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A two night a week pop-up that's been bringing authentic NY style pizza to New Orleans looking to take things full time this Fall 2012.
282 backers pledged $18,300 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You!: We Did It! + Progress at 617 Piety St.

Posted by PIZZA DELICIOUS (Creator)
First of all...THANK YOU!!!  Reaching a third of our goal on the first day and then hitting it only halfway through was more than we ever could’ve expected.  The amount of support we’ve received since we started selling pizza has been incredible and it was overwhelmingly incredible to really feel that support in this Kickstarter campaign.  We’re just at the beginning of a long road to getting our doors open but to know so many of you are so interested in our success that you’ve actually invested in brings us a new level of confidence and excitement for the future.  We really can’t wait.

We wanted to give you an idea of what we’ve been up to at 617 Piety Street aka the new Pizza Delicious!

We started working on the actual site in about mid-March.  Our big goal first goal was to gut the existing structure inside our giant warehouse, bust of the concrete and dig trenches to install the plumbing.  Today is a great day because we passed our plumbing inspection!  Check out some of these pictures of what we’ve been up to:
Here she is, 617 Piety Street, the site of our new restaurant. First step was to break stuff!

Then our friend Jim helped us saw through the concrete so we could start trenching for the plumbing.  Look at the crazy saw!:

After an insane amount of digging, it was finally time for our plumber Greg to get in there and make sense of everything.  If you look to the left you can see Pizza Delicious Greg on a ladder putting up a header so that we can make a bigger opening for our order window:

Roadtrip!! We took a drive to pickup a custom 125gallon greasetrap.  Check out the size of this thing.  All plumbers we've met so far in New Orleans pronounce call the stuff that's going pass through this as "greeezy wayz" (translation - greasy waste):

While our plumber was making magic happen, we had a little free time to come up with our own version of a NY pizza place staple, the spinach roll:

Look at these beautiful pipes.  This is the plumbing for where our bathrooms are going to be and our prep kitchen!

So as you can see, we've had our hands full.  Pizza on Thursdays and Sunday has been great.  

This past weekend, Pizza Delicious was asked for the second year in a row to do a food demonstration at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.  We couldn't make pizza (because there was no oven) so we did a pasta dish that we came up with.  Homemade Local Rabbit Sausage & Greens Orecchiette.  It was a lot fun.  We even got a write-up on for it.  See that here.

Thanks again.  This has been a crazy journey for us.  We've still got 10 days left to go in the Kickstarter.  There's still time to contribute.  Any extra money over our goal will be put to good use making our new restaurant even better than it was going to be before.

-Mike & Greg


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