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A cooperative dungeon crawler which combines tabletop and RPG elements in a dark-gothic world. Inspired by the greatest of its kind.
A cooperative dungeon crawler which combines tabletop and RPG elements in a dark-gothic world. Inspired by the greatest of its kind.
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A good day to be a warrior!

Posted by Dark Ice Games (Creator)

Hello fellow Accursed!

For today's update, I want to direct your attention first of all to the new unlocked social goal some of you might have not even seen yet!

Next I'll be showing you how can a character's shape to your playing style by going through their skills. It is important you keep in mind this explanation does not take in consideration the freedom to increase your character's attributes when you progress and the fact that your Health and equipment will also develop alongside, this is purely to explain skill cards.

Today we'll talk about the Black Knights which you the WARRIOR skill path!

The Black Knight

A blood thirsty warrior with no room in their heart for softness or compassion. Smash their bones, cut their limbs... a true Black Knight will fight on, until he or she can hold on to their weapon even if between their teeth!

Level 1

Ok let's start by explaining that every Accursed starts the game with 1 Skill card and receives a new one each time they gain a level. There are a total of 20 cards and the Accursed can reach a maximum of level 10 so you need to make your choices matter. These are the cards available for you to choose at Level 1 when  you create your Accursed, let's have a look shall we?

Determination: Great for those who believes they have extremely bad luck when rolling a dice (I sure do!).

Charge: If you are not afraid to charge into combat then this skill is for you!

Combat Stance: Perfect if you wish to switch on the fly to a more aggressive style or be more on the defensive.

Brawler: If you value the life of your friends, have a shield or you just love to scream at your enemies to demoralize them, this skill is for you!

Level 2

Next, these skills unlocks when you reach Level 2 with your Accursed, remember you are not tied to pick only from the tier equivalent to your level, you may pick from any unlocked skill so far! This i a good opportunity to also point out that some skills requires you to own already another skill in order to learn it, for instance Forceful has written beside its level "Charge" meaning you will require the skill card Charge if you wish to learn it.

Forceful: Do you want to come down to your enemies like a battering ram? This skill will deliver an extra devastating 1d6 damage when you Charge!

Parry: Do you like to play it safe or wearing armour too heavy which impairs your Agility and makes your Evasion score too low? This is just for you, it will allow you the option to Parry instead of evading, meaning you can completely deflect an incoming attack! But be mindful, light shields are faster and so easier to parry with, but heavy shields are cumbersome and might make your parry less efficient.

Deflect: Do you like to use two weapons at once and have a quick and fast approach to fights?  This skill will increase you evasion score!

Off Guard: This skill is great if you wish to dodge your opponents and then make them fall. Prone opponents cannot Threaten anymore (meaning you'll be able to move away from them without Tumbling) and are easier to be hit. Reccomended for players who wish to build their knight with light armour and lots of agility.

Shove: Have your friends or monsters blocked your path again?  Need to quickly go and rescue a comrade? Then this skill will make you unstoppable, but do not expect to shove a Skorn Brute, seriously have you seen the size of those guys?

Level 3

Heartless: Is your Black Knight taking a twisted sense of self gratification whenever he sees the heart of his opponents in his hand? Then this skill will let them regain Stamina whenever that happens.

Versatile: Do you like the idea of having your Black Knight use his Melee attacks with one hand and his Ranged attack with the other? Or perhaps you just love bows and crossbows This skill will help a lot!

Ambidextrous: Finally you can dual-wield weapons with no hit penalties! Great if you combine it with skills like Deflect.

Unstoppable: With this skill your Accursed will become so fast you'll only see a black blur and monsters flying everywhere when he Shoves.

Riposte: Deflecting the blows of your enemies with your shield is not good enough? Now you can Hurt them as well when they dare attacking you. Excellent for defensive strategies.

Resourceful: This skill comes in very handy when you want to carry those extra bandages (let's be honest you just want more oil flask so you can set things on fire).

Level 4

Whirlwind: Who doesn't dream of holding a big weapon and spin it around to see the heads of their opponents flying?

Quick Hands:  Because throwing 1 Oil Flask each turn is not enough!

Ruthless: No mercy! Finish your opponents while they squirm defenselessly to the ground!

Battle Master: It's all about the size of your weapon! With this skill you'll be able to use the most ridiculously over sized weapons and make it look easy.

Level 5

 Master Warrior: Your close combat abilities will become legendary with this skill.

And that's all 20 of them! Make sure to write your thoughts, discuss and spread it around, until our next update!


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    1. Balgin Stondraeg

      The image on the coin of fate or death resembles Hel's dual nature. She was purported to look alive and beautiful on one side but, upon the other, she was a rotting corpse.

    2. Balgin Stondraeg

      I'm loving the way that the defensive combat stance synergises so perfectly with the taunt skill from brawler. Then again the offenssive stance synergises with it quite nicely as well.

    3. Dark Ice Games Creator on

      @Tom D.B.

      I would love that too, but the problem is obvious from the third skill card "Combat Stance" it leaves no room for art, and we do not want to make the card bigger or it will clutter the table.

    4. Tom D.B. on

      Looks great, however would like some cool artwork on the skill cards. Atm it's a bit bland imo.

    5. _Morg_(Gabriele) on

      Guys, I apologize for the lack of presence, but today I'm really busy :/

      Here's the thread where to talk about the last great update!

      Share your thoughts and comments!

    6. Dark Ice Games Creator on

      @Balgin Stondraeg

      Which skill?

    7. Balgin Stondraeg

      So Hel grants a reroll. Interesting :).

    8. Dark Ice Games Creator on

      @Flavio Campana

      Small shield are lighter, faster offer very little armour.

      Heavy shields are heavy and offer a ton of armour.

      This is to offer you the choice of armour over luck of the dice. If you wish to go full armour and heavy shield then parry is not for your character, this is a skill for fast warriors.

    9. Gauthier D.

      The Light Shield gives less static bonuses but is easier to parry with. That's what I understand from the explanation text in the update.

    10. Missing avatar

      Flavio Campana on

      Values on Parry card seems the opposite of what they should be...

    11. Missing avatar

      ArtSchool on

      More in-depth quality! great!!