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A documentary film exploring what transforms ordinary people into the legendary 46ers.
A documentary film exploring what transforms ordinary people into the legendary 46ers.
A documentary film exploring what transforms ordinary people into the legendary 46ers.
235 backers pledged $14,681 to help bring this project to life.

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Post Production Audio Begins!

Watching (and listening to) the documentary!
Watching (and listening to) the documentary!

Our team met with the talented artists and engineers at White Lake Music & Post to spot The 46ers Film earlier this afternoon. At the end of our nearly 3 hour meeting, we began this critical stage of post production.

Thanks you to everyone who helped support us along the way, and to everyone who backed our recent IndieGoGo campaign to help cover these costs.

Keep an eye on the official facebook page ( ) and our website as post production moves along and we announce our limited release dates and locations!
Also, head over to our facebook to see the rest of the photos from our event today!

- Arche Productions Team

WE MADE OUR POST PRODUCTION GOAL - But it's not over yet!

WE MADE IT to $15K on our IndieGoGo Campaign!! But it's not over yet!
Now we're going for our next goal of $18,000 with the less than 6 hours that remain.

Check out this video to learn about a new special perk, never before offered, and head over to to claim yours before time runs out!

Also, this may be your last chance to grab a tshirt or a poster as these items might never be available again!!

Time is Short | Spread the Word!

Click here to learn more!
Click here to learn more!


First, I want to extend a huge thanks to all of you for making this film possible. We wouldn't have a movie if it wasn't for your generosity! As you know, we have been fundraising on IndieGoGo for the last month to finish the film.  

Thanks to the support of our IndieGoGo funders, we now have enough to cover some of the major costs of post-production, but we still have a lot to raise before the campaign ends in less than 3 days.


If just 208 people donate $45 to secure their own Blu-Ray copy of the film, we will reach our goal**! At this point, we have no guarantee of a widely available release, so the best way to ensure people see the film is for them to donate and secure their copy before the campaign ends! [All of you who supported us have already secured your copies, we're asking you to spread the word so others can too!]


Would you quickly pass along the link to friends and family, fellow hikers and outdoor enthusiasts encouraging them to secure their copy of the documentary? This will help us reach our goal and cover the remainder of our expenses so we can finally get the film to you

Best Regards and Good Hiking!
- Blake Cortright
Director, "The 46ers Film"

**Kickstarter Backers, see the previous "backers only" update on Kickstarter for more info on how to get a BluRay for yourself! Also, if you haven't already, check out the NEW perks on IndieGoGo before it's too late! 

New Trailer...and more!


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First Look at "The 46ers Film" this Sunday!


March 2015 Special Event

Click to RSVP via Facebook
Click to RSVP via Facebook

"Director Blake Cortright will be on location sharing some of the challenges and rewards of hiking in the Adirondacks with film equipment and discuss making the 46er documentary. An exclusive, never before seen, nine-minute clip will be screened, followed by a question and answer period."

// What: Special Presentation at the Adirondack Sports and Fitness Expo 2015
// When: 2:00 P.M. - 2:45 P.M.
// Where: Saratoga City Center | 522 Broadway Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

We'd love to see you there! You can RSVP through our Facebook event link here

Also, in case you missed it - here's a short sneak peek of footage we shot on the first day back in March, 2013!

Best Regards and Good Hiking!
- Blake Cortright & the Arche Productions Team