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A tiny device that will change how you control your home, listen to music, protect your internet and store files on the cloud

A tiny device that will change how you control your home, listen to music, protect your internet and store files on the cloud Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on December 11, 2014.

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About this project

NUZii is a small device packed with an HD Video camera and many sensors. NUZii controls many of your smart devices, makes your internet safer and more private, increases the memory of all your gadgets, receives and streams wireless audio, recognizes you and your family from fitness-bands and smartphones, and monitors your home and protects you from intruders 

...all through one easy to use mobile application with no monthly fees.

 Media Accolade:

1) NUZii is a robust cloud platform that can:

  • Extend the memory of all your devices with your own hard drives. No montly fees and the only limit is the capacity of your drives. Storage is not a problem for your phone anymore!
  • Access, synchronize and back up all of your files across devices.
  • Instantly share your files with anyone. 
  • Stream your media to any device including TVs. 
  • Download anything you want remotely. 

2) NUZii is a safe gate to the internet that let's you:

  • Create a secure wireless network with VPN and TOR for anonymity and privacy wherever you are. 
  • Keep off intruders and with Firewall and Malware Protection. 
  • Block off ads while speeding up your internet. 

3) NUZii is the mastermind of your smart devices:

  • Comes with its own HD Camera, motion, air quality and temperature sensor. 
  • Receives and plays audio wirelessly like Apple AirPlay or a Bluetooth Speaker. 
  • Recognizes you, your family, and friends by their fitness-bands and smartphones. 
  • Learns your routine activities and how you control your devices, programs itself accordingly. 
  • Monitors your home constantly and notifies you for unexpected events. You can view the live camera feed with one click.
  • Works with all major Smart Home appliances like Philips Hue, LIFX, Google Nest, Lockitron and much more. 
  • Creates smart recommendations by gathering data from multiple devices.


A true smart life wouldn’t be smart without managing content automatically. This is why we added a simple yet powerful cloud file system to NUZii, so that you keep all of your files in all of your devices up-to-date. NUZii’s cloud system has:

  • No Storage Limit: Add as many hard drives as you want to Nuzii, it is much cheaper than paying for an online cloud service. Have thousands of songs and videos on your iPhone or Android. 
  • Advanced Privacy: Make some of your files accessible only from your home network, or make them accessible from anywhere. You can also control your family members access rights on folders easily. Or make them confidential for certain people like your colleagues. 
  • Instant Share: Share lots of data instantly without waiting for it to upload
  • Offline Access: Select which files you would like to keep offline, so that they would be accessible all times, even without the Internet. 
  • Undo Easily: NUZii keeps older versions of your files so that you can revert back the changes you don’t like. Or restore the document you deleted accidentally. 
  • Automatic Backups: Back up your files automatically, with native applications on Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Download Manager: Add any link from the internet to the download list, and let NUZii do the rest. 
  • Stream Media: You can stream any media to your TV and devices, with DLNA support.

 The NUZii has a built in firewall, which protects your network from any intrusion or hackers. It also has VPN and TOR support so you can stay anonymous and encrypted online, hiding your internet activities from the world.

And with built-in malware protection you don't have to worry about downloading harmful files from the internet.

The NUZii empowers your household devices and appliances to talk to each other - making your home intelligent and aware. It controls...

  • Activity trackers like Jawbone or Fitbit
  • Automated door locks from Lockitron 
  • Lighting like Philips Hue or LIFX
  • Media Hubs like Apple TV or Roku
  • Thermostats like Google Nest or Honeywell
  • Switches like Belkin’s WeMo Insight Switch
  • Sound Systems
and it creates a data pool, enabling it to create tailored recommendations based on your lifestyle, time of day, or mood. We’ve also added the self-learning feature, which means the more you use NUZii, the more it knows you.

