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A cooperative dungeon crawler which combines tabletop and RPG elements in a dark-gothic world. Inspired by the greatest of its kind.
A cooperative dungeon crawler which combines tabletop and RPG elements in a dark-gothic world. Inspired by the greatest of its kind.
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I will show you true power!

Posted by Dark Ice Games (Creator)

In today's update we are going to cover the Witchcraft Skill path.

Before we begin let me remind you how are skills acquired. Every Accursed starts the game with 1 Skill card and receives a new one each time they gain a level. There are a total of 20 cards and the Accursed can reach a maximum of level 10 so you need to make your choices matter. 

Witchcraft Skills

These are the cards available for you to choose at Level 1 when you create your Accursed.

Unlocks at Level 1

Soul Branded: Free up a slot in your hands, excellent for those who wish to develop a Witch more geared for close or ranged combat.

Blood is Power: If your health starts to get low and you need that extra boost to quickly dispatch of your enemies this is your skill (excellent if you are thinking of doing a close combat build as well). This skill also becomes more beneficial as you gain levels because you will be gaining more Health and 5 wounds won't be as bad by that point.

Gifted Mind: Often 1 point will make all the difference when casting a spell at a crucial moment, this spell will increase the odds of casting a spell in your favor.

Deep Focus: Have you rolled double, triple, quadruple sixes? This can be vital in preventing your head from blowing up and it is excellent for just any bad rolls when casting a spell.

Unlocks at Level 2

Soulkinesis: Did you just get Critical Hit by a Skorn Berserker?! You'll need this believe me. Also if your friends have gotten in the way from opening a door, you may now do so, so long as you see that door.

Blood Cult: Are you really desperate for that extra source point which can make the difference between life or dead? This skill can prove vital.

Ethereal Projection: If you Evade a lot, and wish the ability to learn one more Spell, this skill is for you.

We are one: You are a Witch of course you want to have a familiar with you! But try not to die, they get very attached and have problems cooping with loss! Write what animal would you like as pet we are very curios to hear, yes even Larry the Llama (you know who you are!).

Unlocks at Level 3

Blood Bond: If you wish for your pet to grant you more Health get this skill!

Animal Vigour: This skill will grant more Stamina and resistance to poison

Power of the Wild: Excellent skill for a a less magically focused build.

Source Shield: Source is indispensable during your turn, you will need every single point to survive but with this skill you could be more conservative and resist incoming attacks better.

Esoteric Touch: Gain 16% more chances to have your full amount of Source each turn.

Spellcraft: You can learn a new spell for every 2 Mind points your character has, so with this skill is like gaining 4 Mind points toward that, which gives you more options during your battles (you will still have to learn the spells).

Unlocks at Level 4

Time meddling: Is a monster charging toward you? Kill it before it gets too close or heal yourself with some spells to be better prepared.

Astral Knowledge: Don't you just hate when the Darkness roll is 1 and your Witch fail to channel any Source? Well this makes it a lot more bearable!

Phasing: You will become untouchable by this and be able to tumble away even from enemies which can attack up to 2 squares away.

Arcane Displacement: This will make your Evasion infallible! (unless you roll 1,1,1,1,1, then I guess the Goddess just wants to see you die).

Unlocks at Level 5

Dark Deal: Even when your allies are out of healing powers you still have a chance to slowly get back on your feet so long as they can keep alive while you do.

One with the Source: To witness the true power of the Source one must sacrifice their sanity, are you willing to take the risk and keep yourself insane just to become more powerful?

And that's it for toady! If you like it share this update with friends and as always spread the word about Darklight even the smallest contribution will help us greatly.

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    1. Dark Ice Games Creator on

      @Just R

      With the current system you CAN have a pure caster just by not picking 4 out of 20 skills cards :)

    2. Just R on

      Good update but not a fan that she can be another pet class, so if we get necromancer we got total of 3 classes that can "spec" into pet support. Would be better that the Blood Witch was a pure caster class.

    3. Dark Ice Games Creator on

      @Mikhail Aristov

      Which ones do you refer to? :)

    4. Mikhail Aristov on

      Yeah, I'd also like to see the spell list. :-) Also, I see a couple of her abilities are two-pronged - wouldn't it be confusing for players to remember which abilities they have?

    5. Missing avatar

      Koronis on

      Now I am really curious to see her spells :-)