, where are you? I'm in the deep deep south (south FL) & it does often take a while to get stuff. I'll probably get mine this coming week.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jonathan S

      Got mine yesterday- it is amazing; so excited to play! I have never been happier about backing a Kickstarter

    8. Michael Kidd on

      I think my postman has been abducted.

    9. Missing avatar

      EdwardD on

      *sing songy voice* The mai~lman left me a pa~ckage to~day.

      Everything looks great, I already was but i'm continually pleased by how well this campaign was run. Thanks so much Stuart.

    10. Missing avatar

      joseph on

      I'm sure this has been answered somewhere already and I'm just dumb, but how would I go about changing my mailing address here?

    11. Michael John Weisner on

      Its the waiting that drives everyone bonkers. Bonkers yah hear! Absolutely bonkers.

    12. Stuart 2-time creator on

      According to Kickstarter I should wait until I'm ready to ship stuff before I send out surveys since people change addresses occasionally. Since the surveys are only for "who ordered what" I'm comfortable waiting to send out surveys til the content is done, if that works for y'all.

    13. Michael Kidd on

      I have not got a survey either

    14. Brian Furbish on

      Have all the survey's gone out? I checked but never got one.

    15. Stuart 2-time creator on

      Or a magazine.

    16. Stuart 2-time creator on

      Like most adventure modules--paper folded over on itself.

    17. Michael Kidd on

      I don't really know what zine format is, like Staples spiral-bound?

    18. Stuart 2-time creator on

      No idea re: Gold Timex pagecount, They'll most likely be zine format, possibly with glossy covers.

    19. Michael Kidd on

      What's the page-count on the gold timexs? Also, how are they to be bound?

      What is the average wingspan of a swallow?

    20. Stuart 2-time creator on

      You'll get electronic versions for free, yeah. If you want print you'll have to pony up on the webstore. Speaking of, HERE IT IS:

    21. Missing avatar

      Martin Costello on

      I am reading it wrong or does everybody who just pledged for electronic copies get Gold Timex supplements for free as well?

    22. Missing avatar

      Andy Jenkinson

      congrats. shame the last push didn't *quite* break the 10k. will there be a phage manager to up ledges after (the GM add screens etc) that might be counted towards the total? ;)

    23. Matt Ballert

      Wow! Closing out strong!!! Congrats Stuart!!!!

    24. Michael Kidd on

      anyone else watch the clock?

    25. Michael Kidd on

      How does it make people see reddit and imgur? How does it precious?

      Well, crap. But, at least it's really, really near $10000

    26. Cameron on

      Upped by another 5. Come on people lets make this happen!

    27. Michael Kidd on

      Everyone willing to up by $1? Think of it as adding $1 for Kung fu worth of value!

    28. Stuart 2-time creator on

      You guys are all great! I didn't think we'd get anywhere over $6K, let alone within $300 of $10K!

      100 minutes left. Think we can make it?

    29. Michael Kidd on

      Average pledge $27.65? Come on people, your just 4 hours away from retirement. Invest a GM screen or a fan kit into your pension. Maybe we'll see some kung fu yet!

    30. Missing avatar

      joseph on

      Sooo close! I want gritty Hong Kong Kung Fu action! GO GO GO! And thank you, Stuart, you're an inspiration to every kid who dreams of making their own game!

    31. Michael Kidd on

      Upped pledge by another $20 for more goodness and a GM screen. Feel less of a man that it was $1 short of $9000

      Someone make up the difference. Someone else pledge $1000

    32. Stuart 2-time creator on


      I will sell digital and print Golden Timex issues after the KS is done through the Dioxin Dump website as well as through DriveThruStuff. They will be EXTREMELY REASONABLY PRICED and also A GREAT BANG FOR YOUR PUTATIVE BUCK.

    33. Michael Kidd on

      Are you going to sell Golden Timex issues after the KS is done?

    34. Stuart 2-time creator on

      (inside info Michael Kidd asked me some questions and I informed him of the best way to get free do(ugh)nuts)


    35. Michael Kidd on

      Well played Mr. Stuart, well played. You may have my $$$

    36. Stuart 2-time creator on



    37. Kjelshus on

      Is there a way to gamble with this or what?

    38. Jackson Starky on

      Just found the update talking about the goals at $8K and $10K. Consider the question answered. :-)

    39. Jackson Starky on

      Is there another stretch goal for $7,000? It looks like we'll make that at this point, and another stretch goal might motivate more pledges.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Thanks! I don't expect you to throw it together before the end of this KS, just wanted to plant the bug that I would be interested if you do one at a later date. Good luck!

    41. Stuart 2-time creator on


      Backing at the $25 level or above nets you the digital copies of the books. And I'm not sure if we'll have time to run a second demo before the kickstarter ends (maybe the evening of the 1st or 2nd?) but we can definitely run one in November!

    42. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Also, I missed the demo on the 19th, just heard about the game. I'm in STL also, and would be interested if you decide to demo again on a later date.

      Go Cards!

    43. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Hey Stuart, if you pledge at the $40 dollar level, do you also get the electronic version of the rules and player handbook, alongside the print copy?

      Great game concept by the way.

    44. Stuart 2-time creator on


      I will be doing the kitted adventures! I forgot to mention that in the stretch goal update. Time to get writing, I guess!

    45. Knives Mao

      Hi Stuart! Great campaign. I remember you mentioned that one of the stretch goals have you making three kitted adventures (Noir, Miami Vice and Die Hard). Is that still being considered?

    46. Eric Cesare // Devious Devices

      Great campaign! Congrats on beating your funding goal into a pulp :)

      Wish you the best of luck on this unique game!

    47. Stuart 2-time creator on

      Oliver--Was travelling most of yesterday and today, just sent beta rules to the most recent backers. Thanks for pledging!

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