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K'NOSSOS is a cold surreal adventure game about a man traveling the unknown cosmos, and the things he uncovers on his journey.
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Font Size Issues, Prologue Revision & Chapter I Beta

Posted by Nikola Vetnic (Collaborator)

Hello there everyone!

Relative lack of updates via our media outlets during the month of May was not due to lack of activity, but rather because of the early summer holiday trips some of us took which left us offline for a while. Regardless of that, we were quite busy workin on K'NOSSOS and lately our efforts are concentrated in three directions.

Font Size Issues

There were some complaints in regards to how fonts in K'N are displayed in Win10 and other systems which manipulate font sizes in a certain way.

Addressing Font Size Issues
Addressing Font Size Issues

We are considering two approaches in addressing this issue, and we are at the moment testing the first of these. In case it doesn't turn out as great as we hope it will be, we will revert to the other idea, which is using bitmap fonts instead of True Type ones. This method is known to resolve such issues in games so this matter will be taken care of one way or the other.

Prologue Puzzles

Taking into account many opinions of the complexity of certain puzzles in the Prologue we published last year, we decided to revise some of the more problematic ones and, coupled with addressing the fonts issue, re-publish the Prologue so that more players may enjoy the game and hopefully progress to the end of that piece.

Prologue Revision
Prologue Revision

So far we have revised the very first puzzle in the game and are at the moment checking out the remainder of them. We are aiming this re-release for sometime during the summer, more info to follow soon. It will of course be public and available to all.

Chapter I Beta

Regarding the Chapter I, we have assembled the mechanics in terms that now you may start the chapter and reach the end of it. This is a much meatier piece of the game than the already published Prologue and is thus much more difficult to assemble and test. It is also a much more rewarding piece as it is the one where the player receives first information on the backstory and the surroundings he found himself in, as well as the predicament he is facing and the possible route to salvation.

Together with the aforementioned Prologue we will be releasing the Chapter I Beta to the backers who showed their interest in the K'NOSSOS beta access via the pledges they made. This release is also scheduled for sometime during the summer, with more info to follow.


Much has been done with much more still ahead. Indie game dev is a tricky business and it might seem slow to pick up speed when observed from a certain distance. Nevertheless, we are pouring all our time, heart and strength into it and the satisfying outlines are becoming ever clearer from the excess marble we chip away daily.

All the best, Nikola, Jonathan, Michael and Biljana


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