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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 12 2014
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 12 2014

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    1. George Graham on

      I have no idea if anyone even checks this but I hope the NUZii comes back I really would have enjoyed this product, also while having one of the earliest pledges

    2. NUZii Creator on

      @all we will be posting an update tomorrow. Thanks

    3. Dave Ng on

      agreed with @JEL suggestion.

    4. Missing avatar


      hmmm still 10 days left ..... and not even 50% reached :-(

    5. JEL

      Agreed - we must get this funded! Or if it doesn't appear so, please cancel the campaign a day in advance so that you can restart with perhaps a slightly lower goal? But don't let it expire, otherwise restarting is much much harder.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian Lui on

      I'm gonna be really disappointed if this campaig doesn't reach its goal.

    7. NUZii Creator on

      @George, Jason, Will - Thanks for your comments, its much appreciated. We are trying to push the message out as much as possible from our side.

      @Tony Carey - there have been nine messages communicated back and forth to all the PM's you have sent (http://i.imgur.com/L6BvSKV.png) so I'm quite puzzled what you mean by "never heard back"?

    8. Tony Carey on

      The problem is there's too many unanswered questions. I privately wrote and asked are there any apps with this device, is there a monthly fee, any sort of fee with certain options. What add-on devices are required for certain features? I never heard back. I'm about to pull out, if they can't answer any questions they must not be passionate enough to care about backers. In fact someone can have my early bird right now. Good luck!

    9. George Graham on

      Something needs to be done. I will be very disappointed if we cannot reach the goal

    10. Jason Levine on

      This thing is amazing. I am not understanding lack of funding as well?

    11. Missing avatar

      Will Hodgson on

      Yes, I agree the funding needs to pickup a bit.

    12. George Graham on

      We need to do something to increase funding!

    13. NUZii Creator on

      @test yes it can download torrent files

    14. Missing avatar

      test on

      Hi may I know that can NUZii download torrent file?

    15. NUZii Creator on

      @Jordan 802.11ac confirmed
      @Paul correct, if her VPN provider is from the U.S than it can be configured into the NUZii and she would be able to access Hulu and Netflix without a problem. And yes it does function as a wifi repeater in addition to its security features

    16. Missing avatar

      Paul Watson

      Hi...Is this just a secuirty device or is it a wifi repeater as well. Also since it does encrypt everything... my wife is in south east asia write now. If she had one would it allow her to log into netflix or hulu or a hard drive that i have hear in the us and stream and.... would it allow her to by pass any censorship or message screening that might be going on

    17. JEL

      AC would be great. Also, I vote for Google Drive support!

    18. Jordan Baker on

      With 5 GHz now being standard, is that going to be 802.11ac?

    19. NUZii Creator on

      @Graham - thanks, noted
      @Dave - we're halfway through, we will do our best, update added. thanks

    20. Wayne Smith on

      I really hope this reaches the goal amount as I really want one of these!

    21. Missing avatar

      Andrew Li on

      I like the idea of having a battery that lasts a while (at least 4 to 6 hours) provided it doesn't increase the size significantly.

    22. Dave Ng on

      Look like this project is not gonna make it. good luck. where is the update as promised ?

    23. George Graham on

      I think the picture for the NUZii should be changed to the one that can be seen in details

    24. NUZii Creator on

      @ng, we will be posting an update tomorrow
      @Gabriel, @Jonny, Thanks, we appreciate the feedback!

    25. Dave Ng on

      hi, any update ?

    26. Jonny on

      @Gabriel well... I've seen a lot of kickstarter and this is a good one but not the most amazing one...

    27. Missing avatar

      Gabriel CiFuentes

      This may possibly be the most amazing project I have seen on kickstarter to date. It is truly incredible.

    28. NUZii Creator on

      @George Thanks, if there is more demand for it, we can definitely push it up to the top of our tackle plan
      @Jay Not a bad idea, we will keep it in mind, thanks

    29. Jay Hao-En Liu on

      It would be great if you could add an IR transmitter, maybe as a stretch goal!