Create custom settings for each room in your home and suddenly, controlling your connected devices becomes incredibly simple.
NUZii knows who is family, who is a friend 
NUZii tracks every connected device it meets -- including health-bands -- and you can easily define each one as friends or family. This allows you to create custom actions based on people, which means NUZii can automatically unlock the doors when your son arrives from school.

A typical morning with NUZii means your coffeemaker starts just before you roll out of bed and the temperature warms up before your feet hit the floor. If a friend comes to the door to pick you up, it recognizes him/her and asks if you want to let them in. As you head out, connected lighting automatically turns off and NUZii’s built-in security camera turns on – and will notify your smartphone if any suspicious activity occurs.

At the end of the day, NUZii prepares your home based on preferences like lighting, music, and temperature that are triggered by smartphone recognition when you walk in the door. That means you can hit the couch for some relaxation time seconds after entering your home. It is so smart that it even checks your movement from your health-band and sets your home in sleep mode if you fall asleep while watching TV.

As NUZii gets to know you, it creates custom profiles like “morning,” “romantic,” or “party.” These settings can be prompted from your dashboard to instantly create the most perfect environment with ease. Setting the mood – and we’re talking about 360 degree ambiance – is as simple as touching a button.

Guards your home even when you're not around:

Thanks to a built in webcam, NUZii can watch your home while you're away. You'll be notified and shown a live video feed on your phone whenever motion is detected.

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We figured enjoying your favorite music at the best quality should definitely be part of the smart home experience, so we provided the NUZii with an audio jack which allows you to turn any regular speaker or stereo into a wireless cloud sound system. 

You can easily enjoy your favorite music around your home, and because it’s so small, you can even take NUZii to your friend’s home or a party and enjoy great music everywhere.

Stream any music from your Smartphone, Tablet or PC

With a sleek aluminum finish, it feels great to hold in your hands. We’ve also included what we call the notification indicator, which is a thin illuminated stripe that extends along the center of the NUZii for notifications.

What’s even more impressive about the NUZii is it's small size. You can take it with you anywhere and place it on any surface. It’s designed to fade into the background while it works its magic. 

How it all works:

The NUZii is a micro computer with a built in chipset from RALINK. The real magic happens through the marriage of the hardware ports in combination with the custom operating system based on Linux, which runs the NUZii. This is what allows it to have so many features and work with a lot of devices.

Hardware Production Plan

We have gone through two mechanical designs and more than four PCB versions to date and are quite comfortable with where we are in the design cycle.  Most of our suppliers have their factories in Schenzeng, China and are more than capable for production of large orders. We expect to attain the CE and ROHS certification by February. 

Application Development:

We are currently refining the UI and working with our developers towards the final application. 

Since the NUZii will be a cross-platform application, we're working with Apple, Android, and Windows developers in our team who are actively fine-tuning the final code.

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We've also been working on an App Store, which will extend the features and functionality as well as the possibilities of what you can do with the NUZii.

So far we've

  • Sourced a great team of designers, developers and engineers
  • Worked through several iterations and prototypes 
  • Tested a lot of the functionality to ensure it works flawlessly
  • Partnered with a supplier for mass production post-Kickstarter

We’re very proud of the results we’ve achieved in making the smallest and most advanced platform in the world to control your home, browse the web safely, and transfer files securely. But what we are proud of the most is putting them all together to make one amazing device, yet keeping it affordable for everyone.

We’ve created a working prototype, and we’re working on the mobile applications. We want you to be part of the journey in turning a breakthrough product like the NUZii into a reality.

The Team

Risks and challenges

We've gone through several design iterations and mechanical prototypes solving countless problems throughout the way. We will be going through a few more revisions to ensure the final product works flawlessly.

We are also working with a top notch manufacturer based in Schenzeng, China who has worked with us through the research and development phase at every step, ensuring that everything was done methodically and very few problems will arise.

In conclusion, we have so far been very meticulous with the timeframe for the project and we've prepared our suppliers for potential large quantity orders to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

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