Darklight: Memento Mori - Miniatures Dungeon Crawler

by Dark Ice Games

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    1. Wuktrio on


    2. Missing avatar

      ArtSchool on

      Thanks to you, Mauro & Co. In 4 days you have been able to convince us, which in turn is a result of your dedication, enthusiasm and hard work so far.

      May this journey end up with the best success possible for all of us!! Now it is the time for you to make Darklight:MM one of the best board games out there!

    3. Paul Smith on


    4. Balgin Stondraeg

      Congratulations, indeed, on getting this far. Now let's make this thing go further :).

    5. _Morg_(Gabriele) on

      In you face Grim Warden! Enough SOUL for you?!?! :DDD

      CONGRATULATIONS to DIG, that's all well deserved. And Conratulations everybody, don't stop believing now, we have much more to see!

    6. Zholtar on

      That's the way it's done. Congrats to the developer team... And some for us backers too :)

    7. Lagoon on

      Congratulations, well deserved :)
      No on to smash those stretch goals!

    8. Liam Hartles on

      woo ! now lets see if we can keep up a steady £70k+ every 4 days as a minimum to keep these stretch goals smashed out asap !

    9. Caesar on

      Congrats on funding!

    10. Robert Lyons on

      Congratulations! Time knock off those stretch goals. Who know an eccentric millionaire?

    11. Timothy Mann

      Mazel Tov! May you continue to put your best foot forward.

    12. Max on

      @Robert - I can be pretty eccentric, but I'm not millionaire. :/

    13. QorDaq

      Congrats to all... One step closer...*Woot*...! And a special congrats to the Devs, I am quite sure that this is an awesome moment for you folks.
      Continued Success!!

    14. GameFunk on


    15. Mikhail Aristov on

      Congratulations. :)