    30. George Graham on

      @Creator if you get the arudino to work like you said you could I would love to see a video, I almost can't believe how awesome the Nuzii is, I'm definitely telling everyone I know about the Nuzii

    31. NUZii Creator on

      @Dmitry, It already supports printers by adding the function through the NUZii's app store. You can check out a screenshot of the NUZii's app store here: http://i.imgur.com/5SiAbWV.jpg

    32. Dmitry Popov on

      hi! please, add print server support for printers connected by USB - it's easy to implement & there are a lot of printers without wi-fi yet

    33. Missing avatar

      Adam Benkovic on

      This sounds fantastic @creator! The one question I do have is will this be able to integrate with Lighfreq (a recently funded kickstarter smart bulb project)? Thanks.

    34. George Graham on

      That sounds amazing I'm definitely going to share this on Facebook

    35. NUZii Creator on

      @Tony, we will be uploading another video in a couple of days that should provide more details. Thanks for your question

    36. Tony Carey on

      Can you guys upload some videos of what this thing can actually do or explain what it is capable of in better detail?

    37. NUZii Creator on

      @George: absolutely, in fact one project that we've been working on uses the NUZii's webcam in addition to an arduino to create a mini robot that you can drive around and control from your computer or smartphone. We've also thought about making the GPIO accessible.

    38. George Graham on

      Would you be able to use an arudino with the Nuzi?

    39. Missing avatar

      roger on

      I would love to see some apps that take advantage of the webcam, like maybe a Selfie App that can take a pic of yourself

    40. Missing avatar

      roger on

      Ya the App Store would be cool. Interested to see what type of apps come up for the NUZii

    41. NUZii Creator on

      @Daniel, thanks for the question and thanks for backing us!. to be fair, we don't really see the NUZii as competition with the Cubic since they are two completely different categories of products, but if we did have to make a comparison than for the NUZii you would be paying nearly half the price yet getting Three times more features (Cloud Sharing, Home Security using the built-in Webcam, and being able to use any stereo or sound system to enjoy all your music and not being limited to just one large device with one speaker). Furthermore with the NUZi's upcoming app store we are expecting a lot of fascinating apps which would extend the NUZii's functionality even further including voice automation and much much more, we've barely opened the lid on this one...

    42. Missing avatar

      Daniel Caddick-Brown on

      How about "Cubic: Your Personal AI with Personality" over at Indiegogo? How would you say you competed with that? It seems like a very similar product

    43. NUZii Creator on

      @Romeo, Jonny, Jordan
      Happy to announce that after checking with our engineers and suppliers we can look at 5GHz as a stretch goal. So stay tuned!

    44. NUZii Creator on

      @Daniel: Yes, The NUZii is designed to connect to any regular sound system and will convert it into a Wireless Sound System so you can listen to all the songs and music from your phone or tablet wirelessly to your sound system, in the same way that Prizm functions. Only difference being that the NUZii is more portable

    45. Missing avatar

      Daniel Caddick-Brown on

      Have you seen what Prizm are doing? Is your music support anything like that? If not, would it be possible to support plugging Prizm in?

    46. N.H. on

      About to free up an Ultimate Early Bird spot for those that are interested. Move quickly. I've changed my mind about backing this project.

      Good luck to everyone!

    47. NUZii Creator on

      @Romeo, Christopher, Jonny, Jordan
      Thanks for the feedback, we will focus on this as a priority. We don't want to promise anything yet that we are not sure of, so we will check with our engineers and suppliers and if all seems ok we can certainly add it as a stretch goal

    48. Missing avatar

      Romeo on

      5ghz / 802.11 AC much preferred!

    49. Jonny on

      +1 For 5ghz. Maybe a stretch?

    50. Christopher Newman on

      @Jordan Baker +1 for me to 5 GHz too, much preferred if at all possible please.

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