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You're a damn good cop, even if the brass thinks you're a loose cannon, and you've got 3 days to solve one last case before retirement.
You're a damn good cop, even if the brass thinks you're a loose cannon, and you've got 3 days to solve one last case before retirement.
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    1. Kjelshus on

      Is there a way to gamble with this or what?

    2. Jackson Starky on

      Just found the update talking about the goals at $8K and $10K. Consider the question answered. :-)

    3. Jackson Starky on

      Is there another stretch goal for $7,000? It looks like we'll make that at this point, and another stretch goal might motivate more pledges.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Thanks! I don't expect you to throw it together before the end of this KS, just wanted to plant the bug that I would be interested if you do one at a later date. Good luck!

    5. Stuart 2-time creator on


      Backing at the $25 level or above nets you the digital copies of the books. And I'm not sure if we'll have time to run a second demo before the kickstarter ends (maybe the evening of the 1st or 2nd?) but we can definitely run one in November!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Also, I missed the demo on the 19th, just heard about the game. I'm in STL also, and would be interested if you decide to demo again on a later date.

      Go Cards!

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Hey Stuart, if you pledge at the $40 dollar level, do you also get the electronic version of the rules and player handbook, alongside the print copy?

      Great game concept by the way.

    8. Stuart 2-time creator on


      I will be doing the kitted adventures! I forgot to mention that in the stretch goal update. Time to get writing, I guess!

    9. Knives Mao

      Hi Stuart! Great campaign. I remember you mentioned that one of the stretch goals have you making three kitted adventures (Noir, Miami Vice and Die Hard). Is that still being considered?

    10. Eric Cesare // Devious Devices

      Great campaign! Congrats on beating your funding goal into a pulp :)

      Wish you the best of luck on this unique game!

    11. Stuart 2-time creator on

      Oliver--Was travelling most of yesterday and today, just sent beta rules to the most recent backers. Thanks for pledging!

    12. Quodo45 on

      Game looks great. Is there an ETA on the beta version being emailed out?

    13. Stuart 2-time creator on


      I will totally put together a public demo here in the Lou! I'll see if I can wrassle up some space at one of our city's several fine game shops the weekend of the 19th and send an update tomorrow.

    14. Michael Kennedy on

      Any plans for public demos / backer games here in St. Louis? I look forward to this project!

    15. Josh Eldridge on

      Looking forward to this, it sounds like a blast.

    16. Andrea Ungaro on

      Very good! I am upgrading my pledge :)

    17. Stuart 2-time creator on


      I just looked into .mobi and .epub and I can totally include those at the PDF level and above. Thanks for bringing it up!

    18. Andrea Ungaro on

      This is great! Would you consider adding a mobi/epub version of the rules to the electronic copy (which I assume is a pdf)? Maybe as a stretch goal? It would be very helpful for those of us who love reading on an ebook reader. The text would suffice, you need not include art or anything (it just makes loading pages slower).

    19. Micah Edwards

      Looks fantastic! I can't wait to try this out.