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A cooperative dungeon crawler which combines tabletop and RPG elements in a dark-gothic world. Inspired by the greatest of its kind.
A cooperative dungeon crawler which combines tabletop and RPG elements in a dark-gothic world. Inspired by the greatest of its kind.
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Preview of the Advanced Rules

Posted by Dark Ice Games (Creator)

First of all, we have unlocked a new social goal from the Board Game Geek likes of Darklight! You guys did it so fast we are still in the process of completing that item's preview, well done! Next level 600 likes!

Next, many of you have asked more details regarding the Advanced Rules, truth is there are so many things to talk about, the game is DEEP! We cannot simply cover them all here, but I will give you a few examples so you can get the general idea.

The Journey

The first thing players do when they begin their journey is flipping the Darkness Wheel to its other side, revealing the Dread Wheel.

This will keep track of the situation with the Grim Warden and other dark aspects which constantly loom over the Accursed. Every day the Accursed roll 1d6, and whenever they score a 1, the Darkness Wheel gains 1 Dread level which you will keep track of with the Darkness Marker. If it reaches the space containing the Grim Warden  the Accursed will have to roll on the Dread chart to see its effects, then the wheel restarts. The Effects of the Dread Chart could be from the Grim Warden asking for life or souls, to unexpected catastrophes like earthquakes. When the players begins their next dungeon this wheel will reset.

Next the players decide which Settlement they wish to travel to, each takes a certain number of days of traveling depending on the size of the settlement:

Hamlet: 3 Days. Village: 4 Days and Town: 5 Days. The benefits will become more obvious shortly.

Next the players takes a number of random Hazard cards from a deck of 40 equal to the days of travel and will draw 1 card each day after dealing with the Dread  roll.

The above example is a Hazard card. The players will have the choice on how to resolve it. Some will be more geared toward specific attributes, like climbing a steep rock wall which requires strength and agility tests, some are tied to what kind of equipment are the Accursed currently wearing (carrying a lot of metal during a Source Storm is a BAD idea!).

Once there are no more Hazard cards, the Accursed will have arrived to their destination.  Traveling to a dungeon does not require to go through Hazards due to the Accursed having enough provision and a map of where they are going.

The Settlement

Once the Accursed arrive at the Settlement they will take a Settlement Sheet.

As you can see above these are double sided. The first thing they do is find out what is the Settlement called by using the chart you see above. They check first what the Prefix is then Suffix (if this last starts with a "-" symbol then it is joined as one word with the Prefix, so "Grim" + "-field" becomes Grimfield). If you have a d6 give it a try and see what names  you can come up with!

Next they tick the box corresponding to the settlement type so they will know the qualities pertaining only that settlement, for instance the VILLAGE is a level 2 settlement which requires 5 Souls per day and has a Tavern, Marketplace, Church and 3 Slots for Special Locations.

Visiting a Location

A Day in the settlement has officially started. They roll for the Dread Wheel then each Accursed decides where to go and pick the corresponding Settlement Card (Marketplace, Tavern etc..), or if they wish they may search for a Special Location, which means they will have to spend their day, asking or convincing the locals to be granted access to one of the Special Locations which you may choose from a selection of over 10 Special location cards. If your Accursed finds this location you will record it down the settlement sheet and take up a Special Location slot so that next time you won't have to search for it anymore. Once all the slots for that settlements are full no more special locations may be searched.

Let's say you wish to buy a Horse, you will go to the stable and pick the corresponding Settlement Card.

As you can see you will have a selection of horses to choose from. You might notice the price (as with all prices within a settlement) is just a number while the selling value has a "c" beside it. What this means is that the purchasing price is always listed as Souls, while the selling price is listed as Crowns. Souls are lost upon the death of an Accursed, but Crowns are not, however only Souls allows your character to grow in power (Level Up). While in a Settlement you may only  convert Souls into Crowns never the other way round so make sure you are wise on how you hold on to your currency! A soul is worth 10 Crowns so you may use Crowns to pay for items listed as Souls.

Location Events

Once you are done with your visit to the desired location you will flip the card to reveal the Events specific to that location, so for example if we flip the Tavern card we will see this:

You will have to roll and deal with the consequences of the event you rolled for. Once you are done your day will end and you will pay your living expense if you wish to stay and if you do not, you will have to leave the settlement and may not come back until you travel to this location again later on.


As you keep going through events or undertaking quests for the settlement, your reputation will grow. The more it grows the better treatment you will receive from the locals like lower Expenses and discounts at the marketplace, but misbehave and your reputation will suffer and get the opposite effects. You may find other settlements and record the progress of each one, so you may expand the Special Location selection available to you by spreading it through many settlements. You may travel to as many new settlements as you wish.

Lasting Effects

You do not suffer wounds outside dungeons but Permanent Wounds. For each of these wounds your overall Health value is lowered by 1 until the wound is cured by visiting a Healer. You may also suffer from Fatigue or Illness, both of which can be treated in different ways.

And that's it for now, I hope you have enjoyed that and please share this update and give us your comments and thoughts! 

Don't forget to share some of the settlement names you came up with!


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    1. Missing avatar

      ledr on

      For horse names, the medieval terms would be a good fit: rouncey (common horse), courser (fast horse), and destrier (war horse)

    2. Dark Ice Games Creator on

      @Mark T

      Good one :D

    3. Dark Ice Games Creator on


      The Shires of Intermundis are different than our own ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      carl on

      really like the curse of libithia & needing to seek "warm company", side note re shire horse - shire as in home of frodo & sam?, not as in generic term mostly used on breeds such as clydesdales (local brewery still use them for promo work & they are min 8ft tall @ shoulders)

    5. Mark Tresidder

      First roll on the table was Whitemoon. Interesting.

    6. Dark Ice Games Creator on

      @Mikhail Aristov

      Click on the above image to find the Darklight page and sign up with BGG. Lick on the heart you see in the game's profile.

    7. _Morg_(Gabriele) on

      Posted this preview on BGG too:
      Come and talk about it, let's make some buzz!

      @Mikhail you have to follow this link: and just click on "become a fan" :D

    8. Karinsky on

      Awesome update ^^ I need the next one ASAP xD

      I wasn't proofreading but I think there is a misspelling in event (2). It states "ignore this event if you do *noW* own a horse" but I think it should state "...ignore this event if you do *noT* own a horse"

    9. Mikhail Aristov on

      I'm new to BGG... How do you "like" a game on it? Is it the "Become a Fan" button?

    10. Ygor on

      Amazing :D

    11. Dark Ice Games Creator on

      @Balgin Stondraeg

      This is an Intermundis Shire Horse and War Horse.

      Lucernian Horses are as you see them compared next to that human, they are the size of Elephants. It is said only Nephilim can actually ride them due to their temperament will you prove them wrong? :)

    12. Paulo - Reinhard von Lohengramm on

      Yeah Kingdom Deat... Memento Mori ;)

      Very interesting mechanics. It sure looks like Kingdom Death. But so far I am in. It's very good

    13. Balgin Stondraeg

      Wait. The fast horse is bigger than a Shire Horse?!

      You do know that a shire horse and a warhorse are essentially the same thing, right? Shire horses are massive (and with a nasty temperament too). Perhaps you meant a normal horse, a fast horse a warhorse and a Lucernian horse.

      Either that or the rest of your steeds are all truly ginormous!

    14. Zholtar on

      More and more interesting everyday!!

    15. Claudio on

      Great update!

    16. Chucky5 on

      sounds great!

    17. _Morg_(Gabriele) on

      That's what is called an UPDATE!

      Sooooo cool guys!!!